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Listings for Tcm on Wednesday, September 26 2018

05:40Oregon Passage Film In the midst of an Indian uprising, John Ericson is accused of having an affair with his commanding officer's wife, Lola Albright. (1958) 
07:20The Cowboys Film When his crew quits, a veteran cattleman trains schoolboys for the big drive whilst they are all being chased down by a gang of cattle thieves. (1971) 
09:55A Time for Killing Film Confederate soldiers keep the war's ending a secret so they can escape to Mexico. (1967) 
11:55Top Gun Film A gunslinger returns to his hometown to warn of an impending outlaw gang attack, but he's met with hatred and fear for his previous killings. (1955) 
13:30The Wings of Eagles Film Biography of Frank "Spig" Wead, the pioneer aviator who turned to writing after being grounded by an accident. (1957) 
15:45Somebody Up There Likes Me Film Screen bio of boxer Rocky Graziano tracking his life as a sad, impoverished child to his eventual triumph as middleweight champ of the world. (1956) 
18:05Cimarron Film During the Oklahoma Land Rush, Yancey & wife Sabra settle in the new town of Osage, but Yancey's wanderlust compels him to leave his family behind. (1960) 
21:00Sherlock Holmes Film Holmes has made his reputation finding the truth at the heart of complex mysteries. But now a storm is gathering over London, a threat unlike others. (2009) 
23:40The Fugitive Film A man is forced to go on the run after being falsely accused of killing his wife. (1993) 
02:20Conspiracy Theory with Jesse... ... Ventura - Season 1. Secret Societies. Jesse infiltrates an elite group who meet annually to decide how it will run the world. Their new plan - to thin out the world's population through disease. 
03:20Conspiracy Theory with Jesse... ... Ventura - Season 1. Manchurian Candidate. A program that uses mind control techniques to turn ordinary citizens into programmed assassins? Jesse meets a man who claims he's one of the killers! 
04:10Off Set: Michael Douglas Off Set with Micheal Douglas 
05:00Off Set: Michael Douglas Off Set with Micheal Douglas 
05:45Hollywood's Best Film Directors Ron Howard. The likes of George Lucas, Ridley Scott and Paul Greengrass come under the spotlight in this series exploring the life & work of Hollywood directors.