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Listings for UK Gold on Saturday, May 25 2019

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
07:00Richard E Grant on Ealing Comedies Richard takes a fond look back at some more choice moments from the Ealing Studios heyday, including steamy comedy The Titfield Thunderbolt and the much-loved The Ladykillers. S1 Ep3 
07:50Goodnight Sweetheart Is Your Journey Really Necessary? Classic time travel sitcom with Nicholas 'Rodney' Lyndhurst. Gary returns to 1940 to try to protect Phoebe and Eric from an impending air raid. S1 Ep3 
08:25Goodnight Sweetheart I Get Along Without You Very Well The classic time travel sitcom with Nicholas 'Rodney' Lyndhurst. Gary suspects it's his destiny to marry Phoebe and travels back to the 1940s. S1 Ep5 
09:00Miranda Excuse More from the hit sitcom. Miranda, who has spent most of her life avoiding being set up by her mother, has to find a good reason to avoid an intended party date. S1 Ep5 
09:35Miranda Dog Hit sitcom. Miranda and Stevie become highly competitive when a handsome man leaves his wallet in the shop. Meanwhile, Tilly invites Miranda to Henley Regatta. S1 Ep6 
10:15Hi-de-Hi! Raffles Nostalgic fun in the 1950s holiday camp staffed by eccentrics. Ted decides to raffle Clive's car and swap it for a clapped-out old banger before the winner gets it. S6 Ep6 
10:55The Good Life Backs to the Wall Tom and Barbara receive some unexpected help when harvest time comes around and Tom sprains his back. Tune in to see Margo dressed for horticultural action! S1 Ep7 
11:30Wallace and Gromit The BAFTA-winning, Oscar-nominated first in the series of claymations by Nick Park which introduced the world to everyone's favourite man and his dog, as they visit the moon. 
12:00Wallace and Gromit On their fantastic second outing together, inventor Wallace and his canine companion become embroiled in a bizarre jewellery heist masterminded by a mysterious penguin. 
12:40The Vicar of Dibley... ...The Easter Bunny. Dawn French stars in the much-loved sitcom. The villagers decide to give up something they love for Lent. David cruelly suggests that Geraldine gives up chocolate. Ep2 
13:35dinnerladies catering: Victoria Wood's excellent sitcom with those tabarded staff from the canteen of HWD Components. Bren is having a hard time with the two youngsters on work experience. S2 Ep1 
14:15dinnerladies trouble: Victoria Wood's quirky sitcom that gets better with every viewing. Jean's husband has left her, and Tony wants Bren to go to Marbella with him. S2 Ep2 
14:55Only Fools and Horses The Unlucky Winner Is... The Trotters go overseas after Del enters one of Rodney's paintings in a competition and wins a week's holiday in Mallorca for three. But there's a catch... S6 Ep4 
16:00Only Fools and Horses Sleeping Dogs Lie Del, Rodney and Uncle Albert are consigned to the dog watch when they earn some easy money looking after Boycie and Marlene's Great Dane puppy. S4 Ep5 
16:40Only Fools and Horses As One Door Closes The comedy adored by the public with Del and Rodders Trotter. Del persuades Denzil to lend him his redundancy money, but if the butterfly flutters by, all is lost. S4 Ep7 
17:20Only Fools and Horses From Prussia with Love Del never lets an opportunity to make a quick buck pass him by. A heavily pregnant German au pair wants to get her prospective baby adopted. Del smells money! S5 Ep1 
18:00Only Fools and Horses The Miracle of Peckham Del springs into action, alerting the world's media, when the statue of the Virgin Mary at his local church begins to weep real holy tears - open yer wallets! S5 Ep2 
18:40Only Fools and Horses The Longest Night The hapless Trotters are accused of shoplifting when they lose their receipts. Then in the manager's office, they become entangled in an armed siege. Not cushty! S5 Ep3 
19:15Only Fools and Horses Tea for Three As the brothers fancy the same girl, Del resorts to dirty tricks when Rodders falls asleep under a sun lamp. So Rodney volunteers Del for a spot of hang-gliding. S5 Ep4 
19:55Only Fools and Horses Video Nasty When Rodney is given a grant to make a community film, Del sees a chance for lining his own pockets by videoing weddings, and making a blue movie called Night Nurse. S5 Ep5 
20:35Only Fools and Horses Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Del is offered a 'real big earner' when his ex-partner asks him to front his new business in Australia - but are family ties too strong to go? S5 Ep6 
21:15Mrs Brown's Boys The Mammy The hugely popular sitcom about a loudmouthed Irish matriarch. Agnes's son has fallen out with his girlfriend, but will her attempts to mend the rift work? S1 Ep1 
21:55Mrs Brown's Boys Mammy's Secret More hilarity and vulgarity with the popular sitcom. Agnes is worried that her family are keeping too many secrets, but her meddling doesn't help. S1 Ep2 
22:35The Royle Family Baby Brilliant comedy. After leaking in Topshop, Denise gets full use from one of her nipple pads. Meanwhile, to Jim's disgust, baby David makes full use of his nappy. S3 Ep1 
23:15The Royle Family Babysitting Baby David spends the night at Granny and Grandad Royle's house, while Dave and Denise spend the evening in the pub. `Alright for some!', you can hear Jim moan. S3 Ep2 
23:50The Royle Family Funeral Pure comic chemistry between Liz Smith and Ricky Tomlinson. Can Jim stand another evening in the company of Nana who is intent on mourning a recent death? My... I won't say it! S3 Ep4 
00:30Inside No 9 The 12 Days of Christine Twisted tales. Christine brings a new man back to her flat from a party, and immediately her life starts to unravel. S2 Ep2 
01:10Little Britain Iconic comedy creations from the much talked-about sketch show. Emily and Florence play tennis while Kenny Craig meets a girlfriend. With Anthony Head and Jon Culshaw. S2 Ep5 
01:50Bridget and Eamon The Last of the Cigarettes Irish sitcom. When the TV licence inspector calls, Bridget puts the house into lockdown. How long can they hold out with Bridget's ciggie supply low? S1 Ep5 
02:20Bridget and Eamon The La-sag-ne Irish sitcom. Bridget is a finalist for the Housewife of the Year competition. When Eamon hears there's a year's supply of free gas for winning, he gets excited. S1 Ep6 
02:45Marley's Ghosts Marley's Ghosts, 3: Supernatural sitcom. The Vicar develops an infatuation with the neighbour's son. Michael wants to give back to the world. Adam learns of a daughter he never knew about. S1 Ep3 
03:20The League of Gentlemen Anarchy in Royston Vasey The second series of fiendish goings-on among these decidedly odd characters. Tubbs and Edward leave the local shop and embark on a bizarre search. S2 Ep5 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.