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Listings for Paramount on Sunday, June 23 2019

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
08:00Friends The One With The Dirty Girl Ross's new girlfriend seems nearly perfect until he discovers that her apartment is incredibly dirty. Chandler becomes more familiar with Joey's girlfriend. (S4, E06) 
08:35Friends The One Where Chandler Crosses The Line Chandler is guilt-ridden after kissing Kathy. Ross starts playing the keyboard again and everyone apart from Phoebe thinks he's terrible. (S4, E07) 
09:00Friends The One With Chandler In A Box On Thanksgiving, Joey punishes Chandler for kissing Kathy and Monica gets a surprise when she visits an eye doctor who turns out to be Richard's son. (S4, E08) 
09:30Friends The One Where They're Going To Party! The guys try to be spontaneous and wild and Monica must decide between a steady job as head chef of a restaurant or her catering business with Phoebe. (S4, E09) 
10:00Friends The One With The Girl From Poughkeepsie Ross struggles to maintain a long-distance relationship. Meanwhile, Monica conjures a scheme to establish authority at her new restaurant job. (S4, E10) 
10:30My Name Is Earl Sticks & Stones Earl makes up for teasing a mustached girl in school, and it forces him to confront his fear of taking his shirt off in public. (S2, E03) 
11:00My Name Is Earl Larceny of a Kitty Cat: Randy has a crush on the next woman on Earl's list, so he pretends to be a cat lover. Earl knows that this one will end badly. (S2, E04) 
11:30Look Who's Talking Now Film James (John Travolta) and Mollie Ubriacco (Kirstie Alley) are expanding the family again, this time with Rocks the mutt (Danny DeVito) and Daphne the poodle (Diane Keaton), a mismatched pair. (1993) 
13:30Friends The One With Phoebe's Uterus Phoebe's half-brother makes an astounding announcement which involves a massive decision for Phoebe. (S4, E11) 
14:00Friends The One With The Embryos Phoebe undergoes an embryo transplant and becomes pregnant. Meanwhile, a simple challenge escalates into a full blown contest between the guys and the girls. (S4, E12) 
14:30Friends The One With Rachel's Crush Chandler has a hard time handling Kathy's new role in a play, in which she pretends to have sex with a handsome man, whilst Rachel is attracted to a customer. (S4, E13) 
15:00Friends The One With Joey's Dirty Day Joey has no time to shower after he comes home from a three-day fishing trip and has to head out to the set of Charlton Heston's new movie. (S4, E14) 
15:30Friends The One With All The Rugby Chandler runs into Janice, now divorced, and finds her more irritating than ever. Meanwhile, Ross plays rugby in an attempt to impress Emily. (S4, E15) 
16:05Friends The One With The Fake Party Rachel throws Emily a fake going away party so she can see Joshua outside of work. Meanwhile, Phoebe's pregnancy cravings kick in as she longs for meat. (S4, E16) 
16:35Friends The One With The Free Porn The guys realise their TV is picking up a porno station for free, and Phoebe discovers she's carrying triplets. (S4, E17) 
17:10Friends The One With Rachel's New Dress Phoebe gets to name one of her babies which leads to Joey telling Chandler that he has a terrible name. Rachel's plan to seduce her boyfriend goes awry. (S4, E18) 
17:40Bean Film The bumbling Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) travels to America when he is given the responsibility of delivering a speech to commemorate the return of "Whistler's Mother" to an L.A. art gallery. (1997) 
19:30Friends The One With All The Haste Monica and Rachel will do anything to get their old apartment back from the guys. Meanwhile, Ross spontaneously pops the question to Emily. (S4, E19) 
20:00Friends The One With All The Wedding Dresses Monica has an aspirational phase of wearing Emily's wedding dress. Meanwhile, Chandler forces Joey to get treatment for his snoring at a sleep clinic. (S4, E20) 
20:30Friends The One With The Invitation The friends get invitations to Ross's wedding, but not all of them are going. Ross and Rachel reminisce separately about when they dated each other. (S4, E21) 
21:00There's Something About Mary Film With help from sleazy P.I. Pat Healy (Matt Dillon), angst-driven Ted (Ben Stiller) finds his prom date crush Mary (Cameron Diaz). But Healy decides he wants her for himself... (1998) 
23:30Jimmy Carr: Laughing and Joking Jimmy knows a thing or two about making people laugh. The show is packed with one-liners, stories, and jokes. Some clever, some rude, and a few totally unacceptable. 
00:30Kiri Pritchard-McLean: Comedy... ...Central Live. It's real-life live comedy at its raunchiest and funniest tonight as Kiri joins Comedy Central Live for her very own special. An unmissable and brilliant live comedy performance. 
01:00Impractical Jokers The guys get strangers to watch their backs them from angry security guards at a grocery store, and team up to teach presentations on UFOs. This week's punishment involves a metal concert. (S11, E02) 
01:30Impractical Jokers The guys compete head-to-head posing odd TV shows to the public, and do what they are told at a department store. Tonight's punishment involves a fundraising event at an Arts Theatre. (S11, E03) 
02:00South Park Spontaneous Combustion The citizens of South Park are randomly exploding and it's up to Stan to find the cause. Kyle discovers his dad is having problems with erectile dysfunction. (S3, E02) 
02:30South Park The Succubus (a.k.a. Chef's Mama): The boys discover that Chef has a new girl who has changed him from a free-spirited, soul-singing hipster to that of a mediocre, religious paper pusher. (S3, E03) 
03:00South Park Jakovasaurs While camping, the boys discover the last two Jakovasaurs (a parody of Jar Jar Binks) on the planet. Will the townsfolk welcome them with open arms or find them very annoying? (S3, E04) 
03:30South Park The Sexual Harassment Panda After a school educational talk from Petey the Panda, Cartman decides to sue Stan for sexual harassment. Suing fever starts to grip the entire town! (S3, E06) 
03:55South Park Helen Keller! The Musical The boys stage a Thanksgiving play about the life of author Helen Keller, starring Timmy as Helen. There's trouble involving his favourite turkey, Gobbles. (S4, E13) 
04:15Most Ridiculous Full Throttle Put the pedal to the metal for the funniest clip show around. Greg James is in the driving seat as we bring you a full tank of motor mayhem, bonkers bikers, and speedboats going overboard. (S3, E10) 
04:35Most Ridiculous Bonkers Beasts Standby for the most bonkers beasts on the internet. Greg James hosts this carnival of hilarious animals - from super snappy turtles to goats going ballistic to kangaroos doing karate! (S3, E11) 
05:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.