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Listings for Mtv on Saturday, July 4 2020

06:00The Hills Lauren moves from Laguna Beach to Los Angeles for an internship at Teen Vogue, and fashion school. Can she juggle work, school, partying, and all of the drama that will follow? (S1, ep1) 
06:20The Hills Lauren has to face her boss after the party. Meanwhile, Heidi doesn't take school seriously and makes different plans for her future. (S1, ep2) 
06:45The Hills Teen Vogue sends Lauren on an over-night errand that lands her in New York City, Heidi learns that work in party promotion isn't just a party, and Audrina looks to Brian for love. (S1, ep3) 
07:10The Hills When Jason, Lauren's ex flame from Laguna Beach, reappears in her life, Lauren thinks she may not be over him. Meanwhile, Heidi asks if the price of a new job is worth paying for. (S1, ep4) 
07:35The Hills After a Teen Vogue event, Lauren hurries to get home to Jason for his birthday. However, things don't end up so well when Jason only wants to hang out with his friends. (S1, ep5) 
08:00Teen Cribs We bet you've never seen anything like the homes on this episode of Teen Cribs. First it's Perry's Missouri cave crib, then off to Jill and Colt's Minnesota geodesic dome home! (S2, ep13) 
08:30Teen Cribs Kayden's Utah crib is so massive, it fills up an entire episode! There's a room of Harry Potter memorabilia, an Indiana Jones themed theatre, and even a giant rock climbing wall! Series 2, Episode 14. 
09:00Teen Cribs Twins Alan & Andy's Austin home proves that everything is bigger in Texas. Then the elevator in Katie's killer Michigan crib ensures that we get to see all four floors in style! Series 2, Episode 15. 
09:30Teen Cribs Climb up treehouses, hang out in blissed-out bedrooms and trek across acres of adventureland at Rita and Will's Cribs. Series 2, Episode 16. 
10:00Served! With Jade Thirlwall Jade is joined by Drag Queens Alyssa Edwards and The Vivienne, creating concoctions based around the themes; "80s Eleganza' and "School's Out Chic". Featuring special guest Kim Woodburn! (S1, ep1) 
10:30MTV Cribs UK This cult show is your access all areas pass to nosey around the pads of the famous. This week featuring the homes of reality king Joey Essex and chip loving Charlotte Dawson. (S1, ep1) 
11:00Just Tattoo Of Us Charlotte's boyfriend Josh joins her as co-host and her mum and dad put their marriage to the test. While business partners Scott and Stefan's friendship could be going bust. (S4, ep1) 
12:00Just Tattoo Of Us The king of Essex, Joey Essex co-hosts with Charlotte. Geordie Shore lovebirds Chloe and Sam face a trust test, and Frenemies Becky and Zoe tell each other some home truths. (S4, ep4) 
13:00Just Tattoo Of Us Ex On The Beach star Natalie Harris is taught a lesson by her mum and Love Island hunks Tom and Rykard try to get one over on each other. Best mates Josh and Wes brand each other for life. (S4, ep5) 
14:00Catfish: True Love Jesse met Brian online. They made plans to meet, but Brian stood her up. Now, years later, Brian has asked her to live with him. But, she can't stop wondering - what is Brian hiding? (S2, ep8) 
15:00Catfish: True Love When Zak met Garret online he fell hard, but curious disappearances have Zak worried about who he really fell in love with. Will Nev and Max find Garret before he vanishes for good? (S7, ep6) 
16:00Catfish: True Love After a string of bad luck with women, Jeff believes he has finally found his dream girl in Megan. However, Megan is starting to sound off Catfish alarms. (S3, ep9) 
17:00Catfish: True Love Since Leuh saw surfer Justin it's been insta-love. But after two failed attempts to meet up, she wants to know if he's the man of her dreams or is she one in a long line of online lovers. (S5, ep3) 
18:00Catfish: True Love Nev and co-host Tallulah Willis help Chelsea, a young woman who's fallen for a reality TV star. But digging for the truth only reveals Chelsea has her own secrets. Will she lose everything? (S7, ep22) 
19:00Catfish: True Love A year after meeting "T-lights" on Instagram, "Instaceleb" Antoinette is ready to meet him, but he always brushes off the idea. Is he really the online celebrity he claims to be? (S3, ep3) 
20:00Catfish: True Love Dylan's fallen for a beautiful model with an elusive secret. With all the standard red flags, Nev and Max assume it's an open and shut case, but the truth is stranger than fiction. (S7, ep10) 
21:00All New Most Shocking Celebrity... ... Moments. From Megan and Harry's turbulent time, to Wagatha Christie, we take a look at all new most shocking celebrity moments! 
00:00Geordie Shore's Most Memorable... ... Moments. Join Chloe, Sam and Sophie as they delve into the Geordie Shore treasure chest of memorable moments to reveal the radge-tastic clips that you, the viewers, have voted as your favourites! 
01:00Jackass Johnny Knoxville gets pelted with paintballs in the behind-the-scenes footage of his magazine cover shoot, and Bam Margera leaps off a bridge with a large umbrella. (S2, ep5) 
01:30Jackass Johnny Knoxville gets blasted into a wall by a fire truck hose, the entire Jackass cast successfully revisits the "Human Slingshot" idea, and Steve-O gets his butt cheeks pierced together. (S2, ep6) 
02:00MTV Cribs: Footballers Stay Home Manchester United star Jesse Lingard shows off his hard-earned England caps, and former FIFA Women's Player of the Year Lieke Martens reveals what she's been getting up to during lockdown. (S1, ep1) 
02:25MTV Cribs: Footballers Stay Home Premier League Golden Boot winner Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang displays his trophy collection and Borussia Dortmund favourite Axel Witsel gets interrupted by his daughters, dogs and cats. (S1, ep2) 
02:50Rudimental: MTV Live From Fusion.. ... Festival 2019. Coverage from this year's Fusion Festival, where headliners Rudimental took to the stage to perform their hits including 'Waiting All Night' and 'Bloodstream'. 
03:15Dizzee Rascal: MTV Live From... ... Fusion Festival 2019. Coverage from this year's Fusion Festival, where Dizzee Rascal took to the stage to perform his hits including 'Holiday', 'Hype' and 'Bonkers' at Liverpool's Sefton park. 
03:40Ridiculousness Wild N' Out Star B.Simone joins Rob, Chanel and Steelo to train some Rookie Roasters, and stat check some Volume Shooters. (S16, ep28) 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00The Hills Jason becomes a distraction in Lauren's life, Heidi finally gets her big chance to work in the nightclub, and when a model drops out from a Teen Vogue fashion show, Whitney steps in. (S1, ep6)