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Listings for Vh 1 on Sunday, June 23 2019

06:00The Hills Now she's decided to give Justin a second chance, Audrina wants Lauren to get to know her boy better. She invites Lauren to drinks, and Lauren agrees, despite being apprehensive. (S3, ep3) 
06:20The Hills Now that Heidi and Spencer have had her engagement rock resized at the jewellers, Heidi suggests that her husband-to-be come home with her to Colorado to meet the family. (S3, ep4) 
06:45The Hills After Justin's disappearing act at Brody's barbeque on the last episode, Lauren thought Audrina's days with the bad boy were over. (S3, ep5) 
07:05The Hills He's back! Just when you thought Jason was out of Lauren's life forever, it seems that after finishing his stint in rehab, Jason is keen to catch up with Lauren once again. (S3, ep6) 
07:25The Hills Audrina's back from a weekend away with Justin and she just can't stop smiling. After all the drama, it seems they've decided to officially become a couple. (S3, ep7) 
07:50The Hills Lauren and Jason have been spending a lot of time together lately, but while at lunch, Jason lets it slip that not only does he have a girlfriend, but they're moving in together! (S3, ep8) 
08:10The Hills After the drama at Jason's engagement party, Lauren needs to leave The Hills for a while. What better way to escape than to head to Vegas to surprise Brody on his 24th birthday? (S3, ep9) 
08:30The Hills Jen Bunney texts Lauren saying she wants to talk, but Lauren hasn't heard from Jen since the fallout when Jen and Heidi conspired against her. What could Jen possibly have to say? (S3, ep10) 
09:00The Hills After kissing Brody in Vegas, Lauren wonders what their status is. Testing it out at dinner, she tells Brody that she hasn't been on a date in weeks. Will he be next on the menu? (S3, ep11) 
09:30The Hills After weeks of hard work, Whitney thinks she's finally found the perfect place for Teen Vogue to host the Young Hollywood party. But will the old church impress her boss? (S3, ep12) 
10:00L.A. Hair Kim opens a new salon. Meanwhile, China is demoted and Kim's sister takes over. (S2, ep1) 
11:00L.A. Hair Kim styles a former Destiny's Child member and gives Angela a second chance, before China and Angela face-off. (S2, ep2) 
12:00L.A. Hair Kim announces a salon contest and sticks herself in the middle of Angela and China. Meanwhile, a trip to Las Vegas gets interesting when Naja seduces another member of the team. (S2, ep3) 
13:00L.A. Hair Kim is frustrated when her VIP suite isn't ready, and rumours spread about Dontay and Naja. (S2, ep4) 
14:00L.A. Hair Dontay fakes an injury to ditch out on a client, the stylists revolt when forced to wear smocks. Meanwhile Debbie, Melanie and Jessica are styled, and Anthony gets promoted. (S2, ep5) 
15:00The Real Housewives Of Atlanta NeNe hopes Cynthia's boyfriend will inspire Bryson, Kim and Kandi work on the new track, and Nene reveals a dark secret. (S3, ep6) 
16:00The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Sheree is determined to prove she can dance, Cynthia is caught off guard when Peter surprises her with a sneaky proposal, and Phaedra packs in preparation for the birth of her baby. (S3, ep7) 
17:00The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Phaedra and Apollo arrive in Augusta where her doctor will induce the baby. Meanwhile, Nene meets with a local TV station in hopes of snagging a job as an entertainment reporter. (S3, ep8) 
18:00The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Phaedra brings her new baby home from the hospital, Kim wrestles with her daughter's questions about sex. Kandi rewrites "The Ring Didn't Mean a Thing" to make it more Kim-friendly. (S3, ep9) 
19:00The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Kim faces her fears, Sheree is ready to take her newfound passion for acting to the next level, while Phaedra and Apollo bask in the joys of new parenthood. (S3, ep10) 
20:00New: Baby Ballroom Warren and Jane think that Arlo and Lola are stars in the making. Meanwhile Alicia's budding romance with her Ukrainian dance partner Kirill is on the rocks. (S2, ep1) 
21:00OMG: Make Me A Famous Face Liam wants Katie Price's look but doesn't quite have her budget. Chloe has undergone multiple procedures to look like Kim Kardashian. 
22:00My Mum's Hotter Than Me Beauty pageant champion Jenni has picked up half a dozen titles around the country, despite competing with women half her age. Henry and Roxy are constantly competing with each other. (S1, ep6) 
23:00Love & Hip Hop: New York Diamond falls hard for Rich. Yandy takes matters into her own hands with a certain assistant. Tara encourages Amina to stand her ground with Peter. (S5, ep12) 
00:00Love & Hip Hop: New York Jhonni pours her heart out to Rich only to have it broken. Cisco confesses to Cyn he is falling for her. (S5, ep13) 
01:00Love & Hip Hop: New York Jhonni and Rich deal with some unfinished business. Erica tries to help Peter win Amina back. (S5, ep14) 
02:00Love & Hip Hop: New York Peter presents Amina with a ring, asking her to stay. Diamond and Cisco come together for one last time. (S5, ep15) 
02:45Basketball Wives Tami interviews possible surrogates, Saniy'yah throws a garden party, Malaysia confronts Shaunie, Tami and Evelyn, and Jackie and BJ have words. (S6, ep9) 
03:30Lip Sync Battle Celebrities pair up to do battle using lip sync as their weapon! What happens when an NBA All Star squares off with a red hot Hollywood actress? Find out right here. 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Laguna Beach Kyndra hosts a Valentine's Day dinner party with Tyler to stop the rumours, but tensions flare when Cameron shows up. Rocky takes it to another level with Alex on a romantic night. (S3, ep8)