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Listings for Watch on Monday, December 17 2018

03:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:10Extreme Makeover: Home Edition The Tate Family Hit US home makeover show. In June 2006, a plane crashed into the Tate family's home. They've given a lot to their community and deserve some help. S4 Ep19 
07:00One Born Every Minute Fly-on-the-wall series at a busy labour ward in Bristol. Stephanie, who was told she could never have children, checks into the ward to have her miracle baby. S6 Ep9 
08:00Supernanny US Costello Family Jo Frost travels across the Atlantic to train more troublesome toddlers and tykes. In this edition Jo helps with overwhelmed Amy Costello's ten children S5 Ep4 
09:00Supernanny US Davis Jo Frost takes her parenting advice to the States. In this edition Jo comes to the aid of the Davis family and tries to persuade dad Phil to change his strict ways S5 Ep5 
10:00The Bill Take Aim Law and order, Sun Hill style. A prostitute goes missing and is admitted to hospital after being mugged. Nadir tries to find out who wanted Eva Garcia released. S21 Ep76 
11:00The Bill The iconic police drama continues. Hemmingway and Harman are called to a doctor's surgery to investigate a break-in. S21 Ep77 
12:00Tipping Point Another edition of the popular quiz show in which players take on a giant penny shove machine in the hope of winning its 10,000 pound jackpot. S3 Ep26 
13:00One Born Every Minute Julia & Donna Life-affirming, fly-on-the-wall medical series. Julia's heart defect means that her pregnancy and labour were always going to be a challenge. Donna hopes for a quick delivery. S2 Ep3 
14:00One Born Every Minute Amelia & Lucy One expectant mother is left in the dark when her partner is unable to be contacted. Another dad-to-be is in for a surprise after an unforeseen change to the birth plan. S2 Ep4 
15:00My Family Kenzo's Project More laughs with Robert Lindsay. Kenzo's school project about the family gives everyone a chance to look at the crazier moments in the Harper history. S9 Ep9 
15:40My Family Wheelie Ben The family sitcom returns for a tenth series. When the council insists that Ben is disabled, what can he do but play along with it until the wheels start coming off? S10 Ep1 
16:20My Family The Son'll Come Out More domestic derangement with the Harpers. Michael's news comes as a bit of a shock to Ben, but Susan has more of a shock at Ben's reaction. S10 Ep2 
17:00One Born Every Minute Fly-on-the-wall series at a busy maternity ward. Things get tense when 18-year-old Charlie wants both her boyfriend and dad in the delivery room. S6 Ep3 
18:00Inside the Ambulance Reality series following West Midlands paramedics. They treat a man whose flat was filled with toxic smoke and an 8-year-old girl whose heart rate has become erratic. S4 Ep6 
19:00My Dream Home Property renovation series hosted by Drew and Jonathan Scott S7 Ep24 New. 
20:00New: Inside the Ambulance Inside the Ambulance at Christmas It's Christmas Day and Richard and Adam help a family who face a tragic loss, while Dan and Becky are called out to a baby with a high temperature. S6 Ep6 
21:00One Born Every Minute Neonatals Izzie & William: Moving real-life drama from the neonatal unit. Dan and Charlie watch over their only surviving twin baby, who was born premature. Triplet William requires care. S1 Ep7 
22:00One Born: What Happened Next? Paul and Dawn Heart-warming series which catches up with families featured on One Born Every Minute. Caring for their blended brood of five is a juggling act for Dawn and Paul. S3 Ep6 
23:00Inside the Ambulance Inside the Ambulance at Christmas It's Christmas Day and Richard and Adam help a family who face a tragic loss, while Dan and Becky are called out to a baby with a high temperature. S6 Ep6 
00:00Dr Christian Will See You Now Dr Christian Jessen and his team are on hand to treat Danielle, whose flaky scalp is damaging her relationship and Theresa, who is suffering from pelvic congestion. S1 Ep5 
01:00Celebrity MasterChef Celebrity version of the cookery competition. The third week of heats continues as the celebs fight for a place in the semi-finals, competing in a relay invention test. S10 Ep6 
02:35Judge Faith To Hustle a Hustler/Strong-Armed Reality courtroom series. More petty cases for Judge Faith to deal with, including dodgy car dealings and a peeling driveway. S1 Ep36 
03:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.