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Listings for Sky Two on Thursday, June 21 2018

06:00Stargate SG-1 Covenant A businessman threatens to expose the secrets of alien life to the world, forcing Stargate Command to bring him into the loop. (S8, ep 7) 
07:00Stargate SG-1 Affinity Teal'c becomes the chief suspect in a murder investigation after he moves into an apartment off-base. Carter considers her future with Pete. (S8, ep 8) 
08:00Relic Hunter Pandora's Box Sydney and Nigel masquerade as harem dancers to find the coveted Pandora's Box. Is there truth behind the legend and will they open it? (S3, ep 19) 
09:0060 Minute Makeover Crawley, West Sussex Design series in which a makeover team has just one hour to improve a home. (S6, ep 34) 
10:00Obese: A Year To Save My Life USA Participants embark on emotional journeys to transform their bodies and their lives. Chris continues to help a nurse who is determined to lose weight fast. (S3, ep 14) 
11:00The Biggest Loser USA Hooked On 'Tronics: The hopefuls face a digital challenge, with the winners given either exclusive gym use or unrestricted access to the internet and telephone. (S17, ep 4) 
12:00Animal 999 Go behind the scenes at the Scottish SPCA, the country's leading animal charity, as cameras follow the work of its inspectors and rescue officers. (S1, ep 4) 
12:30Animal 999 The Scottish SPCA responds to an unusual report of chicken neglect in Inverness, a circus arrives in Glasgow and a mystery animal is found floating in a river. (S1, ep 5) 
13:00Animal 999 A ferret is on the loose in Huntly, Aberdeenshire, a Staffordshire bull terrier causes concern in Glasgow and two newly hatched owlets face a fight for their lives. (S1, ep 6) 
13:30Animal 999 Pilot whales are in danger of becoming beached on South Uist, horses risk being poisoned by the toxic ragwort weed, and inspectors check in at a farming show. (S1, ep 7) 
14:00The Dog Whisperer Jonbee, Hudson & Violet And Burford After rescuing 37 stray dogs, actor Scott Lincoln meets his match with a ferocious stray Jindo named Jonbee. A Great Dane wreaks havoc. (S2, ep 4) 
15:00It's Me Or The Dog Fickle Five Victoria Stilwell tackles the problem of five pugnacious pugs. (S1, ep 4) 
16:00Relic Hunter Flag Day Sydney and Nigel search for the pioneers' Bear Flag of California, but when their search leads to a murder, it's clear they are not alone in hunting down the artefact. (S1, ep 4) 
17:00Stargate Universe Incursion, Part 1: Battle lines are drawn in the first of a two-part finale. Telford reveals that the Destiny is in danger, and a captive Rush receives a daunting task. (S1, ep 19) 
18:00Stargate SG-1 Ethon Daniel is imprisoned, and when SG-1 tries to rescue him, the Prometheus is caught in a firefight. Blazing sci-fi drama. (S9, ep 15) 
19:00Warehouse 13 Nevermore Myka travels home to see her dying father, only to discover that he's fallen victim to an artifact. (S1, ep 12) 
20:00A League Of Their Own New & Exclusive. Sir Bradley Wiggins, Jimmy Carr and Sara Cox join the fun. John Barnes and Kevin Pietersen team up with Jamie and Freddie for a synchronised diving challenge. (S12, ep 6) 
21:00A League Of Their Own There's a load of laughs in store as James Corden welcomes footie star Robbie Keane, funnyman Romesh Ranganathan and national treasure Jessica Ennis-Hill. (S12, ep 7) 
22:00Station 19 New & Exclusive. Not Your Hero: Season finale. Final interviews for the captain position are interrupted by a massive skyscraper fire, with several lives hanging in the balance. (S1, ep 10) 
23:00The Force: Manchester Fast-paced documentary series following the 999 work of Greater Manchester Police. The team are called to a disturbance at a hostel. Plus, a dispute spirals out of control. (S2, ep 6) New. 
00:00SEAL Team New & Exclusive. Call Out: A massive shootout gets the team one step closer to avenging Echo Team's deaths. Meanwhile, Mandy gets a disturbing lead from a journalist on base. (S1, ep 14) 
01:00James Corden On The Late Late ... ... Show. New & Exclusive. James Corden meets British stars Ruth Wilson and Damian Lewis as he heads back to the UK with his smash hit chat show. From Central Hall Westminster. (3 of 4) 
02:00The Week That Wasn't New & Exclusive. Brilliant impressionists put their spin on the week's news as they put words into the mouths of famous faces. With Alistair McGowan and Ronni Ancona. (S1, ep 6) 
02:30A League Of Their Own More never-before-seen footage of Corden and the gang from series eight. (S8, ep 11) 
03:00Arrow Fundamentals Convinced he's failed as a father, a mayor and a hero, Oliver is in a dark place. That's until a ghostly visitor shows up with a wake-up call. (S6, ep 18) 
04:00Sanctuary Folding Man A drifter in the Old City confirms an urban myth about folding men. (S1, ep 4) 
05:00Relic Hunter Flag Day Sydney and Nigel search for the pioneers' Bear Flag of California, but when their search leads to a murder, it's clear they are not alone in hunting down the artefact. (S1, ep 4) 
06:00Stargate SG-1 Sacrifices When warrior leader Ishta (Jolene Blalock) is captured by Moloc, Teal'c launches a rescue mission. Watch out for a special appearance from Jeff Judge as Aron. (S8, ep 9)