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Listings for Paramount on Monday, August 20 2018

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
08:00My Wife And Kids Quality Time Janet interrupts Michael's video game so they can spend quality time together. After a romantic dinner, Michael returns to his game and Jay takes it as a bad sign... (S2, E13) 
08:35My Wife And Kids Get Out Michael is on a mission - to get his notoriously late family dressed and ready to go to a wedding in 15 minutes. (S2, E14) 
09:00The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Hilary Gets a Job Hilary gets a job on television as a weathergirl and finds herself attracted to the anchorman, Trevor Collins. (S3, E04) 
09:30The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Mama's Baby, Carlton's Maybe Carlton prepares for a dinner with his ex Cindy (Lark Voorhees - Lisa in 'Saved By The Bell'), but when she arrives with a new-born baby the family is stunned. (S3, E05) 
10:00Scrubs My Butterfly In a unique episode, the path of a butterfly is the deciding factor in the fate of the staff, as Turk searches for his missing lucky rag & Elliot hunts for her patient's toy. (S3, E16) 
10:30Scrubs My Moment of Un-Truth The return of an old colleague leads Carla to question her feelings for Turk. The Janitor dresses up as his "twin" brother, Roscoe, to try and trick J.D. and Turk. (S3, E17) 
11:00Friends: Season 10 The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss Ross and Joey both try to confess to each other about their new relationships with Charlie and Rachel. However, only one of them comes clean... (S10, E01) 
11:30Friends: Season 10 The One Where Ross is Fine Rachel, Joey and Charlie attend a dinner party at Ross' apartment, but they fear for his state of mind when he overindulges in wine, song and laughter. (S10, E02) 
12:00Friends: Season 10 The One With Ross's Tan Ross goes to a tanning salon but fails to follow the "simple" instructions. Meanwhile, Rachel and Joey struggle to make the transition from friends to lovers. (S10, E03) 
12:30Friends: Season 10 The One With the Cake On Emma's first birthday, Rachel convinces everyone to delay their plans so they can attend her party but plans go awry when a promiscuous birthday cake arrives... (S10, E04) 
13:00Gilmore Girls Written in the Stars Luke and Lorelai enjoy their first official date where Luke tells her he's all in for them. Their new relationship is the basis for the next town hall meeting. (S5, E03) 
14:00Friends: Season 10 The One Where Estelle Dies Joey is so upset by all of the change in his friends' lives that Phoebe goes to extreme lengths to prevent him from learning about the sudden death of his agent. (S10, E15) 
14:30Friends: Season 10 The One With Rachel's Going Away Party At Rachel's going away party, she gives each of the friends, except Ross, an individual goodbye, leaving Ross confused and hurt as to why. (S10, E16) 
15:00Friends: Season 10 The Last One After their reunion in the previous episode, Rachel tells Ross that it was 'the perfect way to say goodbye' - then he realises that he's still in love with her. (S10, E17) 
16:00Impractical Jokers: Season 6 The Jokers review clips of four Joker vs. Joker challenges. The challenges include competing to have their baseball team mascots approved and presenting their ridiculous book ideas. (S6, E05) 
16:30Impractical Jokers: Season 6 The guys must do what they are told while getting massages, reveal some uncomfortable thoughts to strangers in the park, and obey tasks given to them on a slot machine. (S6, E07) 
17:00Friends: Season 1 The One Where It All Began After Rachel leaves her fiancÚ at the altar, she moves in with Monica and finds that life isn't so easy without Daddy's credit cards. (S1, E01) 
17:30Friends: Season 1 The One With The Sonogram At The End Ross's lesbian ex-wife is pregnant with his child, and he doesn't like her choice of a last name for the baby. (S1, E02) 
18:00Friends: Season 1 The One With The Thumb A soda company gives Phoebe $7,000 after she finds a dismembered thumb in a can of soda. Meanwhile, Chandler is smoking again, to his friends' dismay. (S1, E03) 
18:30Friends: Season 1 The One With George Stephanopoulos When Ross mourns the anniversary of losing his virginity to Carol, the boys convince him to go to a hockey game which leads to an unfortunate incident. (S1, E04) 
19:00Friends: Season 1 The One With The East German Laundry Detergent Ross helps Rachel do laundry and considers the evening a first date. Meanwhile, Joey has Monica pose as his new girlfriend. (S1, E05) 
19:30Friends: Season 1 The One With The Butt Joey gets his big film break when he's hired to be Al Pacino's stunt butt. Meanwhile, Chandler has a relationship with all the "fun" but none of the responsibility. (S1, E06) 
20:00Friends: Season 1 The One With The Blackout When New York has a blackout, the gang return to the girls' apartment, where Ross tries to tell Rachel he likes her. (S1, E07) 
20:30Friends: Season 1 The One Where Nana Dies Twice Monica and Ross mourn the death of their grandmother. Meanwhile, Chandler questions his sexuality after his work colleagues set him up on a date with a man. (S1, E08) 
21:00New: Russell Howard's Good News Russell Howard takes a cheeky trawl through the news. Tonight features government surveillance in the UK, plotting cats, and stressed out seven-year-olds. (S10, E04) 
21:30Russell Howard's Stand Up Central Russell reads from 50 Shades of Grey in many accents, and answers questions on university, ghosts, and milking a cow. His guests are Doc Brown and Paul McCaffery. (S1, E04) 
22:00New: Impractical Jokers The guys go to Top of the Rock for some awkward interactions, and play a game of "Did They Deserve That?" at a bagel shop. This week's punishment involves minimal clothing and the cold. (S11, E01) 
22:30New: Impractical Jokers: Inside... ...Jokes. How exactly did Q's cats inspire a challenge? What does Joe do every morning before work? And where was Q employed before becoming a fireman? (S2, E13) 
23:00New: Trickheads A gang of five magicians dream up ridiculous challenges to stitch up, embarrass and cause chaos for each other, whilst they perform tricks on unsuspecting members of the public. 
23:30Impractical Jokers Anatomy of a Challenge: In this special Q, Sal, Joe and Murr break down how to succeed in each challenge and how to make each other trip up and lose. 
00:00RuPaul's Drag Race The queens must create fairytale drag princesses, and transform themselves into sassy sidekicks. With guest judges Todrick Hall and Cheyenne Jackson (American Horror Story). (S9, E03) 
01:00The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Hilary Gets a Job Hilary gets a job on television as a weathergirl and finds herself attracted to the anchorman, Trevor Collins. (S3, E04) 
01:30The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Mama's Baby, Carlton's Maybe Carlton prepares for a dinner with his ex Cindy (Lark Voorhees - Lisa in 'Saved By The Bell'), but when she arrives with a new-born baby the family is stunned. (S3, E05) 
02:00South Park Member Berries Only a reboot of the National Anthem can save America - can the man who saved Star Wars do it? Meanwhile, Randy is enraged by politics and Cartman takes on sexist trolls. (S20, E01) 
02:30South Park Skank Hunt Stan, Kyle, and Kenny decide to take down Cartman, whom they believe to be the Internet troll. Meanwhile, the real troll (Kyle's dad!) begins to spread his trolling globally. (S20, E02) 
03:00South Park The Damned Cartman's disappearance from Twitter results in a police investigation, Skankhunt42 continues his ways, and Mr Garrison (douche) goes head-to-head with Hillary Clinton (turd). (S20, E03) 
03:25South Park Wieners Out Kyle attempts to bring the feud between the boys and girls to an end, but can he succeed? Meanwhile Gerald feels the pressure of his trolling and makes some surprising friends. (S20, E04) 
03:50The Cleveland Show Wide World of Cleveland Show Cleveland hosts a special episode showing what The Cleveland Show is like in different parts of the world. (S4, E08) 
04:15Malcolm In The Middle Lois' Makeover: Lois is mortified when she learns that she performed poorly in a secret-shopper performance review, Hal beats the boys at basketball, and Francis has to deal with rats. (S3, E10) 
04:35Malcolm In The Middle Company Picnic (part 1): The family go to Hal's work picnic. Hal tries to avoid meeting the new boss but gets mistaken for him! Christina Ricci, Susan Sarandon, and Heidi Klum guest star. (S3, E11) 
05:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.