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Listings for Sky One on Saturday, August 18 2018

06:00Futurama Luck Of The Fryrish Fry searches the ancient ruins of Old New York for his beloved lucky clover, only to find that his older brother stole not only the clover - but his life. (S3, ep 10) 
06:30Futurama The Cyber House Rules Tired of feeling like an outcast, Leela has a second eye grafted onto her face. Bender adopts 12 children. (S3, ep 11) 
07:00Futurama Insane In The Mainframe When Fry and Bender are mistaken for bank robbers, they are sentenced to time in an insane asylum for robots. (S3, ep 12) 
07:30Futurama Bendin' In The Wind: A blast from the past as Fry and Bender salvage a vintage Volkswagen bus from the turbulent 1960s and return it to its tie-dyed glory. Guest starring Beck. (S3, ep 13) 
08:00Futurama Time Keeps On Slipping When the Professor creates a mutant team to take on the Harlem Globetrotters, he disrupts the time/space continuum, with eye-opening results. (S3, ep 14) 
08:30Futurama I Dated A Robot In his quest to live out his fantasies, Fry downloads a virtual Lucy Liu humanoid ('Liubot'), with whom he falls in love. Lucy Liu guest stars. (S3, ep 15) 
09:00The Simpsons A Star is Born American Idol winner Fantasia guest stars as Lisa's rival in a singing competition. Will Homer's songwriting make or break Lisa? (S16, ep 18) Also in HD 
09:30The Simpsons Thank God it's Doomsday Homer's convinced the end is nigh. He drags the town out into the desert to meet their maker, but will God actually show up? (S16, ep 19) Also in HD 
10:00New: Soccer AM John Fendley, Jimmy Bullard and Lloyd Griffith are joined by guests from the world of sport and entertainment for the Saturday morning football show, with regular features, games and goals. Also in HD 
11:30New: What's Up TV S14 New & Exclusive. Jacqueline meets comeback queen Gabrielle and Aaron chats with Gospel rap star Guvna B and comedian Helen Lederer. Plus, there's a tribute to Sir Bruce Forsyth. (S14, ep 3) Also in HD 
12:05Modern Family Lifetime Supply Phil fears the worst after a check-up, and Jay and Manny's father-son day is interrupted. Benjamin Bratt and Philip Baker Hall guest. Mild sexual references. (S3, ep 11) Also in HD 
12:30Modern Family Egg Drop It's dad versus daughter when Jay and Claire help out with a school project. Mild sexual references/flashing images. (S3, ep 12) Also in HD 
13:00Modern Family Little Bo Bleep Mitch and Cam flap when Lily says her first expletive, and Claire locks horns with Duane Bailey (David Cross) in a televised debate. Implied strong language. (S3, ep 13) Also in HD 
13:30Modern Family Me? Jealous?: While Phil is preoccupied with impressing a prospective client, Jay and Gloria open their home to Mitch and Cam. Greg Kinnear guests. Mild sexual references. (S3, ep 14) Also in HD 
14:00Modern Family Aunt Mommy Drinking and decision-making don't go hand-in-hand when Claire and Phil treat Mitch and Cam to dinner. Sexual references. (S3, ep 15) Also in HD 
14:30Modern Family Virgin Territory Phil realises that his little girl is growing up when he overhears something he wishes he hadn't. Flashing images/moderate sexual references. (S3, ep 16) Also in HD 
15:00Gillette Soccer Saturday Jeff Stelling and his studio guests preside over the afternoon's football, with expert analysis of the scores, results and stories as they come in. Also in HD 
15:15Gillette Soccer Saturday Jeff Stelling and his studio guests preside over the afternoon's football, with expert analysis of the scores, results and stories as they come in. Also in HD 
17:15Gillette Soccer Saturday Jeff Stelling and his studio guests preside over the afternoon's football, with expert analysis of the scores, results and stories as they come in. Also in HD 
18:00The Simpsons Home Away from Homer When Flanders' lodgers bring shame upon the house, he ups sticks. Only then does Homer realise you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone. (S16, ep 20) Also in HD 
18:30The Simpsons Father, Son And Holy Guest-Star Liam Neeson plays a hip Catholic priest who converts Bart to Catholicism. Can Flanders and Reverend Lovejoy bring him back to the fold? (S16, ep 21) Also in HD 
19:00The Simpsons Lost Verizon A believer in the mantra finders keepers, a sticky-fingered Bart steals actor Denis Leary's phone and uses it for pranking purposes. (S20, ep 2) Also in HD 
19:30The Simpsons Double, Double, Boy In Trouble In an irreverent take on the prince and the pauper tale, Bart trades lives with a rich doppelganger. The lifestyle soon loses its lustre though. (S20, ep 3) Also in HD 
20:00S.W.A.T. New & Exclusive. Octane: Jim risks it all as he goes undercover with a ruthless gang of car thieves. And when things go south, he gets caught in a life or death situation. (S1, ep 6) Also in HD 
21:00Mission: Impossible III Film Can retired super spy Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) defeat an arms dealer without his new lady finding out his secret past? Strong language/violence/flashing images. (2006)(121 mins) Also in HD 
23:20A League Of Their Own The riotous sports panel show continues with appearances from Manchester Utd legend Peter Schmeichel, Olympic snowboarder Jenny Jones and comic Josh Widdicombe. (S9, ep 5) Also in HD 
00:20Football's Funniest Moments 5 New & Exclusive. From Gary Neville's stint at Valencia to Alan Pardew's dance moves, fans choose football's funniest moments. With David James, Jamie Carragher and Paul Whitehouse. Also in HD 
01:15The Force: Manchester Fast-paced documentary series following the 999 work of Greater Manchester Police. England's second largest police force, it's responsible for protecting 2.7 million people. (S1, ep 2) Also in HD 
02:15SEAL Team New & Exclusive. The Cost of Doing Business: With just hours until they head home, the team get one last shot at revenge. Jason confronts Cutter. Tense season finale. (S1, ep 22) Also in HD 
03:05Sick Note New & Exclusive. Daniel's We Cover fun run is interrupted when Skank kidnaps Dr Glennis. Meanwhile, Vanessa discovers all about Becca and Ash's affair. (S2, ep 7) Also in HD 
03:35Sick Note New & Exclusive. Daniel must get the cash to Skank if he's to save Dr Glennis's life. What could possibly go wrong? The brilliantly dark comedy concludes. (S2, ep 8) Also in HD 
04:05MacGyver Hook Mac and Jack come face to face with the notorious Colton family of bounty hunters when they are put on the trail of a dangerous fugitive. (S1, ep 16) Also in HD 
05:00MacGyver Ruler An overseas mission goes wrong when Mac and the team are blamed for a terrorist bombing. Can they avoid authorities for long enough to clear their name? (S1, ep 17) Also in HD 
06:00The Hour Of Power Tune in for an inspirational boost of positive thinking in this colourful religious broadcast. Also in HD