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Listings for Sky Movies Crime Thriller on Friday, January 26 2018

05:05Angel Flight Down Film A child's life is at stake when an emergency flight crashes in the snowy wilderness. Adventure based on a true story with former Baywatch star David Charvet. (1996)(88 mins) 
06:45Collateral Damage Film Fireman Arnold Schwarzenegger wants revenge when Colombian terrorists kill his family. Blockbusting jungle action from the director of The Fugitive. (2002)(109 mins) Also in HD 
08:35Breakdown (2015) Film A hitman haunted by his violent past must protect his wife and teenage daughter from his ruthless employers. Strong language/violence/mature themes/flashing images. (2015)(106 mins) Also in HD 
10:30What Lies Beneath Film Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer discover that their beautiful lakeside home hides a shocking secret. Horror-thriller from Robert Zemeckis. Strong language/violence. (2000)(125 mins) Also in HD 
12:40Imperium Film Daniel Radcliffe stars as an undercover FBI agent tasked with infiltrating a neo-Nazi terrorist group. Tense true-life thriller with Toni Collette and Tracy Letts. (2016)(106 mins) Also in HD 
14:30Miami Vice Film Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx are the undercover cops running drugs out of Havana. The heat is on in Michael Mann's actioner. Strong language/violence/sex/flashing images. (2006)(127 mins) Also in HD 
16:45The Infiltrator Film Bryan Cranston stars as a chameleonic US agent who infiltrates the intricate criminal network of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. Drama with John Leguizamo and Diane Kruger. (2016)(122 mins) Also in HD 
18:55Escobar: Paradise Lost Film Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games) stars as a young surfer drawn into a murky world when he falls for the niece of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar (Benicio Del Toro). (2015)(115 mins) Also in HD 
21:00American Gangster Film Denzel Washington's drug dealer rises through the ranks of 70s Harlem, but cop Russell Crowe is determined to take him down. Strong language/sex/violence/flashing images. (2007)(150 mins) Also in HD 
23:40New Jack City Film Streetwise thriller. Cop Ice T goes undercover to nail druglord Wesley Snipes before Harlem is buried under an avalanche of crack cocaine. Chris Rock co-stars. (1991)(96 mins) Also in HD 
01:25The French Connection Film New York cops Gene Hackman and Roy Scheider face up to drug lord Fernando Rey as they struggle to break his narcotics operation. Strong language/violence/flashing images. (1971)(100 mins) Also in HD 
03:10The French Connection II Film After following a drug baron to Marseille, New York cop Gene Hackman discovers he's been set up. Gritty cop drama. Contains strong language and violence. (1975)(108 mins) Also in HD 
05:15Point Last Seen Film As tracker Linda Hamilton searches the desert for a missing girl, she's haunted by the disappearance of her own children, snatched by their violent dad. Drama. (1998)(86 mins)