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Listings for Scifi on Thursday, November 23 2017

06:00Star Trek: The Next Generation Eye of the Beholder A suicide on the Enterprise leaves the crew stunned by the loss. Meanwhile, Deanna and Worf begin to form a relationship. (S7 Ep18) 
07:00Star Trek: The Next Generation Genesis Picard and Data brave going into an asteroid field when a new torpedo's guidance system malfunctions. Meanwhile, the crew begin to act strangely. (S7 Ep19) 
08:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:00Star Trek: The Next Generation Journey's End When the Federation gives the Cardassians access to a planet inhabited by Native American Indians, Picard has the unenviable task of relocating them. (S7 Ep20) 
12:00Merlin The Fires of Idirsholas Arthur and Merlin confront the Knights of Medhir, risking their lives in the battle. But when they return to Camelot, another threat arises. (S2 Ep12) 
13:00Merlin The Last Dragonlord When the Great Dragon attacks Camelot, Merlin must go on an epic journey to find the one man who can defeat the monster. (S2 Ep13) 
14:00Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus Film Two monstrous prehistoric creatures of the sea terrorise the Californian coast while battling for dominion over their watery territory. 
16:00Star Trek: The Next Generation Firstborn Alexander must face his first rite of ascension initiation, during which a warrior named K'Mtar has a disturbing request for him. (S7 Ep21) 
17:00Star Trek: The Next Generation Bloodlines Captain Picard battles to rescue his son from a vengeful Ferengi whose own son was killed by Picard during the Battle of Maxia. (S7 Ep22) 
18:00Star Trek: The Next Generation Emergence The computer systems on board the Enterprise begin experiencing repeated malfunctions, leading the crew to suspect that the ship itself may be evolving. (S7 Ep23) 
19:00Merlin The Tears of Uther Pendragon - Part 1: Morgana returns after having gone missing for a year, but Merlin doesn't trust his former friend. Has she changed for good? (S3 Ep1) 
20:00Merlin The Tears of Uther Pendragon - Part 2: Arthur is forced to defend Camelot from another dangerous attack, as Morgana and Morgause step up their plan to take control of the kingdom. (S3 Ep2) 
21:00The Jackal Film A convicted IRA sniper is recruited by the authorities in an attempt to catch a seemingly unstoppable assassin. (1997) 
23:30Needful Things Film Leland Gaunt opens a new shop in Castle Rock, which seems to have something for everyone at affordable prices - though buyers also owe him a favour... Max von Sydow and Ed Harris star. (1993) 
02:00Bitten Vengeance Having learned that former Pack enforcer Jimmy Koenig has been hired to kill them, Jeremy explains to Nick why this is such bad news. (S1 Ep9) 
03:0012 Monkeys Bodies of Water On the run in the present day, Railly and Jennifer seek the next clue to the conspiracy. In 2044, Cole and Ramse are at loggerheads with Deacon. (S2 Ep5) 
04:00Star Trek: Voyager Coda Janeway and Chakotay are trapped together in a time loop, and in each scenario Janeway must face her own death. (S3 Ep15) 
05:00Star Trek: Voyager Blood Fever Vorik must take part in the Vulcan mating tradition - Pon farr. B'Elanna is affected by the chemical output, causing her to react irrationally. (S3 Ep16) 
06:00Star Trek: The Next Generation Firstborn Alexander must face his first rite of ascension initiation, during which a warrior named K'Mtar has a disturbing request for him. (S7 Ep21)