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Listings for Mtv on Saturday, October 27 2018

06:00The Hills Lauren goes on her first date since Jason and is tested at work when she's asked to work a fashion show. Heidi has a life changing secret she must tell her boyfriend. (S2, ep2) 
06:2016 And Pregnant Meet Farrah, a popular high-school cheerleader. As if being pregnant isn't difficult enough, she is facing difficulties with the father of the baby, her friends and her mother. (S1, ep2) 
07:1016 And Pregnant In this episode, we follow Amber, who's expecting a baby with her boyfriend Gary. They decide to move in together... but it's not always easy for these teen parents. (S1, ep3) 
08:0016 And Pregnant Ebony and Josh both have dreams of joining the Air Force, but that may have to change now that Ebony is pregnant. (S1, ep4) 
09:00Catfish: Worst Offenders After a year and a half of chatting with her online, Tyler thinks he may have a future with Amanda. But are Tyler's friends correct because they suspect that something isn't right? (S1, ep8) 
10:00Catfish: Worst Offenders After being bullied in her past, Jen relies on online communities to establish relationships. After meeting Skylar online, they immediately hit it off. But they've never met in person! (S2, ep6) 
11:00Catfish: Worst Offenders Craig's sister introduced him to a beautiful girl named Zoe on Facebook. After talks online of a future life together, things turn sour. Now he wants to know who he gave his heart to. (S3, ep1) 
12:00Catfish: Worst Offenders Nev and Max are contacted by Carmen who is sounding the alarm on behalf of her cousin, Antwane. He's been in a three-year romance with a man named Tony that he met on a telephone chat line. (S3, ep2) 
13:00Catfish: Worst Offenders Smart, single mum Miracle fell for Javonni, a dreamy-eyed Instagrammer. With Max on hiatus, Nev teams up with TV personality Charlamagne to take Miracle on a hunt for the man of her dreams. (S4, ep1) 
14:00Catfish: Worst Offenders Sydney and Ayissha were in an online romance for years before Sydney revealed she is not who she says. But Ayissha still loves her and seeks Nev and Max's help. (S4, ep16) 
15:00Catfish: Worst Offenders Former model Jayme has learned that her online boyfriend is not only fake, but appears to be catfishing other women too! Nev and Max help find the catfish to put an end to his deception. (S5, ep13) 
16:00Most Ridiculous Dumbest Ever The weirdest viral clip show around returns and, this time, we go epic for the dumbest ever Most Ridiculous. All hail the Kings and Queens of dumb! (S2, ep19) 
16:30Most Ridiculous The craziest viral clip show on television returns and, this time, builders get the Most Ridiculous treatment with everything from cement mixer calamities to dangerous demolition. (S2, ep20) 
17:00Wipeout USA Contestants make their way through an action-packed giant obstacle course to win a cash prize. This episode features 'The Unimpressionist' Scott Torgan and 'Flying Monkey' Mark Halliday. (S3, E07) 
18:00Lip Sync Battle Celebrities pair up to do battle using lip sync as their weapon! In this episode Eva Longoria (of 'Desperate Housewives') takes on Hayden Panettiere (of 'Heroes' and 'Nashville'). (S2, ep1) 
18:30Lip Sync Battle Celebrities pair up to do battle using lip sync as their weapon! The stars of 'Black-ish', Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson, go head-to-head - taking on Nicki Minaj and CeeLo Green! (S2, ep10) 
19:00Big Brother Emma Willis presents the latest drama from inside the house as this year's housemates get to grips with each other, and Big Brother's unseen influence. (S23, ep37) 
20:30Ex On The Beach Alex is given the chance for romance with new 'crazy' Dominika. Natalee and Matty grow closer, and a shocking new arrival could spell the end for George and Bayley. (S9, ep11) 
21:01Re-Freshers Week: Boxset Eight strangers head back to University to compete in uni-based assignments to win ?25K. Hosted by Tom Rosenthal and featuring Lady LeShurr as the Head of Music. (S1, ep1) 
22:00Re-Freshers Week: Boxset The students are set an assignment by Professor Gemma Collins, all about the Essex diva herself. Who will take home ?25k? Hosted by Tom Rosenthal, featuring Gemma Collins and Kele le Roc. (S1, ep2) 
23:00Re-Freshers Week: Boxset The students are put through their performance paces by Professor Jodie Harsh in a confidence assignment. Who will win ?25k? Hosted by Tom Rosenthal, with Jodie Harsh and Tom Read Wilson. (S1, ep3) 
00:00Re-Freshers Week: Boxset The competition is heating up as the students battle to reach the final and take home ?25k. Professor Ed Gamble judges their comedy and cooking skills. Hosted by Tom Rosenthal. (S1, ep4) 
01:00Geordie Shore Chloe and Sam show off their new home with a housewarming party. Nathan's buzzing when he realises he has to work on Scott's first job. Faith has a rude awakening as she clashes with Chloe. (S18, ep2) 
01:45Ex On The Beach Alex is given the chance for romance with new 'crazy' Dominika. Natalee and Matty grow closer, and a shocking new arrival could spell the end for George and Bayley. (S9, ep11) 
02:35Pimp My Ride Xzibit shows you how to transform your tired old hatchback into a fully loaded cruisin' machine. Today, Quoc-viet gets his 1989 Nissan 240 SX pimped with 3 Xboxes and green neon lights. 
03:00Are You The One? Cam starts to question his relationship with Kayla. Daniel's fun and games pushes Sam away. The house faces their most important Truth Booth yet. (S7, ep7) 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.