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Listings for Paramount on Thursday, October 19 2017

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
08:00The Middle Swing and A Miss Lexie spends Spring Break with the Hecks and confesses to Sue that she has a crush on Axl. The quarry softball team is on a losing streak, so Mike hires a ringer. (S8, E16) 
08:35The Middle Exes and Ohhhs Axl runs into nearly all his ex's whilst at a party, including Devin Levin, Cassidy and even Weird Ashley. Hutch tells Axl that the universe is trying to tell him something. (S8, E17) 
09:00The Middle The Par-tay Mike gets into an argument about the plumber, Sue keeps a secret from Frankie, and Brick spends the weekend with Axl to experience college life. (S8, E18) 
09:30The Middle The Confirmation After being reminded that Brick was never confirmed, Frankie and Mike send him to Reverend TimTom's Wilderness Jesus Jam weekend camp. (S8, E19) 
10:00Friends The One With A Chick And A Duck When Pete buys a restaurant, Monica must decide whether to accept his offer of employment there. Meanwhile, Joey and Chandler adopt a duck and a chick. (S3, E21) 
10:30Friends The One With The Screamer Ross thinks that Rachel's date (Ben Stiller) is crazy. Joey falls in love with Kate, but when she's offered a job in Los Angeles, she takes it. (S3, E22) 
11:00Friends The One With Ross's Thing Ross finds a strange growth on his buttocks and Phoebe can't choose between two guys. Meanwhile, Monica's boyfriend surprises her by not proposing...(S3, E23) 
11:30Friends The One With The Ultimate Fighting Champion Phoebe sets Ross up on a date with a woman who used to be bald. Robin Williams and Billy Crystal guest star. (S3, E24) 
12:00Friends The One At The Beach The gang goes to the beach. Phoebe meets a family friend with links to her family's past and Ross discovers that Rachel still loves him. (S3, E25) 
12:30Friends The One With The Jellyfish Ross dates Rachel again after unwittingly agreeing to take responsibility for their breakup. Meanwhile, Monica gets stung by a jellyfish. (S4, E01) 
13:00Impractical Jokers: Fans' Top 10 Joe, Sal, Q, and Murr ham it up behind the counter of a famous NYC deli and head to Union Square where they break the ice with bizarre behaviour while selling popsicles. (S6, E14) 
13:30Impractical Jokers: Fans' Top 10 The guys work at a sandwich shop, team up to have each other guess their specific secret tasks at a food court, and repeat a cycle of tasks at the park in a Joker vs. Joker. (S5, E14) 
14:00Friends The One With The Cat Phoebe believes that the cat that jumped into her guitar case in Central Perk contains the spirit of her adoptive mum. (S4, E02) 
14:30Friends The One With The 'Cuffs: Monica tries to prove that she can cater a gourmet meal for her mother. Meanwhile, Chandler gets into an embarrassing situation while dating Rachel's boss. (S4, E03) 
15:00Friends The One With The Ballroom Dancing Joey teaches the building superintendent ballroom dancing in order to prevent him from evicting Rachel and Monica. (S4, E04) 
15:30Friends The One With Joey's New Girlfriend Joey thinks that Chandler hates Joey's new girlfriend, Kathy. However, little does he know, it's exactly the opposite. (S4, E05) 
16:00My Wife And Kids Failure to Communicate Michael's parents come to visit him, but Michael is worried about the way they treat each other and how that is reflecting on his own children. (S2, E19) 
16:30My Wife And Kids Papa Said Knock You Out Michael freaks out when he spots a gray hair, but not on his head. (S2, E20) 
17:00Friends The One With The Dirty Girl Ross's new girlfriend seems nearly perfect until he discovers that her apartment is incredibly dirty. Chandler becomes more familiar with Joey's girlfriend. (S4, E06) 
17:30Friends The One Where Chandler Crosses The Line Chandler is guilt-ridden after kissing Kathy. Ross starts playing the keyboard again and everyone apart from Phoebe thinks he's terrible. (S4, E07) 
18:00Friends The One With Chandler In A Box On Thanksgiving, Joey punishes Chandler for kissing Kathy and Monica gets a surprise when she visits an eye doctor who turns out to be Richard's son. (S4, E08) 
18:30Friends The One Where They're Going To Party! The guys try to be spontaneous and wild and Monica must decide between a steady job as head chef of a restaurant or her catering business with Phoebe. (S4, E09) 
19:00Friends The One With The Girl From Poughkeepsie Ross struggles to maintain a long-distance relationship. Meanwhile, Monica conjures a scheme to establish authority at her new restaurant job. (S4, E10) 
19:30Friends The One With Phoebe's Uterus Phoebe's half-brother makes an astounding announcement which involves a massive decision for Phoebe. (S4, E11) 
20:00Friends The One With The Embryos Phoebe undergoes an embryo transplant and becomes pregnant. Meanwhile, a simple challenge escalates into a full blown contest between the guys and the girls. (S4, E12) 
20:30Friends The One With Rachel's Crush Chandler has a hard time handling Kathy's new role in a play, in which she pretends to have sex with a handsome man, whilst Rachel is attracted to a customer. (S4, E13) 
21:00Step Brothers Film When lazy, unemployed Brennan's (Will Ferrell) mother and lazy, unemployed Dale's (John C. Reilly) father marry and move in together, it turns the overgrown boys' worlds upside down. (2008) 
23:00Chris Ramsey's Stand Up... ...Central. Live from Camden's Electric Ballroom, Chris Ramsey performs stand-up, and introduces two guests. Tonight he's joined by the youthful Tom Lucy and fiercely intelligent Nish Kumar. (S1, E04) 
23:30Russell Howard's Good News Russell takes a cheeky trawl through the news. Tonight features; the tasering of a ten year-old, a kung fu hamster, E.T. comes home, and flesh eating TV show hosts. (S6, E04) 
00:05Impractical Jokers Joe, Sal, Q, and Murr ham it up behind the counter of a famous NYC deli and head to Union Square where they break the ice with bizarre behaviour while selling popsicles. (S6, E14) 
00:35Impractical Jokers The guys work at a sandwich shop, team up to have each other guess their specific secret tasks at a food court, and repeat a cycle of tasks at the park in a Joker vs. Joker. (S5, E14) 
01:00New: The Daily Show Brand new and exclusive. Joining Trevor tonight is Lena Waithe - actress, producer, and screenwriter, best known for her role as Denise in the Netflix series Master of None. 
01:30South Park Franchise Prequel It's time for Coon & Friends to cash-in on the superhero movie/TV craze - but, with the help of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, Professor Chaos has other ideas! (S21, E04) 
02:00Rick and Morty A crazy scientist drags his innocent grandson on inter-dimensional adventures. Rick takes Morty to another dimension to collect seeds of Mega Trees, which Morty agrees to hide in his rectum. (S1, E01) 
02:30Legends of Chamberlain... ...Heights. Hurricane Jermaine: The guys hope to get lucky when the Black Holes take a trip to an away game at Myrtyle Beach. (S2, E05) 
03:00South Park Handicar Timmy's new transportation service, to raise money for summer camp, makes him a lot of enemies - including arch nemeses Nathan and Mimsy! This is not going to end well... (S18, E04) 
03:25South Park The Magic Bush Cartman and Butters spy on Craig's mum using a drone. When the recording they made goes viral on the internet, the people of South Park decide an army of drones is needed! (S18, E05) 
03:50South Park Freemium Isn't Free The Canadian government is making money from a "free" Terrance & Phillip app. No one told Terrance and Phillip! Meanwhile, Randy discovers Stan is addicted to the game! (S18, E06) 
04:15Two And A Half Men Justice In Star-Spangled Hot Pants When Walden takes Alan along to a charity fundraiser, Alan is gob-smacked to meet 'Wonder Woman' Lynda Carter! Will Walden set them up together...? (S11, E06) 
04:35Two And A Half Men Some Kind of Lesbian Zombie The guys meet two smokin' hot ladies in a bar and have a great night but when they plan to meet them again it brings out the green-eyed monster in Lyndsey. (S11, E07) 
05:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.