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Listings for More 4 on Friday, June 21 2019

03:55Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
07:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
08:55Jamie's Comfort Food Bites Jamie Oliver takes the nation's favourite dishes to the next level with reinvented classics and upgrades to British staples. In this episode, Jamie cooks curried fish pie. 
09:15Food Unwrapped Jimmy, Kate and Matt present some of their favourite investigations, including a groundbreaking use for an enzyme found in pineapples. Plus vitamin D, and elderflower cordial. (S10 Ep7) 
09:40Food Unwrapped Jimmy, Kate and Matt present some of their favourite investigations. Is MSG as unhealthy as some headlines claim? Why do onions make you cry? Plus: pistachio nuts. (S10 Ep8) 
10:10A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun Laura Hamilton helps Fuerteventura fanatics Nicholas and Pauline find their dream second home in the Spanish island, on which they've been taking their holidays for a decade. 
11:10A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun Norfolk couple Chris and Susan enlist the help of Jonnie Irwin to find them a dream waterfront holiday home in Tampa, Florida, for their whole family to enjoy. 
12:15Escape to the Chateau: DIY Jonathan and Michael face their investors, but their new idea to keep goats does not go down well. And Philip and Angelina contend with broken toilets at their anniversary party. (S1 Ep5) 
13:15Find It, Fix It, Flog It In the last of the series, the boys head to Wales where Henry converts a Royal Enfield into a classic café racer, and Simon gets an 80s pinball machine back to its best. (S3 Ep25) 
14:20Four in a Bed The competition begins at Cherry Tree House in Blackpool, where an afternoon learning clown skills sees a North/South divide develop within the group. 
14:50Four in a Bed It's day two and the competition has moved to the Old Hall Inn in Yorkshire, where Lucy and Caroline make a mysterious, toe-curling discovery in their bathroom. 
15:20Four in a Bed The B&B competition reconvenes at the nautical Pilot Boat Inn on the Isle of Wight. But for some of the guests, the rooms aren't quite shipshape. 
15:50Four in a Bed The fourth visit of the week is to Rutland Terrace in Stamford, where, after dinner, guest Kevin unleashes his alter-ego Veronica to general screams of delight. 
16:20Four in a Bed It's time for the B&Bers to face the music, as they come together for one last time to find out what they've been paid and confront their critics face-to-face. 
16:55Kirstie and Phil's Love It or... ...List It: In the village of Clifford, Kirstie and Phil meet Vic and Paul. From the outside their idyllic home looks perfect for a family, but appearances can be deceptive. (S4 Ep5/8) 
17:55The Secret Life of the Zoo Sloths Tina and Rico aren't getting on. Whenever Rico tries to get close to Tina, she fights him off. But Tina starts to put on weight. Is she pregnant? Or just eating too much? (S7 Ep3) 
18:55The Supervet When a cockapoo called Orla gets hit by a lawn mower, Professor Noel fears the worst. Labrador Scooby has bad elbows, while a German shepherd-collie cross has a bad spine. (S6 Ep2/10) 
19:55Great Canal Journeys Timothy West and Prunella Scales take a journey on the Oxford Canal through the Cherwell Valley, meeting author Philip Pullman on the way. (S2 Ep1/4) 
21:00New: Code 37: Sex Crimes Brand new series - In the Cell: Hannah goes undercover posing as an inmate in a women's prison to find out the identity of the perpetrator of a series of rapes. In Flemish/subs. (S2 Ep6/13) 
22:0524 Hours in A&E Cyclist Athar, who's 22, has collided with a car. Doctors must assess whether he's sustained a serious head injury, or life-changing damage to his neck, spine or internal organs. (S11 Ep8) 
23:1524 Hours in A&E Mel, who's 71, is rushed to St George's after being accidentally knocked down and run over by her husband John. Maddi, who's four, has fallen and injured her neck on a train. (S12 Ep1) 
00:15Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA Gordon visits Classic American in West Babylon, New York, a restaurant which the chef discovers does not live up to its name. It's suffering from debt and the owners' lack of experience. 
01:15Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA Gordon Ramsay tries to save struggling restaurant Down City in Providence, Rhode Island. But the restaurant's tough-talking owner Abby refuses to listen to advice from anyone. 
02:1024 Hours in A&E Cyclist Athar, who's 22, has collided with a car. Doctors must assess whether he's sustained a serious head injury, or life-changing damage to his neck, spine or internal organs. (S11 Ep8) 
03:158 Out of 10 Cats Host Jimmy Carr and team captains Jon Richardson and Sean Lock are joined by guests Steve Jones, David O'Doherty, Deborah Meaden and Seann Walsh. (S16 Ep2) 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.