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Listings for Paramount on Monday, January 27 2020

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
08:00Will & Grace I Do, Oh, No, You Di-in't (Part 1): Opting to forego a picturesque fall wedding and elope in Las Vegas, Karen hops a plane to "sin city" with fiancÚ Lyle and faithful friends Will and Jack. (S6, E23) 
08:35Will & Grace I Do, Oh, No, You Di-in't (Part 2): Opting to forego a picturesque fall wedding and elope in Las Vegas, Karen hops a plane to "sin city" with fiancÚ Lyle and faithful friends Will and Jack. (S6, E24) 
08:55The U.S. Office The Fight Michael and Dwight get in an argument about which of them could beat the other in a fight. They decide to settle this by having a showdown at a local dojo. (S2, E06) 
09:30The U.S. Office The Client Michael and the Vice President of Northeast Sales, Jan Levinson, meet an important client. Michael angers Jan with his antics and refusal to talk business. (S2, E07) 
10:00My Name Is Earl Van Hickey Earl has to get his old band back together to take care of an elderly man on his list. But it only brings out a nasty secret which ultimately forces Earl to marry Ralph's mom. (S2, E05) 
10:30My Name Is Earl Made a Lady Think I Was God Earl wants to make amends to an angry trailer park manager (Roseanne Barr) for playing a trick on her - but it caused her to change her life for the better. (S2, E06) 
11:00Impractical Jokers Hidden camera practical joke show. The guys reveal strange devices to focus groups, try to use people as pillows and try to persuade grocery shoppers not to purchase the items they want. (S3, E08) 
11:30Impractical Jokers Hidden camera practical joke show. The guys try to convince people of the existence of obscure places, pick their "poison" in a park and try to find a house sitter despite the other guys. (S3, E09) 
12:00Friends The One With The Dirty Girl Ross's new girlfriend seems nearly perfect until he discovers that her apartment is incredibly dirty. Chandler becomes more familiar with Joey's girlfriend. (S4, E06) 
12:30Friends The One Where Chandler Crosses The Line Chandler is guilt-ridden after kissing Kathy. Ross starts playing the keyboard again and everyone apart from Phoebe thinks he's terrible. (S4, E07) 
13:00Friends The One With Chandler In A Box On Thanksgiving, Joey punishes Chandler for kissing Kathy and Monica gets a surprise when she visits an eye doctor who turns out to be Richard's son. (S4, E08) 
13:30Friends The One Where They're Going To Party! The guys try to be spontaneous and wild and Monica must decide between a steady job as head chef of a restaurant or her catering business with Phoebe. (S4, E09) 
14:00Friends The One With The Embryos Phoebe undergoes an embryo transplant and becomes pregnant. Meanwhile, a simple challenge escalates into a full blown contest between the guys and the girls. (S4, E12) 
14:30Friends The One With Rachel's Crush Chandler has a hard time handling Kathy's new role in a play, in which she pretends to have sex with a handsome man, whilst Rachel is attracted to a customer. (S4, E13) 
15:00Friends The One With Joey's Dirty Day Joey has no time to shower after he comes home from a three-day fishing trip and has to head out to the set of Charlton Heston's new movie. (S4, E14) 
15:30Friends The One With All The Rugby Chandler runs into Janice, now divorced, and finds her more irritating than ever. Meanwhile, Ross plays rugby in an attempt to impress Emily. (S4, E15) 
16:00My Name Is Earl Mailbox Earl promises to help a man from the trailer park win the girl of his dreams (Jenny McCarthy), but he falls for her instead. And Joy gets mad at Darnell... (S2, E07) 
16:30My Name Is Earl Robbed a Stoner Blind After Earl and Randy attempt to make amends with a former drug addict (Christian Slater), Earl joins him for a week at a commune and tries to prevent global warming. (S2, E08) 
17:00Friends The One With The Inappropriate Sister A bored Ross creates havoc in Joey and Chandler's lives, whilst Rachel is disturbed by her date's inappropriate relationship with his sister. (S5, E10) 
17:30Friends The One With All The Resolutions The friends all make New Year's resolutions, but Rachel's resolution to stop gossiping is becoming the hardest to keep. (S5, E11) 
18:00Friends The One With Chandler's Work Laugh When Ross discovers that Emily is getting remarried, he hits a new low by sleeping with one of Chandler's old flames...Janice! (S5, E12) 
18:30Friends The One With Joey's Bag Phoebe meets her infamous father at her grandmother's funeral. Meanwhile, Chandler discovers that Monica gives terrible massages. (S5, E13) 
19:00Friends The One Where Everybody Finds Out Ross rents an apartment with a window facing Monica and Rachel's place. While checking out the apartment, Phoebe sees Monica and Chandler having sex. (S5, E14) 
19:30Friends The One With The Girl Who Hits Joey Joey's girlfriend likes to punch him and Ross alienates his new neighbours when he refuses to contribute to the retirement donation for the janitor. (S5, E15) 
20:00Friends The One With The Cop After Phoebe finds a police badge, she uses it to do good deeds. That is until she meets the policeman who lost it. (S5, E16) 
20:30Friends The One With Rachel's Inadvertent Kiss Rachel accidentally kisses the man interviewing her for a job. Meanwhile, Joey becomes obsessed with a woman living in Ross's apartment building. (S5, E17) 
21:00Michael McIntyre: Hello Wembley! Recorded at Wembley Arena during Michael McIntyre's sell-out UK tour, Hello Wembley! features Michael's unique and hilarious take on parenting, supermarkets and everyday life. 
22:00New: Roast Battle Hosted by Jimmy Carr, with guest judge Big Narstie plus Katherine Ryan. Featuring "Made in Chelsea"'s Jamie Laing vs. fellow posh boy Ivo Graham, and Joe Sutherland vs. Sophie Duker. (S4, E02) 
22:30Peter Kay At The Comedy Store How does Bob Marley like his donuts? With Jam in! There's more where that came from! Plus, taxi drivers, technology, Brits away and why we're a country of mimers in this epic Comedy Store from Mr Kay. 
23:00New: The Mick The Invention When Mickey finds out that Ben takes medication to keep him focused, she is determined to prove that he can function perfectly well without it. (S2, E05) 
23:30New: The Mick The Matriarch Mickey and the kids go to their great grandmother Rita Pemberton's 100th birthday celebration at her huge mansion. (S2, E06) 
00:00The U.S. Office The Dundies Michael announces that it is time for the annual "Dundies", and everyone is placing their bets that this year's award show will be the worst yet with Michael as the emcee. (S2, E01) 
00:30The U.S. Office Sexual Harassment Corporate headquarters orders Human Resources representative Toby Flenderson to conduct a review at the Scranton branch of the company's sexual harassment policies. (S2, E02) 
01:00The U.S. Office Office Olympics Michael and Dwight leave to close a deal on Michael's new condominium. Michael becomes stressed when he realizes how long he will be paying for his condo. (S2, E03) 
01:30The U.S. Office The Fire A fire in the office leads the employees to evacuate the building. To pass the time, the employees play games and learn more about each other. Amy Adams guest stars. (S2, E04) 
02:00South Park My Future Self 'n' Me: After meeting his failed self from the future, Stan decides to avoid drink and drugs - but why does Butters also have a good-for-nothing future self staying with him? (S6, E16) 
02:30South Park Red Sleigh Down Cartman's 'naughty or nice' accountant informs him that he has been too bad to earn his Christmas gift. All aboard Mr Hankey's Poo-Choo train for a trip to the North Pole! (S6, E17) 
03:00South Park Cancelled The boys get a sense of deja vu as Cartman again has an anal probe, but they soon realise they're actually stuck in some kind of re-run - Earth is just a reality show for aliens! (S7, E01) 
03:25South Park Krazy K******s Christopher Reeve arrives in town and Jimmy & Timmy aren't happy with the attention he gets. They form a club called "The Crips" - unaware of the gang that shares the name! (S7, E02) 
03:50South Park Toilet Paper Mrs. Dreibel gives the boys detention for making a phallus out of clay in art class. Angry, they take revenge by toilet papering her house. Officer Barbrady is on their trail. (S7, E03) 
04:15Takeshi's Castle One hundred contestants are gearing up in an attempt to storm Takeshi's Castle. Taking on the super slippery Wet Paint, they'll have to prove they've got what it takes to defeat the guards. (S3, E01) 
04:35Takeshi's Castle Prepare for thrills, spills and a whole load of soggy shorts as they encounter Flying Mushroom and Stepping Stone. (S3, E02) 
05:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.