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Listings for Paramount on Friday, January 31 2020

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
08:00Will & Grace The Newlydreads Will convinces Jack to help a local gay bookstore owner save his store. Grace's first design job after her divorce is for a young, obnoxiously-in-love newlywed couple. (S7, E06) 
08:35Will & Grace Will & Grace & Vince & Nadine When Will and Grace meet Vince's best female friend, Nadine, they notice some striking similarities with their own relationship. (S7, E07) 
09:00My Name Is Earl Buried Treasure Earl tries to return a set of precious silverware he stole from the public library. But when he discovers that it's gone, Randy, Joy and Crabman each reveal secrets... (S2, E13) 
09:30My Name Is Earl Kept a Guy Locked in a Truck: Earl sets out to atone for having locked a man in a truck, only to discover that that man has since died, and puzzles over how he can make amends. (S2, E14) 
10:00The U.S. Office The Carpet Michael discovers someone has defecated in his office. He suspects that one of his employees did it out of hate, leading him to begin resenting them. (S2, E14) 
10:30The U.S. Office Boys and Girls Jan comes to Scranton to lead a seminar for the women in the office. Michael becomes upset for being left out, and decides to host his own seminar for the men. (S2, E15) 
11:00Impractical Jokers Hidden camera practical joke show. This week's loser must talk trash...literally! The blind lead the blind, kisses are stolen, and how many pencils can the guys fit into pockets secretly? (S4, E01) 
11:30Impractical Jokers Hidden camera practical joke show. The guys lose their wives, pitch stupid inventions, and receive hugs of forgiveness. There's sweet revenge involving an angry brother and a human piņata! (S4, E02) 
12:00Friends The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel Chandler and Monica tell Joey and Rachel that they want to live together. Monica is hurt that Rachel doesn't react as strongly as Joey. (S6, E02) 
12:30Friends The One With Ross's Denial Despite Phoebe's admonitions, Ross asks Rachel to move in with him. Meanwhile, Chandler and Monica bicker over their living arrangements. (S6, E03) 
13:00Friends The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance Joey develops a hernia just as his health insurance expires. Meanwhile, Ross starts to use an "interesting" English accent in his new lectures. (S6, E04) 
13:30Friends The One With Joey's Porsche Joey pretends to be the owner of a Porsche when the owner leaves the keys at Central Perk. Meanwhile, Ross tries to avoid getting a third divorce! (S6, E05) 
14:00Friends The One On The Last Night The gang prepare for big changes in their living arrangements. Monica and Rachel reminisce about their time living together and it's not all good memories! (S6, E06) 
14:30Friends The One Where Phoebe Runs Rachel is embarrassed by Phoebe's "flamboyant" running style and tries to avoid her on her morning jogs. Elle Macpherson guest stars. (S6, E07) 
15:00Friends The One With Ross's Teeth Ross over-whitens his teeth in order to impress his date. Phoebe may or may not have made out with Ralph Lauren which gets Rachel into trouble with her boss. (S6, E08) 
15:30Friends The One Where Ross Got High On Thanksgiving, Chandler tries to gain favour with Monica's parents. However, an incident from his and Ross' college days hinders his efforts. (S6, E09) 
16:00My Name Is Earl Kept a Guy Locked in a Truck: Earl sets out to atone for having locked a man in a truck, only to discover that that man has since died, and puzzles over how he can make amends. (S2, E14) 
16:30My Name Is Earl Foreign Exchange Student In school, Earl bullied Pierre, a foreign exchange student. To make amends, he flies the Frenchman back to Camden County. But the visitor flirts with Catalina. (S2, E15) 
17:00Friends The One With The Routine Joey plots the perfect opportunity to kiss Janine on a New Year's Eve dance show. Ross and Monica resurrect their high school dance routine for the broadcast. (S6, E10) 
17:30Friends The One With The Apothecary Table Janine (Elle Macpherson) forces Joey to choose between her and his friends. Rachel buys an apothecary table from a store that Phoebe hates. (S6, E11) 
18:00Friends The One With The Joke Chandler is upset when a men's magazine prints Ross's joke. However, both Chandler and Ross claim to have originated the joke. (S6, E12) 
18:30Friends The One With Rachel's Sister Rachel tries to help her pampered younger sister, Jill (Reese Witherspoon), find independence, that is until she starts flirting with Ross. (S6, E13) 
19:00Friends The One Where Chandler Can't Cry Angry that Rachel interfered in her relationship with Ross, Jill sets out to seduce him. Meanwhile, Joey learns that people think Phoebe is a porn star. (S6, E14) 
19:30Friends The One That Could Have Been (1): Contemplating how differently their lives could have turned out, the gang fantasize about the paths they could have so easily taken. (S6, E15) 
20:00Friends The One That Could Have Been (2): In the friends' continuing speculative fantasy, Ross initiates a threesome with his wife and her female friend but it doesn't go the way he wanted. (S6, E16) 
20:30Friends The One With Unagi Chandler and Monica agree to give each other homemade presents for their six-month anniversary and Ross tries to teach martial arts to Rachel and Phoebe. (S6, E17) 
21:00Michael McIntyre At The Comedy... ...Store Michael is in top form with shopping politics, what Brits call extreme weather, Scottish money, and pregnancy tests just a few of the highlights in a classic show! 
21:30South Park Christian Hard Rock The boys form a band called Moop, but disagree on what direction they should take. Cartman leaves the band and bets them he will have a platinum record first! (S7, E09) 
22:00New: Bob's Burgers Motor, She Boat Tina and Bob try to build a boat, but Tina must hide her feelings about Bob's boat-building skills. (S10, E03) 
22:30Roast Battle Hosted by Jimmy Carr, with guest judge Big Narstie plus Katherine Ryan. Featuring "Made in Chelsea"'s Jamie Laing vs. fellow posh boy Ivo Graham, and Joe Sutherland vs. Sophie Duker. (S4, E02) 
23:00Jackass 3 Film Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Wee Man and the rest of their fearless and foolhardy friends take part in more outrageous pranks and stunts, including "Lamborghini Tooth Pull." (2010) 
01:00South Park Douche and Turd The pupils of South Park Elementary are called to vote for a new mascot. With the choices being a "giant douche" and a "turd sandwich" is there any point? (S8, E08) 
01:30South Park Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes When a mall is built in South Park, the townsfolk become addicted to shopping - it'll take the boys hunting down its evil "heart" to end their misery! (S8, E09) 
02:00South Park Pre-School The boys are pooping their pants after hearing that Trent, a notorious bully from their pre-school years, is being released from juvenile hall - guess who put him there? (S8, E10) 
02:30South Park Quest For Ratings When the gang's school news programme trails far behind Craig's show, "Animals Close-Up With a Wide-Angle Lens", they pledge to boost their ratings - how far will they go? (S8, E11) 
03:00New: The Daily Show Brand new and exclusive. Joining Trevor tonight is independant filmmaker Matthew A. Cherry, talking about his Oscar nominated animated short film "Hair Love". 
03:25The Mick The Invention When Mickey finds out that Ben takes medication to keep him focused, she is determined to prove that he can function perfectly well without it. (S2, E05) 
03:50The Mick The Matriarch Mickey and the kids go to their great grandmother Rita Pemberton's 100th birthday celebration at her huge mansion. (S2, E06) 
04:15Takeshi's Castle One hundred more warriors aim for the ultimate prize of storming the castle. But with Runaway Rockaway, Breakfast and Bridge Ball in their way will any of them claim victory? (S3, E09) 
04:35Takeshi's Castle There's mud, there's mushrooms and there's lots of other unsightly things waiting in the water. Only the strong will survive and take the castle. (S3, E10) 
05:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.