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Listings for Sky Atlantic on Saturday, August 25 2018

06:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Poppin' Tags: The CSI team get involved in the underground world of urban culture when three teenagers are murdered during the promotion of a rap album. (S6, ep 20) 
07:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Rashomama A case involving the murder of a wealthy attorney at her son's wedding is complicated further when all the evidence is stolen, along with Nick's car. (S6, ep 21) 
08:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Time Of The Death When a seemingly rich young man is found dead, the CSIs discover that the victim was participating in a scheme which realises your fantasies for a weekend. (S6, ep 22) 
09:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Bang, Bang The CSIs must put their lives on the line to rescue a hostage when a murder suspect locks himself away in a busy Las Vegas casino. (S6, ep 23) 
10:00Cold Case Daniela When they receive a home movie in which a young woman is apparently shot and killed, Rush and Valens reopen an unsolved murder case from 1979. (S2, ep 3) 
11:00Cold Case The House Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison concert was broadcast to millions of inmates in the US. 36 years later Rush investigates the murder of an inmate right after the show. (S2, ep 4) 
12:00Cold Case Who's Your Daddy? Rush investigates the 1991 double murder of married illegal immigrants from Cambodia who were shot in their apartment and found by their young daughter. (S2, ep 5) 
13:00Without A Trace Maple Street The team investigate when a 13-year-old girl disappears on her way to school and the only clue is her discarded video camera. (S1, ep 11) 
14:00Without A Trace Underground Railroad Jack and his team search for a missing pregnant woman who has a medical condition that could lead to her death if she's not found within 24 hours. (S1, ep 12) 
15:00Without A Trace Hang On To Me A man who has been searching for his missing son for the last six years disappears, leaving his wedding ring and a mountain of debt behind. (S1, ep 13) 
16:00Without A Trace The Friendly Skies Jack and his team investigate the disappearance of a flight attendant who may have been having a relationship with a pilot. (S1, ep 14) 
17:00Without A Trace There Goes The Bride When a bride disappears at her own wedding, suspicion falls on the guests in attendance. The team also probe the newlyweds' relationship. (S1, ep 15) 
18:00David Attenborough's Kingdom Of... ...Plants. Life in the Wet Zone: David Attenborough explores The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, revealing the astonishing secret life of plants. (1 of 3) 
19:00David Attenborough's Kingdom Of... ...Plants. David Attenborough explores the secret life of plants at Kew, examining everything from a huge underground specimen to a snappy carnivorous variety. (2 of 3) 
20:00David Attenborough's Kingdom Of... ...Plants. David Attenborough concludes his absorbing journey around London's Kew Gardens, as he discovers how some plants have evolved to shed their dependency on water. (3 of 3) 
21:00Game Of Thrones Blackwater The Lannisters' grip on the throne hangs in the balance as Stannis launches an attack. Strong language/violence/sex/mature themes/flashing images. (S2, ep 9) 
22:10Game Of Thrones Valar Morghulis The second season of the epic fantasy drama concludes as the Starks, Baratheons and Lannisters clash. Strong language/violence/flashing images. (S2, ep 10) 
23:30Last Week Tonight With... ...John Oliver. New & Exclusive. The Emmy Award-winning John Oliver returns to deliver as much of the week's breaking news as he can emotionally handle. Strong language. (S5, ep 21) 
00:05Ballers New & Exclusive. Don't You Wanna Be Obama?: Spencer becomes immersed in a marketing controversy. Charles agrees to give Ricky a chance despite his better instincts. (S4, ep 2) 
00:40Insecure New & Exclusive. Familiar-Like: Issa and Kelli have a frank conversation about Issa's finances. Daniel eyes a possible industry connection. (S3, ep 2) 
01:15Sharp Objects New & Exclusive. Falling: Camille crosses a line. Adora takes pains to keep an ailing Amma under her roof and in her care. Contains adult themes. (S1, ep 7) 
02:20Ray Donovan Yo Soy Capitan Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight return for season two. Ray needs Mickey's help when the FBI start asking questions. Strong language & adult themes. (S2, ep 1) 
03:25Boardwalk Empire The Old Ship of Zion Agent Knox hits a critical turning point in his investigation into Nucky, while Chalky declares war on Dr Narcisse. Violence/mature themes/flashing images. (S4, ep 8) 
04:30David Attenborough: Micro Monsters Colony Before departing the insect world, Sir David Attenborough takes a tour of its vast colonies, which rival human megacities in both size and complexity. (Ep 6 of 6) 
05:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Spellbound Grissom and Greg clash over supernatural beliefs when a psychic is found dead after previously having visions relating to her own murder. (S6, ep 19) 
06:00Cold Case Daniela When they receive a home movie in which a young woman is apparently shot and killed, Rush and Valens reopen an unsolved murder case from 1979. (S2, ep 3)