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Listings for UK Gold on Saturday, July 21 2018

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
07:20Goodnight Sweetheart The Bells are Ringing Timeless laughs in the '40s and '90s. Yvonne's health drink is about to go into production, but Gary is more concerned with what Phoebe is about to produce. S4 Ep11 
07:55A Sharp Intake of Breath The Gasman Cometh Sitcom starring David Jason as an everyman battling petty frustrations. Sheila wants to heat their home with gas but Peter prefers electric. S1 Ep6 
08:20A Sharp Intake of Breath The Seven Year Hitch Sitcom starring David Jason as everyman Peter Barnes. Peter and Sheila celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary. S1 Ep7 
08:55Miranda Excuse More from the hit sitcom. Miranda, who has spent most of her life avoiding being set up by her mother, has to find a good reason to avoid an intended party date. S1 Ep5 
09:30Miranda Dog Hit sitcom. Miranda and Stevie become highly competitive when a handsome man leaves his wallet in the shop. Meanwhile, Tilly invites Miranda to Henley Regatta. S1 Ep6 
10:10The Two Ronnies: Interviews Chart the story of the much-missed duo of Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett through fascinating chat show interview clips and sketches from their unforgettable comedy archive. S1 Ep2 
11:15We Have Been Watching Comedians and comedy actors invite you in to their living rooms to watch some classic comedy clips from such well-loved shows as Porridge, The Young Ones, and Gavin & Stacey. S1 Ep4 
12:15Are You Being Served? Top Hat and Tails The shop floor becomes the dance floor as the ladies' and gentlemen's staff combine to enter a ballroom dancing competition at young Mr Grace's suggestion. S4 Ep2 
12:55Are You Being Served? Forward Mr Grainger The classic shop floor sitcom. Mr Grainger is promoted to departmental manager when Mr Rumbold is called away for a one-month seminar. S4 Ep3 
13:30Are You Being Served? Fire Practice Back on the shop floor, chaos reigns when a surprise fire practise throws the staff of Grace Bros into panic, revealing fire precautions to slightly inadequate! S4 Ep4 
14:10The Vicar of Dibley The Arrival The first ever episode of the comedy voted the nation's third favourite sitcom. Shock! The replacement for the deceased 102-year-old vicar of the village is a woman! S1 Ep1 
14:50The Vicar of Dibley Songs of Praise Ecclesiastical comedy with favourite funnywoman Dawn French. TV's Songs of Praise comes to the parish to meet Geraldine. Unfortunately, the director is rather dishy. S1 Ep2 
15:30Only Fools and Horses The Sky's the Limit Would you let Del sort out your love life? The Trotters' flat is getting crowded as Rodders has left Cassandra and returned home, and Del's Raquel has moved in. S16 Ep1 
16:35Only Fools and Horses The Chance of a Lunchtime: Del sticks his oar in again! He attempts to get Rodney's relationship with Cassandra back on the rails by craftily organising a rendezvous between them. S16 Ep2 
17:40Only Fools and Horses Stage Fright Del is helping a pregnant Raquel with her career in showbiz by arranging for a one-night spot at a local cabaret club alongside Tony Angelino, 'the singing dustman'. S16 Ep3 
18:45Only Fools and Horses The Class of '62: When Del gets invited to a reunion at his old school, he can't wait to meet up with his former classmates. But one of them isn't quite as friendly as Del would like. S16 Ep4 
19:55Only Fools and Horses He Ain't Heavy, He's My Uncle Street crime is affecting the tenants of Nelson Mandela House and when Uncle Albert is one of the victims, Del decides he's Charles Bronson. S16 Ep5 
21:00Citizen Khan Cricket New to Gold. The irrepressible Mr Khan returns. Having been made to sleep in the car after forgetting his wedding anniversary, Mr Khan is on a mission to make amends. S5 Ep1 
21:40Citizen Khan Bullies New to Gold. Family sitcom. Mr Khan has bought a drone camera to keep an eye on the local neighbourhood as he believes it is starting to go a bit downhill. S5 Ep2 
22:20Citizen Khan Funeral New to Gold. Sitcom. Tragedy strikes the Khan household, but things start looking up when Mr Khan discovers there may be an investor for his new invention. S5 Ep3 
23:00Nathan Barley A chance to revisit Charlie Brooker and Chris Morris' merciless media parody. Dan Ashcroft watches in horror as his world is overrun with 24-carat berks. S1 Ep1 
23:35Nathan Barley Merciless media parody. Self-facilitating media node Nathan Barley makes content for his abysmal website. Meanwhile, Dan Ashcroft struggles to remain motivated. S1 Ep2 
00:10Limmy's Show Limmy is back with more offbeat sketches, animations and musings. Psychic medium Raymond Day brings a family together with information from beyond the grave. S3 Ep1 
00:50Limmy's Show More dispatches from Limmyland. Drug experimenter Larry Forsyth plucks up the courage to do battle with his interviewer, and we drop in on some sparkling party chat. S3 Ep2 
01:30Bridget and Eamon Irish comedy. Bridget hosts a tupperware party that goes disastrously wrong when illegal condoms are delivered instead. S1 Ep1 
02:00Bridget and Eamon The Divorce Referendum Irish comedy. Bridget and Eamon are chosen as the poster couple for the upcoming divorce referendum, but Phelim returns home with shock news. S1 Ep2 
02:25Nathan Barley A chance to revisit Charlie Brooker and Chris Morris' merciless media parody. Dan Ashcroft watches in horror as his world is overrun with 24-carat berks. S1 Ep1 
02:55Garth Marenghi's Darkplace Scotch Mist Horror writer Garth Marenghi introduces his tongue-in-cheek medical drama set in Romford. Dr Rick Dagless must unravel the secret of a strange, killer mist. S1 Ep5 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from home.