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Listings for Mtv on Monday, December 9 2019

06:00Daria Should Daria be mad at Tom for forgetting their anniversary, or mad at herself for being mad? (S5, ep2) 
06:2016 And Pregnant Pregnant Markai and her boyfriend James may be kicked out of her house when her mum has had enough. So will Markai finish school and can their relationship survive James's infidelity? (S2, ep14) 
07:1016 And Pregnant Aubrey and Brandon must find a home and start over in a new town, all while she tries to get her GED. They get married, but will their fresh start cause them to resent one another? (S2, ep15) 
08:0016 And Pregnant Christinna and Isiah have had to change their college plans as they prepare for their baby. His family is furious when he gives up his scholarship. Can they make it on their own ? (S2, ep16) 
09:0016 And Pregnant Kayla is a southern belle. Now that she's pregnant, she has to start making her own tough decisions about marriage and her ability to make it without the help of her parents. (S2, ep17). 
10:00Ghosted: Catch Up Rachel and Travis help an aspiring New York stand-up track down the professed love of his life, but she may have had a good reason for ghosting him after six months. (S1, ep2) 
11:00Ghosted: Catch Up Rachel and Travis help Brittney track down her best friend Shay who disappeared from her life shortly after announcing her pregnancy to their clique. (S1, ep3) 
12:00Ghosted: Catch Up Rachel and Travis learn about Resee's complicated history with his friend Brendan, who vanished online after moving to a different town. (S1, ep4) 
13:00Ghosted: Catch Up Rachel and Travis help Kayla hunt down Shawn, someone she thought was the man of her dreams -- but she's not the only one. (S1, ep5) 
14:00Catfish: Biggest Betrayals Kiaira and Cortney had a baby despite Kiaira never meeting Cortney or the baby! Nev and Max try to bring the family together, but is this the greatest manipulation in Catfish history? (S7, ep11) 
15:00Catfish: Biggest Betrayals Nev and Max agree to help Chelsea finally meet Charles in person. While Chelsea has only spoken to Charles once on the phone, the guys soon show her that a picture speaks a thousand words. (S7, ep15) 
16:00Catfish: Biggest Betrayals Nev and co-host Jane Carrey help aspiring sugarbaby Mike choose between his LA life of leisure and his affection for the mysterious Joey, a broke mechanic he fell in love with on Grindr. (S7, ep19) 
17:00Catfish: Biggest Betrayals Cassie was on a downward spiral until she got a friend request from a rapper named Steve. Two and a half years later, Cassie and Steve are engaged - but they have yet to meet... (S2, ep1) 
18:00Catfish: Biggest Betrayals Alante has been planning a life with his online love. She's perfect but her disappearances have Alante worried. Nev and Max help uncover a truth that affects Alante's entire town. (S6, ep2) 
19:00Just Tattoo Of Us Sandi from Gogglebox tests her relationship with daughter, Francesca! Jake and Garry try to outdo each other, and emotions run high when Hattie and Leigh see their designs. (S5, ep3) 
20:00New: MTV Cribs UK: Top 10 Cribs MTV legend Sophie Kasaei counts down the Cribs UK Top 10 Cribs of 2019! We'll be peeking behind the doors of the UK's biggest stars including Joey Essex, Gemma Collins, Megan McKenna plus many more! 
21:00Geordie Shore The squad return from Portugal but Sam has left the house which leaves Chloe thinking it's over. The family go radge at Newcastle's biggest funfair. Beau and Bethan make it official. (S20, ep6) 
22:00New: Just Tattoo Of Us Best pals Millie and Jordan take the ultimate trust test. Angel has a message to send to boyfriend Sonny, and bantering brothers Connor and Liam take things way too far. (S5, ep4) 
23:00New: Ridiculousness Rob, Chanel, and Steelo take a walk using their Party Legs, fire up some minivans for some Van Wildness and quickly check out of Hotel Hell No. (S14, ep1) 
23:30New: Ridiculousness Rob, Steelo, and Chanel babysit some Prelinguents, take a journey through the Wild Kingdumb and grab a bite during Slappy Hour. (S14, ep2) 
00:00Just Tattoo Of Us Party boys Calum Best and Frankie Cocozza put their bromance to the tattoo test. Married Sweethearts Ryan and Natasha have bones to pick with each other, but have they pushed it too far? (S3, ep9) 
01:00Just Tattoo Of Us Drag Queen Grant gets the ultimate revenge on cheating boyfriend Jon. Tattooists Danny and Jodie face home truths, and best mates Chloe and Misha make designs for one another. (S3, ep10) 
02:00Geordie Shore Sam and Chloe's relationship comes under scrutiny from Nathan, causing friction in the house. Will this divide help Nathan and Chloe's bond and allow Sam to get to know the new housemates? (S17, ep3) 
02:50Geordie Shore Half the gang head off to Byron Bay leaving the rest wondering where they are! Chloe is going out of her mind without Sam whilst Abbie is trying to work out if Grant is the lad for her. (S17, ep4) 
03:40Ridiculousness The Dog Whisperer himself Cesar Millan joins Rob, Steelo, and Chanel to recognise some 'True Alphas', and listen to some 'Dog Whistles'. (S13, ep36) 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Daria The Fashion Club is thrown into crisis by the unthinkable: moderate chubbiness. (S5, ep3)