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Listings for Paramount on Sunday, July 21 2019

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
08:00Friends The One With Ross's Inappropriate Song Ross accidentally discovers that singing the suggestive lyrics to "Baby Got Back" is the only way to get baby Emma to sleep. (S9, E07) 
08:35Friends The One With Rachel's Other Sister Rachel's spoiled, irresponsible sister, Amy (Christina Applegate) shows up for Thanksgiving and causes arguments amongst the gang. (S9, E08) 
09:00Friends The One With Rachel's Phone Number Rachel and Phoebe go out for a night together. After Rachel gives a guy her phone number, she worries that he'll call when Ross is at the apartment. (S9, E09) 
09:30Friends The One With Christmas in Tulsa When Chandler has to spend Christmas in Tulsa, Monica suspects the worst when she discovers that he will be joined by a beautiful co-worker, Wendy. (S9, E10) 
10:00Friends The One Where Rachel Goes Back To Work When Rachel visits her workplace to show off baby Emma, she fears she might lose her job to the handsome temp, Gavin, they hired to replace her. (S9, E11) 
10:30Lip Sync Battle: Modern Family What happens when an NBA All Star (DeAndre Jordan) squares off with a red hot Hollywood actress and star of Modern Family (Sarah Hyland)? Find out right now. (S3, E12) 
11:00Lip Sync Battle: Ricky Martin Celebrities pair up to do battle using lip sync as their weapon, and the audience is the judge! Pop icon Ricky Martin squares off against supermodel Kate Upton. (S3, E13) 
11:30Takeshi's Castle Roman Kemp and comedian/presenter London Hughes host as a new set of contestants slip and fall - on their way to the ultimate prize of victory under Captain Fero's watch. (S6, E05) 
12:00Wipeout USA Contestants make their way through an action-packed giant obstacle course to win a cash prize. Contestants face obstacles such as the Snowboard Half Pipe! (S5, E03) 
13:00Chalet Girl Film While working a job at an exclusive ski resort to support her Dad (Bill Bailey), Kim (Felicity Jones) learns to snowboard and is so good at it that she enters a competition with a cash prize. (2011) 
15:00Friends: Get Festive The One With Phoebe's Dad Phoebe tries to track down her real father. Meanwhile, Ross asks Rachel to make a list of pros and cons about him. (S2, E09) 
15:30Friends: Get Festive The One Where Rachel Quits Ross accidentally breaks a girl's leg, and attempts to make it up to her by selling cookies so she can win a trip. (S3, E10) 
16:00Friends: Get Festive The One With The Girl From Poughkeepsie Ross struggles to maintain a long-distance relationship. Meanwhile, Monica conjures a scheme to establish authority at her new restaurant job. (S4, E10) 
16:30Friends: Get Festive The One With The Inappropriate Sister A bored Ross creates havoc in Joey and Chandler's lives, whilst Rachel is disturbed by her date's inappropriate relationship with his sister. (S5, E10) 
17:00Friends: Get Festive The One With The Routine Joey plots the perfect opportunity to kiss Janine on a New Year's Eve dance show. Ross and Monica resurrect their high school dance routine for the broadcast. (S6, E10) 
17:30Friends: Get Festive The One With The Holiday Armadillo Ross dresses up as an Armadillo to try and teach Ben about Hanukkah. Meanwhile, Phoebe worries that Rachel wants to continue living with Joey. (S7, E10) 
18:00Friends: Get Festive The One With Ross' Step Forward: Ross freaks out when Mona wants to send out joint Christmas cards which leads to her wanting to have "the talk" about their relationship. (S8, E11) 
18:30Friends: Get Festive The One With Christmas in Tulsa When Chandler has to spend Christmas in Tulsa, Monica suspects the worst when she discovers that he will be joined by a beautiful co-worker, Wendy. (S9, E10) 
19:00The Mask Film Timid bank clerk Stanley Ipkiss (Jim Carrey) is transformed into a manic superhero when he dons a mysterious mask. Cameron Diaz co-stars in her screen debut! (1994) 
21:00Hall Pass Film Rick (Owen Wilson) and Fred (Jason Sudeikis), two husbands who are having difficulty in their marriages, are given a Hall Pass by their wives: for one week, they can do whatever they want. (2011) 
23:05Joe Lycett: That's the Way... ...A-Ha, A-Ha, Joe Lycett. Comedian and halloumi enthusiast Joe Lycett performs his Chortle Award-winning show; talking about his love for trolling, outweirding others, and his life in general. 
00:00Russell Howard's Good News Russell Howard takes a cheeky trawl through the news. Tonight features; a cat mayor, a drunk toddler, sandwich assault, sexist biros, Bieber fever, and cyber space kissing. (S7, E04) 
01:00South Park: 7 Deadly Sins Scott Tenorman Must Die Cartman is tricked into buying pubic hair by Scott Tenorman. Outraged at being laughed at, he plots the most sickest, evil revenge possible... Radiohead guest star. (S5, E04) 
01:30South Park: 7 Deadly Sins Professor Chaos (1): Butters is sacked by the boys as their replacement best friend for Kenny - the hunt for a new friend is on! Out for revenge, Butters becomes... Professor Chaos! (S6, E06) 
02:00South Park: 7 Deadly Sins Ginger Kids After giving a hate speech against 'the gingers', Cartman awakens the next day with a case of 'Gingervitus' and soon rallies against the persecution of his fellow red heads. (S9, E11) 
02:30South Park: 7 Deadly Sins Breast Cancer Show Ever Cartman's reputation is at stake when he is too afraid to fight Wendy, who is furious about his breast cancer jibes. Cartman then takes things from bad to worse! (S12, E09) 
03:00South Park: 7 Deadly Sins Tom's Rhinoplasty The boys become lesbians to impress a new teacher, making Wendy jealous. Also, to his delight, Mr. Garrison's plastic surgery leaves him looking like David Hasselhoff. (S1, E11) 
03:25South Park: 7 Deadly Sins Cr***le Fight It's Timmy vs. Jimmy! But does Jimmy know this? The boys are joining the Scouts (troop 69) but their parents aren't so sure when they discover who the Scout Leader is. (S5, E02) 
03:50South Park: 7 Deadly Sins The 'C**n: By day he is Eric Cartman, a fat fourth-grader. By night, he is The C**n, a crime fighting vigilante dressed in a raccoon outfit, desperate for attention. But who is Mysterion? (S13, E02) 
04:15Most Ridiculous Action Heroes This time it's action heroes getting the MR treatment. So standby as Greg James bring us silly show-offs, stupid stunts, terrible tricks, and some truly incapable caped crusaders. (S3, E18) 
04:35Most Ridiculous Ever! We've scoured the archives to dig out the funniest clips featured on the show to date. And alongside all-time favourites, there are some brand new, gut busting belters for you to enjoy. (S3, E19) 
05:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.