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Listings for Watch on Tuesday, December 18 2018

03:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:10Extreme Makeover: Home Edition The Wilson Family Natalie wants a safe home for her grandchildren, who currently live in a trailer held together with duct tape. We think the EM: HE team can help. S4 Ep21 
07:00One Born Every Minute Drama from the delivery room in the always emotional reality series. One visitor to the Southmead's labour ward is about to become a gran aged 40. S6 Ep10 
08:00Supernanny US Sachs Professional nanny Jo Frost helps another US family with challenging children. Greg and Fanci Sachs work long hours and have two sons who are prone to tantrums. S5 Ep6 
09:00Supernanny US Del Re Another US family asks for help from the modern day Mary Poppins! Jo Frost visits the chaotic household of the Del Re family of Staten Island, New York. S5 Ep7 
10:00The Bill The iconic police drama continues. Hemmingway and Harman are called to a doctor's surgery to investigate a break-in. S21 Ep77 
11:00The Bill The Big Day - Part 2: Gritty cop drama series. Fletcher believes that Matt Hinckley was responsible for his injuries and takes matters into his own hands. S21 Ep78 
12:00Tipping Point Ben Shephard hosts the quiz show in which four players take on an extraordinary machine in the hope of winning its 10,000 pound jackpot. S3 Ep27 
13:00One Born Every Minute Julia & Sara Award-winning and life-affirming documentary series. Two older mums wait anxiously in the labour ward. Julia's child may be her only one and Sara's last labour was traumatic. S2 Ep5 
14:00One Born Every Minute Sarah & Jennine Life-affirming series from a maternity ward in Southampton. A mum-to-be gives birth without the baby's dad, as he is in prison. Another mum has planned a hypno-birth. S2 Ep6 
15:00My Family Desperately Stalking Susan Robert Lindsay and Zoe Wanamaker star in the long-running sitcom. Ben forgets about Valentine's Day, but discovers that Susan has a more attentive admirer. S10 Ep3 
15:40My Family The Melbourne Identity More farcical fun with the Harpers. A young Australian backpacker catches Janey's eye, but is Ben's chip just on his shoulder or off the old block? S10 Ep4 
16:20My Family He's Just Not That Into Ben Another dose of domestic derangement with the Harper clan. Ben goes clubbing with Michael but soon finds himself more than slightly out of his depth. S10 Ep5 
17:00One Born Every Minute Series following mums-to-be on a maternity ward. There is a dramatic turn of events in the delivery room for Cheryl who has cerebral palsy. S6 Ep4 
18:00Inside the Ambulance Reality series. Paramedics help a patient found wearing hospital pyjamas in the street, and a man has potentially life-threatening breathing difficulties. S4 Ep7 
19:00My Dream Home Property renovation series hosted by Drew and Jonathan Scott S7 Ep25 New. 
20:00New: Inside the Ambulance Inside the Ambulance at Christmas On Boxing Day, paramedics Deena and Mike race to 71-year-old Frank, who has severe chest pains and difficulty breathing after going shopping. S6 Ep7 
21:00Sex, Knives and Liposuction On the final leg of her journey, Cherry heads to Brazil, where she visits a clinic that specialises in offering cut-price cosmetic surgery to those on a low income. S1 Ep3 
22:00999 Rescue Squad One more shift with Yorkshire Ambulance Service's Hazardous Area Response Team. The team are called into action when an explosion demolishes a block of flats. S1 Ep10 
23:00Inside the Ambulance Inside the Ambulance at Christmas On Boxing Day, paramedics Deena and Mike race to 71-year-old Frank, who has severe chest pains and difficulty breathing after going shopping. S6 Ep7 
00:00Killer Women with Piers Morgan Piers continues his travels across the USA, this time meeting two very different female murderers, both of whom killed someone they loved. S1 Ep2 
01:00Celebrity MasterChef Another serving of stars in the hit cooking competition as the final five celebrities, including Keith Chegwin and Natalie Lowe, try to secure a place in the next round. S10 Ep7 
02:00Judge Faith Baby Boy Tenant/Look What I Can Do Reality courtroom series. Two neighbours argue about unpaid rent and a dog bite. A father wants the return of cash his son took to buy a bike. S1 Ep39 
02:20Judge Faith Odometer Setback Reality courtroom series featuring a variety of cases presided over by Judge Faith Jenkins. Former friends argue over a truck's odometer reading. S1 Ep19 
03:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.