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Listings for Sky Atlantic on Thursday, December 21 2017

06:00The West Wing Lord John Marbury As India prepares to invade the Pakistan-held Kashmir territory, Bartlet seeks the advice of an India expert. Violence/mature themes. (S1, ep 11) 
07:00The West Wing He Shall, From Time to Time Bartlet collapses while preparing for his State of the Union address, while Leo faces the press. Strong language/mature themes/flashing images. (S1, ep 12) 
08:00Without A Trace Friends and Neighbours Two neighbours are abducted from their homes, and the case takes an unexpected turn when the team discovers the abductor's identity. (S7, ep 14) 
09:00Without A Trace Chameleon When a man who was posing as a college student vanishes, the team uncovers his long history of deception. (S7, ep 15) 
10:00Without A Trace Skeletons A mother and her infant son vanish after the mother attends a self-defence class and the team must determine whether any foul play was involved. (S7, ep 16) 
11:00Without A Trace Voir Dire The team investigates when a trial consultant vanishes while working on a case. Meanwhile, Jack and Sam learn to adjust as Brian spends more time with Finn. (S7, ep 17) 
12:00Without A Trace Daylight When a psychologist disappears, the team thinks the man's brother might be involved. Elsewhere, Martin's relationship with Kim develops. (S7, ep 18) 
13:00Blue Bloods Worst Case Scenario After a series of bomb attacks at major cities worldwide, the Reagans receive tips that indicate a similar attack is due to hit New York. (S6, ep 1) 
14:00Blue Bloods All the News That's Fit to Click After a news reporter in NYPD gear is targeted by a shooter, Frank believes the gunman may be hunting cops. (S6, ep 3) 
15:00Blue Bloods With Friends Like These Erin's attempt to convict a mob boss runs into difficulty when her informant leaves witness protection. (S6, ep 4) 
16:00Blue Bloods Backstabbers Danny assists with a hunt for two escaped convicts after discovering he has a history with one of them. (S6, ep 5) 
17:00Blue Bloods Rush to Judgement Frank's long running feud with Reverend Potter spills out onto his family when Jamie is accused of police brutality. (S6, ep 6) 
18:00Blue Bloods The Bullitt Mustang Danny and Baez investigate a classic car theft when the Mustang driven by Steve McQueen in "Bullitt" is stolen. (S6, ep 7) 
19:00Blue Bloods Unsung Heroes A serial killer Danny has been unable to apprehend threatens his family, creating tension between him and Linda. (S6, ep 8) 
20:00David Attenborough: Micro Monsters Courtship Dating is just as tricky a business in the insect world, and Sir David Attenborough finds out how certain bugs choose and then woo their partners. (Ep 3 of 6) 
20:30David Attenborough: Micro Monsters Reproduction Sir David Attenborough reveals how different bugs usher in the next generation, including the butterfly and harvestman spider. (Ep 4 of 6) 
21:00New: The Tunnel: Vengeance New & Exclusive. A shocking discovery is made at an immigration removal centre alongside a sinister animation containing a hidden message. (S3, ep 2) 
22:00Game Of Thrones Fire and Blood Robb Robb Stark finds his destiny forever changed, while Catelyn confronts Jaime. Season finale. Strong language/violence/flashing images. (S1, ep 10) 
23:10Game Of Thrones The North Remembers Tyrant Joffrey makes life hell for Sansa, while in Dragonstone, a new pretender enters the fray. Violence/sex/mature themes/flashing images. (S2, ep 1) 
00:20Band Of Brothers Replacements A rest in England prepares Easy Co and their replacements for a mission. A brutal attack serves as a sobering initiation for the new recruits. Contains flashing images. (4/10) 
01:40The Tunnel: Vengeance New & Exclusive. A shocking discovery is made at an immigration removal centre alongside a sinister animation containing a hidden message. (S3, ep 2) 
02:40Blue Bloods Absolute Power Danny receives a threat from a potential serial killer, while Frank is in a difficult situation with a mayoral candidate. (S6, ep 2) 
03:30Arctic Peril Documentary following cold-water swimmer Lewis Pugh as he undertakes a 1km swim in Arctic waters to raise awareness of the catastrophic impact of human activity in the region. 
04:30Blue Bloods In the Box When Baez is held at gunpoint in an interrogation room, Danny must try to meet the hostage taker's demands before it's too late. (S5, ep 16) 
05:15Blue Bloods Occupational Hazards Erin worries she's in danger when her apartment is broken into and her colleague is attacked. Elsewhere, Jamie and Eddie discover a bomb. (S5, ep 17) 
06:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Bodies In Motion The CSI team investigate three separate cases involving a stripper, a trailer explosion and a pair of bodies found decomposing in the trunk of a car. (S6, ep 1)