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Listings for More 4 on Tuesday, July 24 2018

03:55Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
07:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
08:55Food Unwrapped Jimmy hunts for the mother of all lagers. Plus: can changing the shape of food help our children eat their vegetables? And why are blueberries coated in a strange cloudy wax? (S13 Ep4/6) 
09:30A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun Jasmine Harman is in the Caribbean to help Kathy Hector search for a rental investment/holiday home in Antigua, where Kathy used to live. 
10:30A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun Laura Hamilton takes sailing fanatics Berto and Angie from Hampshire to south Tenerife in search of a holiday home they can enjoy with their large family. 
11:35Four in a Bed This competition opens with a stay at The Kings Head and Queens Jules in Suffolk, where hosts Tim and Jules Anderson offer guests a 21st-century party in a 17th-century building. 
12:05Four in a Bed Poetry and erotic art are all part of the fun of this stay at Gordon and Blossom Hoyles' Hotel Continental in the Essex port of Harwich. But the breakfast doesn't go exactly to plan. 
12:35Four in a Bed Following a cleaning crisis, will host Ryan Davies' selection of his own wines be enough to impress the guests at his five-star B&B, Llanerch Vineyard, in south Wales? 
13:05Four in a Bed After touring a paint factory and clashing over previous feedback, guests at Neil and Tracy's Whitehall Hotel in Darwen, Lancashire, end their stay in stony silence over breakfast. 
13:40Four in a Bed Conflict continues as the competitors meet for the last time to confront their critics and find out what they've been paid. Who will walk away with the prize? 
14:10Come Dine with Me Clacton-on-Sea. First to host is trucker and foodie Tony Houston. He's hoping to wow his guests with his menu of scallops on black pudding with pea puree. (Ep1/5) 
14:40Come Dine with Me Clacton-on-Sea. Second to host is cheeky sandwich shop owner, Anthony Street. After annoying everyone with his cutlery obsession, Anthony's got his work cut out. (Ep2/5) 
15:15Come Dine with Me Clacton-on-Sea. Will driving instructor Claire Kelly's chaotic cooking style win over her guests? If not, she has some special entertainment lined up for them. (Ep3/5) 
15:50Come Dine with Me Clacton-on-Sea. Entrepreneur Richard Harris hosts but not everyone's impressed to discover he's had help with his foraging. Can a choral performance soothe the atmosphere? (Ep4/5) 
16:20Come Dine with Me Clacton-on-Sea. Teacher Kerrie Brinkley-Whittington's hosting skills come under fire. Her rhubarb dessert could be just as controversial. Can she still walk away with the prize? (Ep5/5) 
16:50A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun Jasmine Harman helps Preston couple David and Kim to search for the home of their dreams in Barbados, a country David knows well. 
17:55The Secret Life of the Zoo The series that goes behind the scenes at Chester Zoo. Can mantis Bruce survive mating with deadly Natasha? Rhino couple Beni and Asha are reunited after four years apart. (S3 Ep1/7) 
18:55The Supervet A Newfoundland called Billy needs treatment on his legs. A tiny Yorkshire terrier has a deformity in his neck. And Noel finds himself managing the needs of a pampered chihuahua. (S5 Ep3/3) 
19:55Grand Designs Kevin McCloud catches up with Lucie Fairweather to view the striking, modern house in Woodbridge, Suffolk, designed by her partner Nat, who passed away prematurely. 
21:00New: The Yorkshire Dales and... ...The Lakes: A train fireman prepares for a scenic railway journey from Settle to Carlisle. And a whisky-maker hopes to distil The Lakes' first-ever single malt. (S2 Ep6/10) 
22:00Finding Babylon's Hanging Garden Secret History No evidence of the Hanging Garden of Babylon has ever been found, but has everyone just been looking in the wrong place? An Oxford academic sets out to solve the mystery. 
23:108 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Jimmy Carr hosts as team captains Sean Lock and Jon Richardson are joined by Jonathan Ross and Roisin Conaty. David O'Doherty and Joe Wilkinson help Susie Dent and Rachel Riley. (S4 Ep1/7) 
00:158 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Jimmy Carr hosts as team captains Sean Lock and Jon Richardson are joined by Josie Long and Rob Beckett. Vic Reeves and Joe Wilkinson assist Susie Dent and Rachel Riley. (S4 Ep3/7) 
01:15The Yorkshire Dales and The Lakes A train fireman prepares for one of the UK's most scenic railway journeys, from Settle to Carlisle. And a Lakes whisky-maker hopes to distil the region's first single malt. (S2 Ep6/10) New. 
02:20The Good Wife VIP Treatment Alicia and the partners must decide whether to take on the case of a massage therapist who accuses a Nobel Peace Prize winner of sexual assault. (S2 Ep5/23) 
03:158 Out of 10 Cats Jimmy Carr hosts with captains Rob Beckett and Aisling Bea, together with Gabby Logan, Ellie Simmonds, Alex Brooker and David O'Doherty for a sporty edition of the panel show. (S19 Ep9) 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.