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Listings for Mtv on Wednesday, December 12 2018

06:00Disaster Date Lisette is setup with a clueless politician, Justin dates a drooler, and Lance's blind date is a lesbian! (S3, ep15) 
06:2516 And Pregnant The youngest of five, Felicia's the only one in her family with a shot at graduating. But when it gets tough with her boyfriend and she leaves home, will she be forced to drop out? (S2, ep12) 
07:1016 And Pregnant Emily, an all-American girl, has to leave her majorette baton and boyfriend behind, as she moves an hour away and faces the pressure of starting over in a new school and town. (S2, ep13) 
08:0016 And Pregnant Pregnant Markai and her boyfriend James may be kicked out of her house when her mum has had enough. So will Markai finish school and can their relationship survive James's infidelity? (S2, ep14) 
09:00Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant Brianna and Danae continue to fight while Ashley & Lexi prepare for labour. Jade is the boss, and everyone needs to fall in line or get out! (S1, ep6) 
10:00Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant Brianna and Danae's relationship is strained by their living arrangements. Jade and Ashley may soon go from Ms. To Mrs. (S1, ep7) 
11:00Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant Brianna and Danae need a place to stay, while Ashley also grapples with her living situation. Jade's parents are starting to wear out their welcome. (S1, ep8) 
12:00Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant Brianna and Danae move in with Danae's mum. Jade's family plans a dinner. Kayla helps Stephan when he needs a place to stay. Ashley tries to mend her relationship with her mum. (S1, ep9) 
13:00Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant Lexi takes steps to move on from Kyler. Kayla is caught between her mum and Stephan. Ashley and Bar move into a new place. Jade questions if she and Sean are meant to be. (S1, ep10) 
14:00Catfish: Biggest Betrayals A Tinder match ignited a fire for Jordan that caused Angel to end a real relationship to pursue him. Nev and his wife Laura uncover dark truths that could lose Angel everyone she loves. (S7, ep13) 
15:00Catfish: Biggest Betrayals Kiaira and Cortney had a baby despite Kiaira never meeting Cortney or the baby! Nev and Max try to bring the family together, but is this the greatest manipulation in Catfish history? (S7, ep11) 
16:00Catfish: Biggest Betrayals Nev and Max are contacted by Carmen who is sounding the alarm on behalf of her cousin, Antwane. He's been in a three-year romance with a man named Tony that he met on a telephone chat line. (S3, ep2) 
17:00Catfish: Biggest Betrayals Cassie was on a downward spiral until she got a friend request from a rapper named Steve. Two and a half years later, Cassie and Steve are engaged - but they have yet to meet... (S2, ep1) 
18:00Catfish: Biggest Betrayals Alante has been planning a life with his online love. She's perfect but her disappearances have Alante worried. Nev and Max help uncover a truth that affects Alante's entire town. (S6, ep2) 
19:00Catfish: The TV Show Nev and co-host Jane Carrey help aspiring sugarbaby Mike choose between his LA life of leisure and his affection for the mysterious Joey, a broke mechanic he fell in love with on Grindr. (S7, ep19) 
20:00New: Teen Mom OG All of the mums fly to New York for press week and it's the first time Amber, Maci and Catelynn meet Cheyenne and Bristol. Meanwhile, Tyler visits Butch in Austin. (S7, ep25) 
21:00New: Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant Ashley invites Bar's mum over to make peace. Kyler gives Lexi an ultimatum. Kayla faces a choice that could affect her and Izaiah's lives. Jade turns to Sean. Brianna clashes with her mum. (S1, ep19) 
22:00New: The Royal World As their stay comes to a close, the drama continues. A last supper serves a dramatic showdown, a romance bubbles, and after attending a ball, will Tyler finally feel part of a Royal family? (S1, ep6) 
23:00Geordie Shore Chloe takes Sam on a date that leaves a chill up his spine. Alex has to do some serious grovelling with Sophie, and Scotty T makes life awkward for Holly when he brings her ex on a job. (S18, ep9) 
00:00Geordie Shore: Every Episode Chloe confronts Scott and lets slip how she truly feels. Meanwhile, Marnie gets an unexpected call while Nathan has some big news for the family. (S11, ep9) 
01:00Geordie Shore: Every Episode After Chloe dropped the L-bomb, Scott wants a word. There's a surprise arrival for one of the family and Marnie has some massive news. Last in the series. (S11, ep10) 
02:00Geordie Shore: Every Episode The Geordies are back! Chloe turns on her charm to try to get with Scott. Holly has a huge secret but will she tell anyone? A shock new arrival sees the lads buzzin' and Chloe stressing. (S12, ep1) 
02:50Geordie Shore: Every Episode Charlotte finally turns up with some bunnies and some bigger news for Gaz. Will Holly share her secret? Aaron and Scott's dates with Chantelle end badly as the lads and Chloe all kick off. (S12, ep2) 
03:35Pimp My Ride X and the G.A.S. crew set their sights on a 1997 Toyota RAV4 and turn it into a luxury SUV with 22 inch chrome wheels, a romantic red leather interior, a chocolate fountain and a projection TV system! 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Disaster Date Dari's date uses him to make another guy jealous, Eugene's blind date ruins dance class, and Aroxie goes out with a fighter not a lover! (S3, ep16)