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Listings for Sky One on Saturday, July 21 2018

06:00Futurama Leela and the Genestalk Leela is in for a shock when she develops a set of tentacles. It's a grim discovery that leads her to a secret genetic engineering lab. (S10, ep 9) Also in HD 
06:30Futurama Game of Tones Fry travels back in time (via his dreams) to 31 December 1999 to decipher the meaning behind a mysterious alien melody. (S10, ep 10) Also in HD 
07:00Futurama Murder on the Planet Express A team-building exercise is ruined when Fry and the gang are attacked by a shape-shifting, flesh-munching extra-terrestrial. (S10, ep 11) Also in HD 
07:30Futurama Space Pilot 3000 A pizza delivery boy named Fry awakens from a state of suspended animation and finds himself in a futuristic world populated by aliens, robots and spaceships. (S1, ep 1) 
08:00Futurama The Series Has Landed Fry eagerly anticipates his first visit to the moon... only to realise that it is home to a cheesy amusement park. (S1, ep 2) 
08:30Futurama I, Roommate Fry and Bender become a futuristic odd couple when they attempt to share an apartment. (S1, ep 3) 
09:00The Simpsons When you Dish Upon a Star Homer befriends a group of Hollywood celebrities on holiday in a remote part of town and promises to keep their whereabouts a secret. (S10, ep 5) Also in HD 
09:30The Simpsons D'oh-In The Wind Homer embraces his newly discovered hippie heritage. (S10, ep 6) Also in HD 
10:00The Simpsons Lisa gets an 'A': Lisa suffers a guilty conscience after she cheats on an exam and Homer believes he will save a fortune by raising his own lobster. (S10, ep 7) Also in HD 
10:30The Simpsons El Viaje Misterioso After ingesting several Guatemalan peppers during a chilli cook-off, Homer experiences hallucinations that inspire him to find his true soulmate. (S8, ep 9) Also in HD 
11:00Premier League Years 14/15 As Sky Sports celebrates 24 years as the home of the Premier League, a look at memorable moments from the 2014-2015 campaign. The relegation battle went down to the final day of the season. Also in HD 
13:00Sky Sports Funniest Moments ... Best Bits. Players, pundits and comics look back at laugh-out-loud moments from the world of Sky Sports. With Nish Kumar, David Haye, Chris Kamara and Hayley McQueen. Also in HD 
15:00The Simpsons Fraudcast News Reports of Mr Burns' death are greatly exaggerated. When the obituaries tell the truth about him, Monty starts buying up the media to brainwash Springfield. (S15, ep 22) Also in HD 
15:30Modern Family Game Changer It's Phil's birthday and he desperately wants the year's must-have gadget. Meanwhile, Mitchell tries to find his inner mean machine. Mild language. (S1, ep 19) Also in HD 
16:00Modern Family Benched When Luke and Manny's basketball coach quits, Jay and Phil lobby for the position. Mitch introduces Cam to a prospective employer. Mild language/flashing images. (S1, ep 20) Also in HD 
16:30Modern Family Airport 2010 It's Jay's birthday and Gloria plans a romantic getaway with a catch: the rest of the clan will be joining them. Mature themes/flashing images. (S1, ep 22) Also in HD 
17:00Modern Family Hawaii Jay receives a reality check, Phil tries to charm Claire and the kids are left to their own devices. Mild language/sexual references/flashing images. (S1, ep 23) Also in HD 
17:30Modern Family Family Portrait First season finale. Claire's plans for a family portrait go awry, Cam unleashes his inner diva and Mitch gets into a flap. Mild language/flashing images. (S1, ep 24) Also in HD 
18:00The Simpsons Mayored to the Mob Homer takes on the mob when he acts as Mayor Quimby's bodyguard. Featuring the guest voice of Mark Hamill. (S10, ep 9) Also in HD 
18:30The Simpsons Viva Ned Flanders Homer shows Flanders how to enjoy life by taking him to Las Vegas. (S10, ep 10) Also in HD 
19:00The Simpsons They Saved Lisa's Brain Lisa is invited to join Mensa and Homer receives a free erotic photo session. Featuring the guest voice of Stephen Hawking. (S10, ep 22) Also in HD 
19:30The Simpsons Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo When the Simpson family find themselves stranded in Japan they are forced to take part in a shocking game show to win enough money to return home. (S10, ep 23) Also in HD 
20:00S.W.A.T. New & Exclusive. Cuchillo: Hondo (Criminal Minds' Shemar Moore) gets a shot at proving he's worthy of the top spot when a notorious and vengeful drug dealer breaks out of jail. (S1, ep 2) Also in HD 
21:00A League Of Their Own James Corden returns for a ninth run of the BAFTA-winning sports panel show. He's joined by Ian Poulter, Olivia Wayne and Josh Widdicombe. Let the games begin! (S9, ep 1) Also in HD 
22:00Flightplan Film Jodie Foster's flight to the US takes a nosedive when she discovers that her six year-old daughter has gone missing at 37,000 feet. Thriller. Violence/flashing images. (2005)(94 mins) Also in HD 
00:00Caught On Dashcam A countdown of the most incredible, hilarious and spectacular real life crashes in the world - all caught on dashcam. (S1, ep 1) Also in HD 
01:00Sick Note New & Exclusive. A lie spirals out of control for down-on-his-luck Daniel in this brilliantly dark comedy starring Rupert Grint, Nick Frost and Don Johnson. (S1, ep 1) Also in HD 
02:00SEAL Team New & Exclusive. Credible Threat: Bravo get the near-impossible job of protecting a group of congressman as they make an ill-advised press trip to a local hospital. (S1, ep 18) Also in HD 
03:00NCIS: Los Angeles Praesidium While Callen and the gang take decisive action to protect one of their own, Director Leon Vance stops by to deliver some disturbing news to Hetty. (S6, ep 3) Also in HD 
04:00NCIS: Los Angeles The 3rd Choir Callen and the gang race into action after learning that a figure from their past is targeting a member of the team. Plus, Nate Getz returns. (S6, ep 4) Also in HD 
05:00NCIS: Los Angeles Black Budget Callen and Sam head south of the border to find an employee who managed to escape a professional shooting at the Department of Defense. (S6, ep 5) Also in HD 
06:00New: The Hour Of Power No programme information available