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Listings for Mtv on Friday, January 25 2019

06:00My Super Sweet 16 Alexandria is out to prove to her classmates that she can throw a bangin' Sweet 16 bash. Hopefully her 5 carat grills and a couture fashion show will do the trick? (S5, ep8) 
06:2016 And Pregnant Arianna from Georgia was your typical high school girl. After becoming pregnant with Maurice's child, the two began fighting. Maurice eventually steps up but will Arianna forgive him? (S5, ep4) 
07:1016 And Pregnant Summer's mum has struggled with addiction. Summer wants her mum in her life, but can she believe her promises of being sober and there for her and the baby? (S5, ep5) 
08:0016 And Pregnant Karley wasn't able to resist the charms of bad boy Tony. Shortly into their relationship, she finds out she's pregnant with twins. Can Tony settle down and be a responsible dad? (S5, ep6) 
09:00Teen Mom OG: Season 7 Boxset Amber is completely done with Matt and starts dating a new guy. Farrah visits Omaha and Sophia expresses her dislike for Deb's fiancÚ. Taylor surprises Maci and takes her skydiving. (S7, ep6) 
10:00Teen Mom OG: Season 7 Boxset Amber makes her first public appearance with her new boyfriend. Tyler struggles with Butch's drug use. Farrah and Sophia model at New York fashion week. Ryan continues to stay clean. (S7, ep7) 
11:00Teen Mom OG: Season 7 Boxset Catelynn removes her birth control and doesn't tell Tyler. Farrah goes on a vacation to Italy. Ryan and Mackenzie have a joint bachelor and bachelorette party. Amber learns she's pregnant. (S7, ep8) 
12:00Teen Mom OG: Season 7 Boxset Farrah helps Michael plan his proposal. Catelynn freaks out at a photo shoot and Tyler is overwhelmed with launching the fall line. Maci and Taylor celebrate their one-year anniversary. (S7, ep9) 
13:00Teen Mom OG: Season 7 Boxset Amber shocks her whole family when she reveals she's pregnant. Bentley turns 9 and Maci allows him to spend time with Ryan, and Deb tries to persuade Sophia to go to her wedding. (S7, ep10) 
14:00Catfish: Biggest Betrayals Cassie was on a downward spiral until she got a friend request from a rapper named Steve. Two and a half years later, Cassie and Steve are engaged - but they have yet to meet... (S2, ep1) 
15:00Catfish: Biggest Betrayals Nev and Max are contacted by Carmen who is sounding the alarm on behalf of her cousin, Antwane. He's been in a three-year romance with a man named Tony that he met on a telephone chat line. (S3, ep2) 
16:00Catfish: Biggest Betrayals Alante has been planning a life with his online love. She's perfect but her disappearances have Alante worried. Nev and Max help uncover a truth that affects Alante's entire town. (S6, ep2) 
17:00Catfish: Biggest Betrayals Kiaira and Cortney had a baby despite Kiaira never meeting Cortney or the baby! Nev and Max try to bring the family together, but is this the greatest manipulation in Catfish history? (S7, ep11) 
18:00Catfish: Biggest Betrayals A mystery leads Nev and Laura to help Derek track down his online love. They uncover a Snapchat scandal, betrayal, and a conclusion that hits closer to home than Derek could have dreamed. (S7, ep17) 
18:55The Official UK Number One Check out this week's ultimate chart champion as we present The Official UK Number 1! 
19:00Catfish: The TV Show Fashion designer Truth is hot for his online crush despite the fact he's in a relationship IRL. The drama deepens when Nev and co-host Zeke Thomas find out who's behind the profile. (S7, ep23) 
20:00Teen Mom UK Megan returns and swallows her pride by going on a day out with Dylan and his new girlfriend. Sassi and Darren split. Shannon gets her GCSE results. Chloe lands a job where Jordan works. (S5, ep1) 
21:00Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club As the summer crowd heats up, Lindsay brings in a new host, Alex, to raise the bar for the other VIP hosts. Meanwhile, Brent makes a grand gesture to win Sara back. (S1, ep3) 
22:00Just Tattoo Of Us Aaron Chalmers co-hosts. Buds Connor and Matthew risk it all. Love Island winner Jess and her boyfriend take their relationship to the next level, and Katie Price's ex wants a fresh start. (S4, ep6) 
23:00Just Tattoo Of Us USA Cousins try to trump one another with ink that goes tattoo far. Ex's stay enemies when former lovers come clean with "deeply" revealing tattoos that really "stink". (S1, ep2) 
23:30Ridiculousness Rob, Chanel and Steelo get pissed off at the new guy, try and hide out with some "crappy chameleons", and enter the terrifying world of the dark web. (S11, ep16) 
00:00Jersey Shore Family Vacation The Guidos are missing their meatball Deena, so they decide to kidnap her. Plus, what happens when Ronnie invites Jewish Barbie to stay the night in his room? (S2, ep15) 
01:00Jersey Shore Family Vacation It's clap-back season when the roomies go all HAM on the chooch who harasses them at the bar. (S2, ep16) 
02:00Jersey Shore Family Vacation On the season finale, Deena and the roomies fight against cancer, the spiral squad debate the meaning of life, and a mysterious call from Jen has Ronnie taking on even more drama. (S2, ep17) 
02:50Geordie Shore With Ricci gone from the Geordie Shore house, the rest of the gang are determined to keep Vicky's spirits up and the boys decide that what better way than a walk on the wild side - camping! (S4, ep7) 
03:40My Super Sweet 16 DJ is a rich, popular boy with an NFL player stepdad. He's planning "A Black Diamond Affair" Sweet 16, and in honour of the occasion, the teen gets a $5000 custom-made suit! (S5, ep7) 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00My Super Sweet 16 Savannah is a beautiful, blonde beach babe looking to throw the craziest jungle-themed Sweet 16 party that the Orange County has ever seen. Will she succeed? (S5, ep9)