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Listings for UK Gold on Saturday, December 14 2019

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
07:30The Two Ronnies Featuring the Rook Restaurant sketch. Classic comedy from the much-missed pairing of Barker and Corbett. There's also the final instalment of Death Can Be Fatal. S4 Ep8 
08:10The Two Ronnies Messrs Barker and Corbett with a yuletide offering of music and levity. Sketches include a milkman's answer to the Queen's speech and a gameshow style court. 
09:15Citizen Khan Mr Khan's Christmas Wonderland Festive edition. When Shazia and Amjad's house is up for sale, Naani gives them a deposit to buy it - but makes the mistake of entrusting it to Mr Khan... S4 Ep7 
09:50Citizen Khan It's A Khanderful Life A festive episode based on Frank Capra's Christmas classic It's a Wonderful Life. Mr Khan faces the fact that his life hasn't turned out the way he planned. S5 Ep7 
10:25The Green Green Grass The Special Relationship Only Fools spin-off in which Boycie takes centre stage. When an unexpected visitor arrives at Winterdown with a grave secret, Boycie turns detective. 
11:20Miranda The Perfect Christmas Sitcom. Miranda and Stevie try to spend Christmas at the shop but a series of infuriating events lurk just around the corner. S2 Ep6 
12:00TOTP2 XMAS 2012 Mark Radcliffe brings us the best of the seasonal tunes on this festive edition of Top of the Pops 2, including treats from Slade, Wizzard, Shaky, Wham, Macca and Jona Lewie. 
14:00Only Fools and Horses... ...Christmas Crackers. Classic laughs! Del and Rodney are bored with spending Christmas at home, so they decide to don their party clothes and head off to a trendy club. 
14:40Only Fools and Horses... ...Diamonds are for Heather. There's only one Del - or is there? Del envisages Christmas with a larger family than just Grandad and Rodney when he meets Heather. 
15:15The Good Life When I'm 65 A special episode of the much-loved sitcom, recorded in the presence of the Queen. When Margo and Jerry take out another annuity, Tom considers a pension of parsnips. 
16:20Only Fools and Horses... ...Miami Twice (Pt2). Part two of the Trotters' Miami adventures. With Del handling the accommodation and transport, naturally the pair end up in a dodgy camper van. 
18:10Only Fools and Horses... ...Heroes and Villains. The first of a three-part Christmas special from 1996. This is the classic episode best remembered for the scene where Del and Rodney become Batman and Robin! 
19:30Only Fools and Horses... ...Jolly Boys Outing. The classic 1989 Christmas special of the beloved sitcom. Del, Rodney and Uncle Albert take their mates from the Nag's Head on a disastrous trip to Margate. 
21:15New: Dial M For Middlesbrough Terry and Gemma from Draper's Tours find themselves forced to take refuge at a sinister and dilapidated caravan park. Comedy, starring Johnny Vegas and Sian Gibson. 
23:20Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas Special Who's A Pretty Mammy?: Agnes prepares for her big New Year's Eve party, though most of the guests seem to be dropping out. S1 Ep2 
00:15Walliams And Friend: Christmas... ...2016. Downton Abbey star Hugh Bonneville partners with David Walliams in comedy sketches with a festive theme, including his take on Lord Sugar. 
01:05Absolutely Fabulous Christmas... ...Special White Box. Outrageously funny sitcom. Edina has a redecorating crisis. Under threat from Saffy, she shops for inspiration, but resorts to redecoration regression therapy. 
02:10We Have Been Watching Join famous comic performers in their living rooms, including Ricky Tomlinson and Sally Phillips as they enjoy classic festive comedy clips. 
03:00The Office The Office Specials First of the two-part special that winds up Ricky Gervais' successful comedy. The crew return to Wernham-Hogg to catch up with Brent, Tim, Dawn and co. S3 Ep1 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.