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Listings for Sky One on Monday, July 15 2019

06:00Monkey Life The first primates arrive at the Vietnam rescue centre to begin their rehabilitation. Back on home soil, Paddy's chimpanzee group welcome a new addition into the fold. (S2, ep 11) 
06:30Monkey Life A tense day of introductions is in store for Monkey World's chimpanzees and gibbons. Plus, the team embark on their biggest and most ambitious mission yet. (S2, ep 12) 
07:00Animal 999 Go behind the scenes at the Scottish SPCA, the country's leading animal charity, as cameras follow the work of its inspectors and rescue officers. (S2, ep 12) 
07:30Animal 999 Go behind the scenes at the SPCA and follow its dedicated team of rescue officers and inspectors as they save, rehome and care for animals all over Scotland. (S3, ep 1) 
08:00Rspca Animal Rescue Moving series following RSPCA workers across Australia as they work to help animals in need. (S2, ep 22) 
08:30Rspca Animal Rescue Moving series following RSPCA workers across Australia as they work to help animals in need. (S3, ep 1) 
09:00Road Wars Dog handler Darryl attempts to defuse a pub fight, the Tactical Aid Group execute two flat raids and the Road Crime Unit are in hot pursuit of a dangerous driver. (S7, ep 3) Also in HD 
10:00Highway Patrol Documentary series following Australia's traffic enforcers, facing high-speed chases, explosive crashes and out-of-control drunk drivers. (S5, ep 7) 
10:30Highway Patrol Documentary series following Australia's traffic enforcers, facing high-speed chases, explosive crashes and out-of-control drunk drivers. (S5, ep 9) 
11:00NCIS: Los Angeles The 3rd Choir Callen and the gang race into action after learning that a figure from their past is targeting a member of the team. Plus, Nate Getz returns. (S6, ep 4) Also in HD 
12:00NCIS: Los Angeles Black Budget Callen and Sam head south of the border to find an employee who managed to escape a professional shooting at the Department of Defense. (S6, ep 5) Also in HD 
13:00Hawaii Five-0 He lokomaika'i ka manu o Kaiona (Kind is the Bird of Kaiona): McGarrett and Jerry join Catherine Rollins in a race to stop a suspected terrorist. (S8, ep 20) Also in HD 
14:00Hawaii Five-0 Ahuwale ka nane huna (The Answer to the Riddle is Seen): Harry Langford needs help when a British royal runs away. Plus, a mysterious tape shows up at 5-0 HQ. (S8, ep 21) Also in HD 
15:00MacGyver Compass Mac helps a scientist and old university friend when she is forced to fake her own death in order stop someone from killing her. (S1, ep 19) Also in HD 
16:00Modern Family Spring-a-Ding-Fling While Cam's thunder is stolen by a popular teacher's return, Mitch doesn't know what to make of his former college pal-turned-new boss. (S5, ep 16) Also in HD 
16:30Modern Family Other People's Children A leisurely day at the museum proves to be anything but for Cam, Mitch and Manny. Phil helps Andy with his anniversary gift. Moderate sex references. (S5, ep 17) Also in HD 
17:00The Simpsons Marge Vs Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens and Gays When the childless sectors of society mount a campaign against kids, Marge takes up the cause in their defense. (S15, ep 8) Also in HD 
17:30Futurama Forty Percent Leadbelly Bender's hopes of being a folk singer are reignited when he crosses paths with his idol, Silicon Red, in a space prison. (S10, ep 4) Also in HD 
18:00Futurama The Inhuman Torch Bender is transformed into a hero after becoming a firefighter and pulling off a series of rescue attempts. Suspicions are aroused, though. (S10, ep 5) Also in HD 
18:30The Simpsons Diatribe of a Mad Housewife: Homer relishes the critical acclaim Marge receives for a novel she writes... until he discovers the plot. With Tom Clancy and Thomas Pynchon. (S15, ep 10) Also in HD 
19:00The Simpsons Margical History Tour Marge gives the kids a colourful history lesson with the help of some locals. Homer becomes Henry VIII, while Bart plays boy genius Mozart. (S15, ep 11) Also in HD 
19:30The Simpsons Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore When Milhouse and his mother relocate to Capital City, Bart strikes up a friendship with Lisa. (S15, ep 12) Also in HD 
20:00Superman III Tech whizz Richard Pryor helps develop a red kryptonite which splits Superman (Christopher Reeve) in two. Will his heroic or evil side win out? Violence/flashing images. (1983)(119 mins) Also in HD 
22:30A League Of Their Own With just 45 minutes left of the series, James and co sub ex-England left back Ashley Cole, swimming champ Ellie Simmonds and comedian Rob Beckett into the fun. (S13, ep 8) Also in HD 
23:30Rob & Romesh Vs... ... Anthony Joshua... Revisited. The boys meet heavyweight champ Anthony Joshua, watch him in action and chat to his boxer mate Tony Bellew. (S1, ep 6) Also in HD 
00:30Brit Cops: Law & Disorder Documentary series charting the exploits of the City of London police, charged with safeguarding the Square Mile at the heart of the crime-ridden capital. (S4, ep 8) 
01:30Warrior John Chinaman Ah Sahm's fate lies in the hands of an unexpected ally when his actions earn him the cold shoulder from the Hop Wei. (S1, ep 3) Also in HD 
02:30Road Wars The Thames Valley Police provide a fascinating insight into car crime and its prevention. Plus, shocking video footage captures dangerous drivers in action. Strong language. (S6, ep 12) Also in HD 
03:30Motorway Patrol Documentary series from New Zealand following the madness and mayhem faced by intrepid officers as they pull over motorists for a variety of suspected offences. (S9, ep 4) 
04:00Babylon 5 Passing Through Gethsemane Lyta Alexander returns as Kosh's aide. One of the monks starts having terrifying visions. (S3, ep 4) 
05:00Stargate SG-1 Prisoners After helping a murderer, the SG-1 team is banished to a penal world where an unusual ruler holds the key to their return home. (S2, ep 3) 
06:00Monkey Life Chimp Seamus surprises staff by managing to control his wild side, and the newborn woolly monkey meets other members of its species for the first time. (S2, ep 13)