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Listings for Scifi on Saturday, December 16 2017

06:00Meteor Apocalypse Film In the aftermath of a bombardment by fragments of a comet, a plague further afflicts those who survived the initial catastrophe. With Claudia Christian. (2010) 
08:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:00The Librarian: Return to King... Film ...Solomon's Mines. Flynn Carsen, the librarian-turned-adventurer in charge of a collection of legendary artefacts, embarks on a mission to locate King Solomon's Mines. (2006) 
13:00Son of the Dragon Part One Epic retelling of The Thief of Bagdad, relocated to ancient China. Street criminal DB and his partner Bird plan to steal the royal court's jewels. (S1 Ep1) 
14:50Son of the Dragon Part Two Epic retelling of The Thief of Bagdad, relocated to ancient China. DB finds himself caught between Princess Li Wei and her lady-in-waiting. (S1 Ep2) 
17:00The Librarian: The Curse of the... Film ...Judas Chalice: Swashbuckling librarian Flynn Carsen battles to safeguard the Judas Chalice, an artefact capable of resurrecting long-dead vampires. (2008) 
19:00The Land That Time Forgot Film Landing on an island, a group of castaways think they are saved - until they discover that the island is home to dinosaurs and a German U-Boat crew. C Thomas Howell directs and stars. (2009) 
21:00Shaolin Soccer Film Shaolin monks use their mystical skills to win easily on the football field, until they meet a team of technologically augmented superhumans. (2001) 
22:50The Skeleton Key Film A hospice nurse working at a spooky New Orleans plantation home finds herself entangled in a mystery involving the house's dark past. With Kate Hudson, Gena Rowlands, John Hurt. (2005) 
00:50The Exorcist Ritual and Repetition Tomas fights the demon for Andy's soul. Rose and Marcus try to get the other children to safety, but a storm threatens their plans. (S2 Ep9) 
02:00Done the Impossible:... Film ...The Fans' Tale of Firefly and Serenity: The story of the short-lived SF series and its devoted fanbase the Browncoats, featuring interviews with creator, cast and crew as well as devotees. 
04:00Tornado Warning Film A meteorologist invents a tornado warning device, only to find that nobody believes him when he discovers that a huge twister is on its way. (2002) 
06:00Weather Wars Film A series of freak storms around Washington DC reunites two estranged brothers who discover that their scientist father is manipulating the weather. (2011)