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Listings for Scifi on Sunday, December 10 2017

06:00Icetastrophe Film When an asteroid strikes the small town of Lennox, a rolling wave of ice crystals engulfs the town, threatening to freeze all human life in its wake. (2014) 
08:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:00The Librarians And the Infernal Contract Baird tries to help an old friend who has become embroiled in a Satanic scandal while running for mayor of a small town. (S2 Ep6) 
12:00The Librarians And the Image of Image A new nightclub that attracts the most vain people in town is at the centre of a series of mysterious accidents. Could Dorian Gray be behind it all? (S2 Ep7) 
13:00The Librarians And the Point of Salvation The Librarians journey to a high-tech research facility, only to discover that the staff have been turned into mindless, horrifying creatures. (S2 Ep8) 
14:00The Librarians And the Happily Ever Afters With the team trapped in their ideal lives and with no memory of their pasts, they must try to turn their backs on happiness to battle Prospero. (S2 Ep9) 
15:00The Librarians And the Final Curtain As Prospero wreaks havoc on technology and builds his forest utopia, Flynn and Baird learn the secret to stop him is hidden in the past. (S2 Ep10) 
16:00The Librarians And the Rise of Chaos When the Egyptian God of Chaos inhabits a human and tries to release pure evil into the world, the Librarians must decipher clues in a science museum. (S3 Ep1) 
17:00The Librarians And the Fangs of Death Flynn leads the others on a rescue mission, which leads them into a subterranean trap filled with ancient Egyptian werewolves. (S3 Ep2) 
18:00The Librarians And the Reunion of Evil An artifact retrieval gets complicated when it grafts itself to Cassandra. A blizzard forces Stone and Cassandra to take shelter at a strange hotel. (S3 Ep3) 
19:00The Librarians And the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy After seeing a vision of her own death at the hands of a supernatural assassin, Baird attempts to stop the deadly prophecy from coming true. (S3 Ep4) 
20:00The Librarians And The Tears of a Clown: The Librarians investigate a mysterious traveling carnival and discover how dangerous their collection of magical artifacts could be. (S3 Ep5) 
21:00The Librarians And the Trial of the Triangle With pure evil spreading, the team must tackle the enigma of the Bermuda Triangle and find the Eye of Ra. Flynn faces a series of challenges. (S3 Ep6) 
22:00The Librarians And the Curse of Cindy The Librarians investigate when hundreds of people in an east coast town join a cult. However, Flynn falls under the spell of its charismatic leader. (S3 Ep7) 
23:00The Librarians And the Eternal Question A case of spontaneous human combustion and a health spa run by day-walking vampires appear to be connected. Cassandra fears she has only days to live. (S3 Ep8) 
00:00The Librarians And the Fatal Separation The Librarians have just hours to save the magical city of Shangri-La from a permanent descent into evil when it is invaded and its leader imprisoned. (S3 Ep9) 
01:00The Librarians And the Wrath of Chaos Flynn and Jenkins are alone at the library when armed agents from D.O.S.A descend - can they hold them off until help arrives? (S3 Ep10) 
02:00Inanimate Film A college research trip aboard a trawler goes horribly wrong when they haul in strange wreckage and come under attack from monstrous creatures. Lance Henriksen stars. (2015) 
04:00Grimm's Snow White Film The beautiful Snow White flees into an enchanted forest when the ruthless Queen Gwendolyn plots to have her killed. Fantasy drama with Eliza Bennett. (2012) 
06:00The Librarians And the Happily Ever Afters With the team trapped in their ideal lives and with no memory of their pasts, they must try to turn their backs on happiness to battle Prospero. (S2 Ep9)