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Listings for Sky Movies Indie on Tuesday, November 20 2018

06:00Rage Film Johnny Simmons stars as a hot-prospect pitcher tormented by abusive dad Ethan Hawke. Baseball drama with Paul Giamatti as the sports therapist brought in to help. (2016)(84 mins) Also in HD 
07:40Cemetery Of Splendour Film Award-winning drama about a soldier who succumbs to a mysterious sleeping sickness and the two volunteer hospital workers who care for him. In Thai with English subtitles. (2015)(116 mins) Also in HD 
09:50Tanna Film Oscar-nominated romantic drama about a pair of star-crossed lovers who rebel against tribal tradition on a remote South Pacific island. Foreign language with subtitles. (2015)(100 mins) Also in HD 
11:40Grosse Pointe Blank Film Hitman John Cusack heads home to his school reunion. But can he hit on Minnie Driver before rival gunman Dan Aykroyd takes him out? Black comedy. Violence/strong language. (1997)(107 mins) Also in HD 
13:40Zorba The Greek Film Crete's most lovable rogue is befriended by an English writer. Oscar-winning drama with Anthony Quinn and Alan Bates. Moderate language/violence/sex/mono sound only. (1964)(136 mins) Also in HD 
16:10Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Film Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain) directs this powerful drama about a young private's surreal experience of swapping a war zone for a victory parade. (2016)(108 mins) Also in HD 
18:10Just Charlie Film Tender drama about a gifted young footballer whose future appears mapped out, until a long-held and closely guarded secret comes out into the open. Harry Gilby stars. (2017)(99 mins) Also in HD 
20:00A Fantastic Woman Film Oscar-winning drama with Daniela Vega as a young transgender singer whose life is thrown into turmoil following the sudden death of her partner. In Spanish with subtitles. (2017)(100 mins) Also in HD 
22:00Boys Don't Cry Film Moving to a new town, an Oscar-winning Hilary Swank hides a secret that could rip her life apart. True-life drama. Strong language/drug use/violence/sexual violence. (1999)(114 mins) Also in HD 
00:00Inglourious B*****ds Film It's war Tarantino style, as Brad Pitt leads a gang of Jewish soldiers on a mission to bump off Hitler. Contains strong language, violence and flashing images. (2009)(147 mins) Also in HD 
02:35The Wound (2017) Film Award-winning South African drama about a pampered city boy sent up into the mountains to take part in a traditional initiation ritual. Foreign language with subtitles. (2017)(85 mins) Also in HD 
04:10Tramontane Film A blind musician embarks on a journey of self-discovery when he learns that his true heritage has been kept from him. Award-winning drama. In Arabic with subtitles. (2016)(101 mins) Also in HD 
06:00Graduation Film Cristian Mungiu won Best Director at Cannes for this powerful drama about a doctor desperate for his daughter to land a prestigious scholarship. In Romanian with subtitles. (2016)(122 mins) Also in HD