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Listings for Mtv on Sunday, September 23 2018

06:00The Hills After being stood up by Audrina, Kristin decides to stop fighting her attraction to Justin. Heidi wants to babysit a neighbour's child, but Spencer wants nothing to do with kids. (S5, ep12) 
06:2016 And Pregnant Lizzie's pregnancy forces her to drop out of high school and the marching band. She looks to her boyfriend Skylar for support... until she discovers he hasn't always been faithful. (S2, ep9) 
07:1016 And Pregnant Kailyn's mum moved in with her new boyfriend, forcing Kailyn to live with her young boyfriend's family while she attempts to go to college. (S2, ep10) 
08:0016 And Pregnant After a shotgun wedding, Brooke and Cody are forced to sacrifice car racing for parenthood. Now they're trying to balance high school life and moving in to their own place. (S2, ep11) 
09:00Teen Mom OG All The Times Teen Mom Broke The Internet. The casts of "Teen Mom OG" and "Teen Mom 2" reflect on the most talked-about tabloid stories, social media beefs, and parodies from the past 10 years. 
10:00Teen Mom UK Sassi tries to stay calm on a romantic getaway. Amber gives Ste the cold shoulder. Sleep-deprived Chloe questions if getting a puppy was a good idea. Shannon resists her GCSEs. (S4, ep3) 
11:00Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant Boxset Brianna and Danae's relationship is strained by their living arrangements. Jade and Ashley may soon go from Ms. To Mrs. (S1, ep7) 
12:00Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant Boxset Brianna and Danae need a place to stay, while Ashley also grapples with her living situation. Jade's parents are starting to wear out their welcome. (S1, ep8) 
13:00Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant Boxset Brianna and Danae move in with Danae's mum. Jade's family plans a dinner. Kayla helps Stephan when he needs a place to stay. Ashley tries to mend her relationship with her mum. (S1, ep9) 
14:00Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant Boxset Lexi takes steps to move on from Kyler. Kayla is caught between her mum and Stephan. Ashley and Bar move into a new place. Jade questions if she and Sean are meant to be. (S1, ep10) 
15:00Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant Boxset Kayla and her mum meet with a custody lawyer. Brianna realises she has some hard truths to tell Danae. Lexi gets a visit from her dad. Ashley and Bar take the baby to meet Bar's mum. (S1, ep11) 
16:00Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant Boxset Kayla starts college and Brianna returns to single life. Lexi makes plans for her future and gives Kyler an ultimatum. Single-parenting struggles lead Jade to think outside the box. (S1, ep12) 
17:00Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant Boxset Kayla and Stephan struggle to put aside their differences. Brianna gets big news. Lexi and Kyler consider the future. Ashley and Bar try to keep the peace. Jade and Sean give it another go. (S1, ep13) 
18:00Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant Boxset Kayla wants an apology. Lexi and Kyler take a family trip. Brianna and Robert make a big decision. Ashley's surprise party for Bar takes a turn when an uninvited guest shows up. (S1, ep14) 
19:00Teen Mom UK Sassi attends an anger management course. Ste hits a low point as he upsets both Amber and Kirsty. Shannon decides to rekindle an old romance and Chloe and Jordan welcome a new addition. (S4, ep2) 
20:00Teen Mom UK Sassi tries to stay calm on a romantic getaway. Amber gives Ste the cold shoulder. Sleep-deprived Chloe questions if getting a puppy was a good idea. Shannon resists her GCSEs. (S4, ep3) 
21:00Jersey Shore Family Vacation The gang heads to Las Vegas on another family vacation to meet Ronnie's baby. But after Ronnie's relationship drama is blasted all over social media, no one knows what to expect from him. (S2, ep1) 
22:00Jersey Shore Family Vacation Vinny and Pauly head to Canada, Jwoww confronts the roomies, and the truth about Ronnie's relationship starts to reveal itself. (S2, ep2) 
23:00Jersey Shore Family Vacation The roommates rally around Ron as the truth about his relationship comes to light, the gang take to the casinos for a big win, and Jen returns to the suite for a face-to-face confrontation. (S2, ep3) 
00:00Jersey Shore Family Vacation Vinny is missing his boo, the Guidos get a special delivery from Staten Island, and Ronnie tries to pick up the pieces after an ugly incident with his baby mama. (S2, ep4) 
01:00Jersey Shore Family Vacation Friendships are put to the test when Jenni goes all Jwoww on Angelina, and Snooki is stuck in the middle playing referee. (S2, ep5) 
02:00Are You The One? A group of singles take a leap of fate and move into a house in Hawaii to try and pair up as 11 perfect matches and win $1,000,000. Jealousy takes over when couples quickly form. (S7, ep1) 
02:50Are You The One? Zak provokes the wrath of Bria when he flirts with other women and the whole house gets pulled into the drama. Tevin and Kenya's player ways threaten their budding romance. (S7, ep2) 
03:35Pimp My Ride Pimp Master of Ceremonies Xzibit turns tired old hatchbacks into fully loaded cruisin' machines. In this episode, X and the guys at G.A.S. roll the dice on a Vegas themed van that is down on its luck. 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00The Hills Kristin gets a taste of being in a relationship with Justin when he bails on Brody's party, while Audrina goes on a date. Heidi and Spencer argue about when to start a family. (S5, ep13)