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Listings for Tmf on Sunday, February 25 2018

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
09:0021st Century Love! Top 20 We're going all mushy for our favourite romantic numbers from this side of the millennium. This is one Top 20 we know you'll Love! 
11:00We Love Little Mix! Time to get your fix of Little Mix! Check out the hottest tracks from one of our favourite girl groups! 
12:00#ShipGoals: Taylor & Ed We've got the biggest and best hits from super best friends Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran right here on MTV Love. 
13:00The 40 Greatest Love Songs! With so many great love songs out there, it's hard to choose the top 40 biggest and best, but that's exactly what we've done... just because we love you. 
17:00Love In The 10s! Fall in love with the 10s as we play you a selection of the very best this decade has to offer! 
18:00MTV Love's Fittest 50! Prepare to witness the fitness as we have 50 smokin' hot stars for you to swoon over! All for you viewing, and listening, but mainly viewing pleasure. Enjoy! 
23:00Despacito! 20 Sexy Slow Jams We're all about nice slow jams on MTV, and right now we're playing 20 teasing tunes to put a spark in your evening. 
01:00Love In The 80s! Fall in love with the 80s all over again as we play you a selection of the very best the decade had to offer! 
02:00Love... The Hits! MTV Love loves the hits, and right now we're playing some of the biggest songs in the charts as well as the latest big tunes! 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.