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Listings for Scifi on Saturday, February 22 2020

06:00Alien Siege Film An alien spacecraft appears over Washington, and only the residents of a small town can save the President from its complement of soldiers. (2018) 
08:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:00Age of Dinosaurs Film A biotech firm in Los Angeles creates a set of dinosaurs, but when they escape a former firefighter must rescue his daughter from the chaos. (2013) 
13:00Battle of Los Angeles Film Seventy years after US forces spotted an unidentified flying object hovering above Los Angeles, the alien invaders return to finish what they started. (2011) 
15:00Tomb Invader Film Students follow a trail of clues to an ancient jungle tomb, where artefacts may help solve the mystery of a missing relative. (2018) 
16:50The Shadow Film With the power to cloud men's minds, vigilante Lamont Cranston attempts to stop his nemesis from building an atomic bomb. Alec Baldwin stars. (1994) 
19:00Marvel's Runaways Left-Hand Path Karolina saves Molly, but Morgan foils attempts to spread the word about the danger. Nico rescues Tina and tries to retrieve the Darkhold. (S3 Ep7) 
20:00Blood & Treasure Return of the Queen Roarke retrieves the documents from Gwen. Danny and Lexi head to a remote Caribbean island. (S1 Ep10) 
21:00Doom Film Marines investigating trouble at a Mars base find themselves under attack from horrifically mutated creatures. Stars Dwayne Johnson, Karl Urban and Rosamund Pike. (2005) 
23:10The Babadook Film A widow and her son find life becomes even tougher when they are plagued by a sinister children's book. (2014) 
01:10Navy Seals vs Zombies Film A US special forces team must take on an outbreak of the undead in Louisiana to rescue the Vice-President. (2015) 
03:10Midnight, Texas No More Mr. Nice Kai: The supernatural inhabitants of a small town try to maintain their fragile haven. (S2 Ep6) 
04:00Merlin and the War of the Dragons Film Before the legendary King Arthur, a young Merlin must decide the fate of the land when it is ravaged by the arrival of fire-breathing dragons. (2008) 
06:00Meteor Apocalypse Film In the aftermath of a bombardment by fragments of a comet, a plague further afflicts those who survived the initial catastrophe. With Claudia Christian. (2010)