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Listings for Sky Two on Monday, June 24 2019

06:00House Hunters International Looking to escape their gruelling commute, a family moves out of Manhattan's burbs and to Edinburgh, Scotland. (S73, ep 9) 
06:30House Hunters International Snowbirds in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica With an empty nest on the horizon, Greg and Pam look to swap chilly Illinois for the warmer climes of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. (S73, ep 10) 
07:00House Hunters International Brussels In Your Hedgerow Reid accepts a job in Brussels, Belgium, and looks to relive the time spent abroad in his college years. (S73, ep 11) 
07:30House Hunters International Find Yourself in Dusseldorf, Germany Ashlee looks to break out of small town life in Kansas and breathe in the culture of Dusseldorf, Germany. (S73, ep 12) 
08:0060 Minute Makeover Widnes Design series in which a makeover team has just one hour to improve a home. (S7, ep 88) 
09:0060 Minute Makeover Bury Design series in which a makeover team has just one hour to improve a home. (S7, ep 89) 
10:00My Kitchen Rules Australia New & Exclusive. Court and Duncan from Victoria take their turn in the kitchen, and hope to progress through the competition with a smoked lamb ribs main. (S8, ep 10) 
11:15My Kitchen Rules Australia Josh and Amy from Western Australia open up their instant restaurant, Longshore Drift. Will their fare see them sail through to the next round? (S8, ep 11) 
12:30Monkey Business Join Dr Alison Cronin's team at the Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre in Dorset as they rehabilitate abused primates and support overseas projects to protect endangered primates. (S5, ep 3) 
13:00The Dog Whisperer Jonbee, Hudson & Violet And Burford After rescuing 37 stray dogs, actor Scott Lincoln meets his match with a ferocious stray Jindo named Jonbee. A Great Dane wreaks havoc. (S2, ep 4) 
14:00Haven Much Ado About Mara Nathan and Dwight lock horns over the problem of Mara. While Dwight wants Mara to end the Troubles, Nathan still hopes to save Audrey. (S5, ep 4) 
15:00Relic Hunter The Legend Of The Lost The kidnapping of Nigel by shadowy government agent Derek Lloyd signifies the start of an exciting and terrifying mission in New Guinea. (S2, ep 4) 
16:00A Town Called Eureka Phased And Confused Zoe puts her life in danger when she explores a military installation tucked away in the Tesla School. And a wannabe superhero makes his presence known. (S3, ep 6) 
17:00A Town Called Eureka Here Comes The Suns The residents are beset by a uniquely Eurekean problem, the arrival of a second sun that is set to detonate. (S3, ep 7) 
18:00Stargate SG-1 Line In The Sand While trying to use Merlin's weapon to protect a village from the Ori, Carter is critically injured. With the village exposed, things look bleak for SG-1. (S10, ep 12) 
19:00Stargate SG-1 The Road Not Taken An experiment goes wrong, leaving Carter trapped in a parallel reality where martial law has been enforced and the Earth is under attack from the Ori. (S10, ep 13) 
20:00Duck Quacks Don't Echo The fact-busting comedy panel series is back as Lee Mack is joined by Ross Kemp, Bob Mortimer and Sara Cox to put a host of fascinating titbits to the test. (S5, ep 1) 
21:00S.W.A.T. New & Exclusive. Shaky Town: Hondo and co get locked in a stand-off with child traffickers. Then, if things couldn't get more tense, an earthquake strikes. (S2, ep 1) 
22:00The Force: Manchester Fast-paced documentary series following the 999 work of Greater Manchester Police. Officers raid a cannabis farm. They also get called to a fight in a pub car park. (S2, ep 5) 
23:00Send In The Dogs UK Documentary following the work of Britain's police dogs in real operations, sniffing out everything from drugs and weapons to counterfeit money. Ken Stott narrates. (S1, ep 1) 
00:00Ross Kemp's Britain Immigration Ross Kemp explores some of the most challenging issues facing Britain today in a hard-hitting new documentary series. He begins with immigration. (1 of 3) 
01:00Blue Bloods New & Exclusive. My Brother's Keeper: There's a tense Reagan face-off when Danny goes against Jamie's direct order during a hostage negotiation. (S9, ep 14) 
02:00The Flash Nora Barry's back with a new suit as he and Iris try to fix his time-travelling daughter's mistake. Meanwhile, a villainous new meta shows up. (S5, ep 1) 
03:00The Flash Blocked Team Flash run into season Big Bad Cicada as they hunt a meta who's stealing fancy weapons. Barry teaches Nora how to be a better speedster. (S5, ep 2) 
04:00The Flash The Death of Vibe The team get a wake-up call when Cicada targets The Flash. Nora hatches a plan to help her parents. But it ends up throwing a member of the team into danger. (S5, ep 3) 
05:00The Flash Flash Parenting proves tough for Barry and Iris when meta Spin goes after their daughter. Ralph gets a new challenge, and it could be just what he needs. (S5, ep 4) New. 
06:00House Hunters International Looking for Room to Be Wild in the Australian Bush A young family leave the snowy backdrop of Canada for a life in the bushland of Australia's sunshine coast. (S73, ep 13)