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Listings for UKTV Style on Wednesday, December 19 2018

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
07:00My Dream Derelict Home Nick & Tamsin Fryer Homeowners transform sorry wrecks of properties into the home of their dreams! Nick and Tamsin struggle to renovate a Victorian semi with just 40,000 pounds. S1 Ep1 
08:00My Dream Derelict Home Dylan & Veronica Chapman Dereliction needn't mean disaster in this innovative series. Dylan and Veronica huddle together in a cramped caravan while they restore a derelict workshop. S1 Ep2 
09:00My Dream Derelict Home Marcus & Catherine Camara More derelict hovels transformed into delightful castles. Marcus and Catherine battle injury and financial trouble to renovate their 18th-century farmhouse. S1 Ep3 
10:00My Dream Derelict Home Michelle & Kriss Clayton Dream properties magicked out of derelict disasters. Kriss and Michelle's sorry-looking Derbyshire wreck is about to be turned into a glorious farmstead. S1 Ep4 
11:00My Dream Derelict Home Mick & Liz Forfar Property renovation dreams come true. A Portsmouth carpenter makes over a tired, old Georgian mansion into a glorious home with modern glazing. S1 Ep5 
12:00My Dream Derelict Home Kevin & Amanda Barry More dream-like renovations as bricklayer Kevin tries to persuade wife Amanda that converting a run-down mansion is a better bet than moving to Australia. S1 Ep6 
13:00My Dream Derelict Home Richard & Emma Meaden A couple in Stilton need to make their budget work for them in order to transform their tumbledown cottage into a dream home. S1 Ep7 
14:00My Dream Derelict Home Steve & Jo Holness Stephen and Jo can't afford to chicken out of their ambitious building project as they turn a pigsty and hen coop into their dream retirement home. S1 Ep8 
15:00My Dream Derelict Home Andy & Marie Wilson Andy Wilson and his wife attempt to sell their Victorian house in order to raise the money to renovate an Edwardian property in Derbyshire and turn it into a family home. S1 Ep9 
16:00My Dream Derelict Home David & Rosie Beautiful homes rise from the ashes of derelict wrecks. A colony of nocturnal creatures drive David and Rosie batty as they renovate a Methodist chapel in Derbyshire. S1 Ep10 
17:00Beeny's Restoration Nightmare Property expert Sarah Beeny tries to transform her own stately home in East Yorkshire, hoping to turn it into a wedding and events venue in just nine months. S1 Ep1 
18:00Beeny's Restoration Nightmare Sarah Beeny tries to save a stately home in Yorkshire from ruin. With just six months to turn the home into a wedding venue, is Sarah in this for better, for worse? S1 Ep2 
19:00Beeny's Restoration Nightmare Sarah Beeny tries to turn her stately home into a wedding venue. With the first ceremony just six weeks away, Sarah and Graham still have a DIY mountain to climb. S1 Ep3 
20:00Beeny's Restoration Nightmare Series in which Sarah Beeny tries to save Yorkshire stately home Rise Hall from ruin. Sarah hosts a full-scale Regency dinner as a charity fundraiser. S2 Ep1 
21:00Beeny's Restoration Nightmare Series in which Sarah Beeny tries to save her stately home from ruin. After tackling only a third of the house, they now get onto the morning room and the drawing room. S2 Ep2 
22:00Beeny's Restoration Nightmare Series in which Sarah Beeny tries to save her stately home from ruin. Deep inside the woods, Sarah and Graham have ambitions for a magnificent tree house for the children. S2 Ep3 
23:00Beeny's Restoration Nightmare It's another busy week for Sarah Beeny and husband Graham as they renovate three bathrooms, meet former members of the Auxiliary Territorial Services and host a classic car display. S2 Ep4 
00:00Beeny's Restoration Nightmare Sarah and her husband try to transform the old servants' quarters into a pub-themed room, while the continuing conflict with the council means they cannot raise much-needed money. S2 Ep5 
01:00Beeny's Restoration Nightmare The couple hope to leave behind their worries with the council and restore three rooms for a wedding reception, but a boiler suffers a wasp infestation. S2 Ep6 
01:50Celebrity Storage Hunters Banbury The celebrity special has now spawned a whole series. Johnny Vegas, Nancy Dell'Olio, Tim Vine and Chris Kamara fight for some unbelievable lots at auction, Jeff. S1 Ep1 
02:40A Life Coach Less Ordinary Episode Four The crazy life coaches continue their mission to improve people's lives by making them face hard facts. Robert wants to feel more confident and Belinda is back again. S2 Ep4 
03:30Home Front in the Garden Warlingham Pod Time to get the trowels out for another episode of the garden design extravaganza. Diarmuid Gavin faces a struggle creating a garden on a hazardous slope for a family. S4 Ep5 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.