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Listings for Scifi on Sunday, December 24 2017

06:00The Land That Time Forgot Film Landing on an island, a group of castaways think they are saved - until they discover that the island is home to dinosaurs and a German U-Boat crew. C Thomas Howell directs and stars. (2009) 
08:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:00The Librarians And the Dark Secret A sect within the Vatican finds a map showing where to find the four cornerstones of the original Library, threatening its successor. (S4 Ep1) 
12:00Tom's Midnight Garden Film A boy staying with his uncle finds a strange garden that only appears at night. (1999) 
14:00Tin Man When small town Kansas waitress DG is spirited away to the Outer Zone, the tyrannical sorceress Azkadellia attempts to hunt her down. (Ep1) 
15:50Tin Man DG continues to battle against the evil Azkadellia, as her search for her mother takes her on an ever more dangerous journey. (Ep2) 
17:40Tin Man Cain, Glitch, Raw and a mysterious dog rescue DG from Azkadellia. The gang make their way to Finaqua in search of the emerald. (Ep3) 
19:30The Captains Close Up Patrick Stewart A look back over Patrick Stewart's portrayal of Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation. (S1 Ep2) 
20:00The Librarians And the Christmas Thief Santa takes his first holiday in centuries, leaving his sleigh with the Librarians. But then Ezekiel's mother and Santa's brother get involved... (S4 Ep2) 
21:00In Time Film In a future where time is literally money, the rich can stay young forever while the poor are seldom more than 24 hours away from expiration. Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried star. (2011) 
23:10Disaster Movie Film Spoof in which, after a prophetic dream about the dawn of humanity, one man concludes that Earth is doomed. (2008) 
01:00Akira Film In a dystopian future Tokyo, a young biker gang become involved in an attempt to free an imprisoned psychic. (1988) 
03:30The Captains Close Up Kate Mulgrew William Shatner and Kate Mulgrew reflect on her time as Captain Kathryn Janeway, Star Trek's first female captain. (S1 Ep4) 
04:00Under the Mountain Film Telepathic twins and a powerful wizard team up to battle evil forces dwelling beneath New Zealand's volcanoes. (2009) 
06:00Ice Quake Film Beneath the Alaskan landscape, the melting permafrost is about to thaw, creating underground rivers of volatile liquid methane and causing a quake. (2010)