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Listings for UK Gold on Saturday, March 24 2018

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
07:20The Piglet Files Trouble with Reception Sitcom. When terrorists decide to take over the Bishwani embassy, Peter's task of bugging the building proves troublesome. S2 Ep5 
07:45Goodnight Sweetheart Room with a View Fifth series of the adored time-travel comedy. A wartime bomb blows Gary back into the present, but what is worse is that his son, Michael, is transported too. S5 Ep1 
08:20The Two Ronnies Treasurable comedy from the much-loved, much-missed Ronnies at their comedic peak. Sketches include Tomorrow's Kitchen and the latest from the Phantom Raspberry Blower saga. S5 Ep8 
09:10The Two Ronnies Classic sketches and skits with Ronnies Barker and Corbett. The chucklesome highlights include Walk in Love, Sid and Lil, George and Eddie, and Yes Man. S11 Ep8 
10:00Only Fools and Horses Fatal Extraction Raquel leaves Del after he goes back to his bad old ways of gambling, drinking and staying out late. Meanwhile, Rodney is a shadow of his former self. S16 Ep10 
11:50dinnerladies gravy: Victoria Wood's bittersweet comedy with the canteen dinner ladies. Bren and Tony need money to finance their plans - perhaps Bren's head for trivia could be put to good use? S2 Ep9 
12:30dinnerladies toast: The very last visit to Victoria Wood's canteen comedy. Stan is hoping for a proposal, Bren is being coached for her TV appearance and Petula (Julie Walters) is fading fast. S2 Ep10 
13:10Only Fools and Horses A Losing Streak Rodney and Grandad are sure Del has set them on the road to ruin as he challenges Boycie to a poker game. Sitcom from the popular pen of John Sullivan. S2 Ep3 
13:50Only Fools and Horses No Greater Love More belly laughs with one of comedy's great pairings, Del and Rodney. When Rodney falls in love, he doesn't appreciate Del's brotherly helping hand. S2 Ep4 
14:30Only Fools and Horses The Yellow Peril Bad French, a three-wheel car and appalling cocktails. It must be the Trotters! Del can never resist the temptation to make a quick profit, but this deal is dodgy. S2 Ep5 
15:10Only Fools and Horses It Never Rains The ducking and diving sitcom with our favourite free marketeers. Del and Rodney's soft hearts persuade them to take Grandad along on their holiday trip abroad. S2 Ep6 
15:50The Vicar of Dibley The Arrival The first ever episode of the comedy voted the nation's third favourite sitcom. Shock! The replacement for the deceased 102-year-old vicar of the village is a woman! S1 Ep1 
16:30The Vicar of Dibley Songs of Praise Ecclesiastical comedy with favourite funnywoman Dawn French. TV's Songs of Praise comes to the parish to meet Geraldine. Unfortunately, the director is rather dishy. S1 Ep2 
17:10Only Fools and Horses A Royal Flush When Rodney meets a pretty girl in the market, he doesn't realise her connections. But after he is invited to a weekend party at her family home, Del makes his move. 
18:30Only Fools and Horses A Touch of Glass One of the most famous episodes with Peckham's self-employed chancers. Del sees a unique opportunity to raise his social standing... involving an antique chandelier. S2 Ep7 
19:10Only Fools and Horses Fatal Extraction Raquel leaves Del after he goes back to his bad old ways of gambling, drinking and staying out late. Meanwhile, Rodney is a shadow of his former self. S16 Ep10 
21:00The Royle Family Christmas Special The Golden Egg Cup It's Christmas in the Royle house and the kids have given their parents money. Barbara wants to go abroad for the first time, but Jim fancies an HD satellite box. 
22:20Christmas with the Royle Family Join the Royles on the couch in this festive comedy special. It's Christmas Day at the Royles' and there could be an unexpected present for Denise - baby David! S2 Ep7 
23:10Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow Dublin New to Gold. Stand-up from the Olympia Theatre in Dublin, where Michael McIntyre introduces Andrew Lawrence, Keith Farnan and Zoe Lyons, plus Irish favourite Tommy Tiernan. S2 Ep4 
00:10Bottom Culture Ade Edmondson and Rik Mayall star as less-than-dynamic duo Richie and Eddie in the cult classic sitcom. Here, the boys are aghast when they have their TV taken away! S2 Ep2 
00:50Bottom Burglary Anarchic comedy with that terrible twosome from 'The Young Ones'. The tranquil calm of Hammersmith is disturbed when Richie and Eddie capture a burglar - and his loot. S2 Ep3 
03:30Green Wing Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan star in the surreal hospital comedy. Joanna is worried about her age. Mac discovers his girlfriend is pregnant. S1 Ep3 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
07:00Teleshopping Shopping from home.