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Listings for Paramount on Sunday, July 15 2018

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
08:00Most Ridiculous Pets The strangest viral clip show on television returns and, this time pets to get the Most Ridiculous treatment, everything from brainless budgies to rebellious rabbits. (S2, E13) 
08:35Most Ridiculous Dumbest Ever The weirdest viral clip show around returns and, this time, we go epic for the dumbest ever Most Ridiculous. All hail the Kings & Queens of dumb! (S2, E14) 
09:00Scrubs My First Day (Pilot): It's John "J.D." Dorian's first day as an intern at Sacred Heart Hospital and he soon learns that his medical training hasn't prepared him for the real thing. (S1, E01) 
09:30Scrubs My Mentor J.D. struggles with a patient who refuses to quit smoking. Meanwhile, Turk desperately tries to impress Carla with some machismo in a bid to gain a date with her. (S1, E02) 
10:00Scrubs My Best Friend's Mistake J.D. has 48 hours to kiss Elliot before entering "The Friend Zone", and Turk is spending less time with J.D. and more with his surgery buddies and Carla. (S1, E03) 
10:30Scrubs My Old Lady Elliot, J.D. and Turk all face death for the first time and, in the style Scrubs quickly made its own, each learn life-affirming lessons. (S1, E04) 
11:00Friends: Season 5 The One With Joey's Big Break Joey and Chandler take a road trip to Las Vegas, where Joey has landed the lead role in a movie. Phoebe is angry at Ross, but doesn't know why... (S5, 22) 
11:30Friends: Season 5 The One In Vegas (1): The gang decide to go out to Las Vegas to surprise Joey and to celebrate Monica and Chandler's one-year anniversary. However, drama soon unfolds. (S5, E23) 
12:00Friends: Season 5 The One In Vegas (2): Monica and Chandler reconcile and, on the roll of the dice, decide to get married immediately. However, they find out that Ross and Rachel have beaten them to it. (S5, E24) 
12:35Friends: Season 6 The One After Vegas Ross and Rachel deal with the aftermath of their drunken escapade. Phoebe and Joey take a road trip back to New York in Phoebe's grandmother's cab. (S6, E01) 
13:00Hot Shots! Part Deux Film "Rambo" parody in which Topper Harley (Charlie Sheen) leads a rescue team into Iraq to save Iraqi war prisoners and all of their previous rescue teams. Miguel Ferrer and Rowan Atkinson feature. (1993) 
14:50Friends: Season 6 The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel Chandler and Monica tell Joey and Rachel that they want to live together. Monica is hurt that Rachel doesn't react as strongly as Joey. (S6, E02) 
15:25Friends: Season 6 The One With Ross's Denial Despite Phoebe's admonitions, Ross asks Rachel to move in with him. Meanwhile, Chandler and Monica bicker over their living arrangements. (S6, E03) 
15:55Friends: Season 6 The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance Joey develops a hernia just as his health insurance expires. Meanwhile, Ross starts to use an "interesting" English accent in his new lectures. (S6, E04) 
16:30Friends: Season 6 The One With Joey's Porsche Joey pretends to be the owner of a Porsche when the owner leaves the keys at Central Perk. Meanwhile, Ross tries to avoid getting a third divorce! (S6, E05) 
16:55Friends: Season 6 The One On The Last Night The gang prepare for big changes in their living arrangements. Monica and Rachel reminisce about their time living together and it's not all good memories! (S6, E06) 
17:30Friends: Season 6 The One Where Phoebe Runs Rachel is embarrassed by Phoebe's "flamboyant" running style and tries to avoid her on her morning jogs. Elle Macpherson guest stars. (S6, E07) 
18:00Friends: Season 6 The One With Ross's Teeth Ross over-whitens his teeth in order to impress his date. Phoebe may or may not have made out with Ralph Lauren which gets Rachel into trouble with her boss. (S6, E08) 
18:30Friends: Season 6 The One Where Ross Got High On Thanksgiving, Chandler tries to gain favour with Monica's parents. However, an incident from his and Ross' college days hinders his efforts. (S6, E09) 
19:00Bring It On Film A cheerleading squad discovers its old captain stole all their routines from an inner-city school and must scramble to compete at this year's championships. Stars Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku. (2000) 
21:00There's Something About Mary Film With help from sleazy P.I. Pat Healy (Matt Dillon), angst-driven Ted (Ben Stiller) finds his prom date crush Mary (Cameron Diaz). But Healy decides he wants her for himself... (1998) 
23:30Michael McIntyre: Showtime McIntyre returns on top form with razor sharp observations and has the crowd in stitches with talk his wife will not be happy with! Legendary British stand up! Recorded at the O2 in London. 
00:30Impractical Jokers: Season 10 The guys dodge shakedowns at the park, go head-to-head to see who can cling to a car the longest, and go head-to-head playing a game of attaching ribbons to strangers. (S10, E24) 
01:00Impractical Jokers: Funny 'Cause.. ...It Hurts: When it comes to Impractical Jokers, nothing stands out quite like the punishments. In this special episode, the four guys look back at the series' best punishments and share new secrets. 
01:30Rick and Morty The Ricks Must Be Crazy When Rick has trouble with his car, he and Morty travel to the microverse in the car's battery. Stephen Colbert guest voices. (S2, E06) 
02:00South Park Fishsticks Jimmy is angry that Cartman tries to take credit for a joke he created that is now sweeping the nation. But an angry Kanye West just can't get his head around the punch line. (S13, E05) 
02:30South Park Pinewood Derby Randy and Stan somehow discover warp speed, allowing Earth to join the Galactic Federation of Planets, but will an alien gangster and his 'space cash' ruin everything? (S13, E06) 
03:00South Park Fatbeard Cartman hears of all the riches being plundered by the pirates in Somalia, so dons his eye patch and leads a motley crew off to Africa to get in on the act. (S13, E07) 
03:25The Cleveland Show Til Deaf When Donna has a midlife crisis, Cleveland must come up with a clever way to sneak off with his buddies on a hunting trip without her finding out. (S3, E12) 
03:50The Cleveland Show Das Shrimp Boot Cleveland relies on energy supplements to keep himself awake in order to work overtime and earn enough vacation time to go to a Spring Break cruise with his family. (S3, E13) 
04:15Scrubs My Two Dads J.D. is ethically caught between the strict Dr. Kelso and the irreverent Dr. Cox. Elliot bears more than her soul whilst trying to improve patients' conditions. (S1, E05) 
04:35Scrubs My Bad J.D is assigned to patient Jordan Sullivan, a board member at Sacred Heart, who seduces the eager young intern. Shame he doesn't know who she actually is... (S1, E06) 
05:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.