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Listings for Scifi on Tuesday, May 22 2018

06:00CSI: Miami Vengeance A former high school football star is murdered at a reunion. But which of his former classmates held a decade-old grudge big enough to kill? (S3 Ep23) 
07:00CSI: Miami 10-7 Horatio's brother Raymond unexpectedly emerges from deep undercover, and the pair must work together to save Raymond's kidnapped son. (S3 Ep25) 
08:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:00Star Trek: Voyager Resolutions Captain Janeway and Chakotay both catch a nasty disease, and are forced into quarantine on a planet with apparent healing qualities. (S2 Ep25) 
12:00Star Trek: Voyager Basics, Part One The crew are put in danger when the Kazon capture Voyager, and leave the majority of the crew for dead on an uninhabited planet. (S2 Ep26) 
13:00Atlantis The Song of the Sirens In a bid to win Medusa's heart, Hercules seeks the help of the witch, Circe - but it soon becomes clear that her intervention could end in tragedy. (S1 Ep6) 
14:00Lavalantula Film An ancient volcano erupts in the Santa Monica mountains, spewing out gigantic fire-breathing spiders that wreak havoc on Los Angeles. Steve Guttenberg stars. (2015) 
16:00Buffy the Vampire Slayer I Only Have Eyes For You Sunnydale High proves more dangerous than ever as the ghost of a student who killed his sweetheart and then committed suicide haunts the halls. (S2 Ep19) 
17:00Buffy the Vampire Slayer Go Fish When several members of the Sunnydale High swimming team are mysteriously skinned alive, Buffy and the gang must protect the remaining members. (S2 Ep20) 
18:00Star Trek: The Next Generation Datalore An android duplicate of Data has devised a fiendish plan which could result in disaster for the crew members on board the Enterprise. (S1 Ep13) 
19:00Star Trek: The Next Generation Angel One As they strive to rescue male fugitives from a planet where women are in charge, the Enterprise's crew is subject to a contagious virus. (S1 Ep14) 
20:00Atlantis The Rules of Engagement Having learnt of Ariadne's betrothal to Heptarian, a heartbroken Jason takes part in a savage fighting tournament, with his rival among his opponents. (S1 Ep7) 
21:00Mission to Mars Film When the first ever manned journey to Mars goes wrong, a second team has to be sent up to the red planet - this time to carry out a rescue mission. (2000) 
23:30Universal Soldier II:... Film ...Brothers in Arms. Mercenaries and the CIA use the cash-strapped Universal Soldier programme in the illicit diamond trade. With Gary Busey. (1998) 
01:30Atlantis The Rules of Engagement Having learnt of Ariadne's betrothal to Heptarian, a heartbroken Jason takes part in a savage fighting tournament, with his rival among his opponents. (S1 Ep7) 
02:30Hunters Kissing the Machine With Regan held captive, Musa explains the origin of the Hunters. The ETU mole's identity is revealed. (S1 Ep7) 
03:30The Captains Close Up Kate Mulgrew William Shatner and Kate Mulgrew reflect on her time as Captain Kathryn Janeway, Star Trek's first female captain. (S1 Ep4) 
04:00Impact Earth Film An asteroid tracker's terrible reputation means nobody will heed his warnings of a collision that will devastate Earth. Can he save his family? (2015) 
06:00CSI: Miami Blood Brothers The team investigates the murder of a model. But although evidence leads to a suspect, red tape puts an unexpected twist on proceedings. (S2 Ep1)