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Listings for Sky Movies Drama on Saturday, June 22 2019

03:35Out Of Africa Film Plantation owner Meryl Streep falls head over heels for Robert Redford's big game hunter, in this heart-wrenching epic set in early 20th Century Kenya. (1985)(150 mins) Also in HD 
06:20Tommy's Honour Film Gifted young golfer Tommy Morris rejects the stuffy status quo and seeks to play the game on his own terms. True-life drama starring Peter Mullan and Dunkirk's Jack Lowden. (2016)(108 mins) Also in HD 
08:20The Escape (2017) Film Overworked and emotionally numb, housewife and mother Gemma Arterton makes a drastic decision in an effort to reclaim her life. British drama with Dominic Cooper. (2017)(98 mins) Also in HD 
10:05Walk The Line Film Joaquin Phoenix stars as country music legend Johnny Cash. Cracking biopic of the Man in Black with Oscar-winning backing from Reese Witherspoon. Contains mature themes. (2005)(136 mins) Also in HD 
12:25That Good Night Film An ailing writer contemplates his looming mortality while attempting to rebuild bridges with his estranged son. British drama starring John Hurt in his final role. (2017)(89 mins) Also in HD 
14:0528 Days Film Drama starring Sandra Bullock as a party girl forced to reconsider her lifestyle when she stumbles into rehab. Steve Buscemi co-stars. Contains mature themes. (2000)(100mins) Also in HD 
15:55Footloose (2011) Film Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough bring dance back to the masses, much to the horror of preacher dad Dennis Quaid. Fun reboot. Moderate violence/sex/drug references. (2011)(109 mins) Also in HD 
17:55Same Kind Of Different As Me Film Wealthy married couple Greg Kinnear and Renee Zellweger discover a renewed sense of purpose when they befriend homeless drifter Djimon Hounsou. (2017)(115 mins) Also in HD 
20:00Battle Of The Sexes Film Charming comedy-drama about the famed match between women's tennis star Billie Jean King (Emma Stone) and former male champ Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell). (2017)(117 mins) Also in HD 
22:05Ghost Film Patrick Swayze stars as a murdered banker whose ghost remains on Earth to protect girlfriend Demi Moore. Romance with Whoopi Goldberg. Contains strong language/sex/violence. (1990)(89 mins) Also in HD 
00:15Babel Film The accidental shooting of tourist Cate Blanchett in Morocco has a world-wide ripple effect. Drama with Brad Pitt. Contains strong language, sex and flashing images. (2006)(137 mins) Also in HD 
02:45My Friend Dahmer Film Chilling biopic exploring the troubled high-school years of notorious cannibalistic serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. With Anne Heche and Hereditary star Alex Wolff. (2017)(103 mins) Also in HD 
04:40Sabrina (1995) Film Romantic drama about a woman who captures the heart of a handsome, wealthy man whom she secretly loved as a girl. Starring Julia Ormond and Harrison Ford. (1995)(121 mins) Also in HD