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Listings for Watch on Sunday, March 17 2019

06:00Extreme Makeover: Home Edition The Lampe Family Inspiring human stories and spectacular home makeovers. Ty and the gang build a home for Jeff Lampe and his family, to replace their water damaged house. S8 Ep12 
06:45Extreme Makeover: Home Edition The Huber Family Uplifting home transformations. Wisconsin firefighter Howie Huber once rescued a family of four, but his own family live in a categorically 'unsafe' farmhouse. S7 Ep6 
08:25Doctor Who The Bells of Saint John Sci-fi drama with Matt Smith. The Doctor's search for Clara Oswald brings him to modern-day London, where Wi-Fi is everywhere. S7 Ep6 
09:30Doctor Who The Rings Of Akhaten Sci-fi adventure with Matt Smith. The Doctor takes Clara to the Festival of Offerings, but the Old God is waking. S7 Ep7 
10:35Doctor Who Cold War Sci-fi drama with Matt Smith. On a Russian submarine in 1983, a frozen alien warrior is waking up, just as the TARDIS materialises. S7 Ep8 
11:30Doctor Who Hide Sci-fi drama with Matt Smith. Something terrifying is hiding in Caliburn House, and the Doctor finds himself part of the ghost hunt. S7 Ep9 
12:30Doctor Who Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS Sci-fi drama with Matt Smith. The TARDIS has crashed, Clara is lost inside, and the Doctor has 30 minutes before his ship explodes! S7 Ep10 
13:30Doctor Who The Crimson Horror Sci-fi drama with Matt Smith. Something ghastly is afoot in Victorian Yorkshire, as bodies are found with their skin a waxy, glowing red. S7 Ep11 
14:35Doctor Who Nightmare in Silver Sci-fi drama with Matt Smith. Hedgewick's World of Wonders is the perfect theme park day out. And ground zero for a deadly silver resurrection. S7 Ep12 
15:35Doctor Who The Name of the Doctor Sci-fi drama with Matt Smith. The identity of the Doctor is called into question as his friends are kidnapped. S7 Ep13 
16:35Doctor Who The Time of the Doctor The Doctor must learn what a mysterious message, sent from a backwater planet, means for his own fate and that of the universe. 
18:00My Family Once More With Feeling Comedy mayhem with the Harpers. Susan wants to renew her wedding vows with Ben, which is no problem for him - he just doesn't want to renew them with her. S7 Ep3 
18:40My Family Dutch Art and Dutch Courage Domestic embarrassment abounds in the popular family sitcom. When a handsome millionaire reappears in Susan's life, Ben soon succumbs to jealousy. S7 Ep4 
19:20My Family Susan of Troy Robert Lindsay and Zoe Wanamaker star in the frenetic family sitcom. The Harpers go on The Weakest Link, and Anne Robinson asks some very tricky questions. S7 Ep5 
20:00Dr Christian: 12 Hours to... ...Cure Your Street. Southampton: Dr Christian gives more health advice. In Southampton, a hairdresser is helped with chronic back pain and a patient's party lifestyle is cause for concern. S1 Ep2 
21:00The Shift: Women on the Force The unfolding stories of three women across a week-long shift for West Yorkshire Police, giving an insight into the demands the job can place on their lives - on duty and at home. S1 Ep1 
22:00Inside the Ambulance Joel and Sam treat a woman who's in excruciating pain after tripping and injuring her leg, while Adam and Annie blue light to the scene of a car crash. S7 Ep2 
23:00999 Rescue Squad A truck driver is trapped in his crushed cab after a motorway smash, while in Hull, firefighters handcuff a man to the rails of the Humber Bridge to stop him from jumping. S2 Ep2 
00:00One Born Every Minute Drama from the delivery room in the always emotional reality series. One visitor to the Southmead's labour ward is about to become a gran aged 40. S6 Ep10 
01:00Grimm El Cuegle Fantasy drama series with a modern day twist on Grimm's fairy tales. A menacing new Wesen terrorises a young family. Renard is shocked by an unexpected guest. S6 Ep4 
01:45Celebrity MasterChef Celebrity version of the cookery competition. The four remaining cooks continue to battle for the Celebrity MasterChef title as Finals Week begins. S10 Ep11 
03:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.