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Listings for Scifi on Wednesday, March 21 2018

06:00Buffy the Vampire Slayer I Was Made to Love You The gang come across a robot who acts just like a real woman - in this case a woman called April who is Warren's girlfriend. (S5 Ep15) 
07:00Buffy the Vampire Slayer The Body The Scooby gang suffer a terrible loss that affects them all in different ways. (S5 Ep16) 
08:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:00Star Trek: The Next Generation New Ground When Worf's mother tells him that his son's Earth parents can no longer care for him, Worf tries to be a father to his child. (S5 Ep10) 
12:00Star Trek: The Next Generation Hero Worship When a Starfleet ship crashes inside a thick, black cloud, Data attempts to coax the traumatised young sole survivor into revealing what happened. (S5 Ep11) 
13:00Merlin The Eye of the Phoenix Arthur must journey alone to seek out an ancient magician and retrieve a golden trident to prove his right to the throne. (S3 Ep8) 
14:00American Warships Film When Earth is attacked by a fleet of mysterious alien ships, only the crew of the USS Iowa can prevent a global catastrophe. With Mario Van Peebles, Carl Weathers. (2012) 
16:00Buffy the Vampire Slayer Forever Buffy organises her mother's funeral, and after the service she meets Angel. Dawn becomes obsessed with bringing her mother back to life. (S5 Ep17) 
17:00Buffy the Vampire Slayer Intervention Buffy wants to take a break from her vampire-slaying duties. Giles persuades her that going on a vision quest in the desert will help. (S5 Ep18) 
18:00Star Trek: The Next Generation Violations The Enterprise hosts a party of mind specialists who telepathically retrieve distant memories. However, one of them sends Troi and Riker into a coma. (S5 Ep12) 
19:00Star Trek: The Next Generation The Masterpiece Society The Enterprise goes on a mission to warn a human colony of a potential disaster as a massive stellar fragment threatens to destroy planet Moab 4. (S5 Ep13) 
20:00Merlin Love in the Time of Dragons A healer is in Camelot, using magic to heal the sick, and Gaius quickly realises it is Alice, a woman from his past. (S3 Ep9) 
21:00Superhero Movie Film Spoof in which an embarrassing accident sees a schoolboy gain powers after he's bitten by a radioactive dragonfly. (2008) 
22:50Disaster Movie Film Spoof in which, after a prophetic dream about the dawn of humanity, one man concludes that Earth is doomed. With Carmen Electra. (2008) 
00:40Killjoys The Wolf You Feed Dutch goes rogue, undergoing a risky operation to enable her to access Aneela's memories and thus discover her origins. (S3 Ep7) 
01:40Haven Exposure Audrey struggles to get in touch with Nathan so asks an old friend to help out. Elsewhere, the origin of Dave's injury is in danger of discovery. (S5 Ep8) 
02:40Bitten Prodigal Elena arrives at Stonehaven, and her past with fellow werewolf Clay intrudes. Human boyfriend Philip meets Pack member Logan; will he learn too much? (S1 Ep2) 
03:40The Captains Close Up Avery Brooks William Shatner takes us on a retrospective exploration of Avery Brooks's Captain Benjamin Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. (S1 Ep3) 
04:10Mega Shark Vs. Kolossus Film Humanity is threatened with annihilation when a giant doomsday device is accidentally awakened at the same time that another mega shark attacks. (2015) 
06:00Buffy the Vampire Slayer Forever Buffy organises her mother's funeral, and after the service she meets Angel. Dawn becomes obsessed with bringing her mother back to life. (S5 Ep17)