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Listings for ITV 1 HD on Saturday, December 16 2017

06:00Sooty Five Star Fish When Richard is put in charge of Mr Slater's five star restaurant, his first customer demands fresh fish. Can Sooty and Sweep help? [SL] S2 Ep5 
06:10Bottom Knocker Street Adorable Children's comedy series. Councillor Cowdrey uses two perfect android children to disrupt life in Bottom Knocker Street. [SL] S1 Ep25 
06:20Bottom Knocker Street Dunks! Children's comedy series about four kids who dream of creating a city farm. The kids are challenged to a game of Dunks to save their very existence. [SL] S1 Ep47 
06:35Dino Dan: Trek's Adventures The Wonderful Wizard of Dinoz Jurassic adventures. When Trek's mum reads him a bedtime story - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Trek drifts off and ends up in The Land of Dinoz. [SL] S4 Ep25 
07:00Mission Employable Chef Join Agent Kym from the Mission Employable Agency as she becomes a restaurant chef for the day and makes delicious pizzas for lots of hungry customers. [SL] S1 Ep7 
07:05Oddbods The Fail and the Furious Animated series about a couple of odd little beings. Zee has never been one for finesse, and Fuse has always been one for misfortune - much to his chagrin! S1 Ep21 
07:10Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors Contest of Champions Part Three: Spider-Man, The Avengers and The Agents of SMASH battle their greatest foes. Spider-Man has to change the rules of The Grandmaster's game. S3 Ep25 
07:30Scrambled! Bitesize TV that fills your morning with a blast of excitement and fun, 'Scrambled!' is the place to go for the best of CITV's current and original shows. S5 Ep29 
07:35Scrambled! The Tom and Jerry Show Meanie Genie Animated hijinks. Jerry is granted three wishes when he releases a genie from his bottle, but can the mischievous genie be trusted? S2 Ep30 
07:50Scrambled! Fangbone! The Rowboat of Dibby Animated series. Dibby dreams of being a hero like Fangbone and Bill, so he steals the Toe and uses its evil magic to transform himself into a robot warrior. S1 Ep15 
08:10Scrambled! The Powerpuff Girls Road Trippin' Animation. Bubbles is upset as she feels that the Professor favours Blossom and Buttercup over her; perhaps a private road trip will change her mind! S1 Ep26 
08:30New: Scrambled! Thunderbirds... ...Are Go. Brains vs Brawn: The Mechanic decides to destroy The Hood. As International Rescue try to save The Hood, Brains aims to stop The Mechanic once and for all. S2 Ep25 
09:00Scrambled! Wishfart Why Don't We All Have Capes? When Akiko wishes Tsuni would sing at karaoke night, her song summons the deadly Kraken. S1 Ep13 
09:25ITV News The latest ITV News. 
09:30New: Saturday Morning with... ...James Martin at Christmas. EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt and chef Paul Martin join James for steak with wild mushrooms and red wine sauce, cardamom, and pistachio buns. S1 Ep16 
11:20Gino's Italian Coastal Escape Gino D'Acampo continues his journey in the rugged and wild region that is Calabria, where the landscape is as breathtaking as the powerhouse ingredients that it produces. S5 Ep7 
11:50Countrywise Magazine show celebrating the British countryside. Ben Fogle makes charcoal in the Lake District and Paul Heiney investigates where our next generation of farmers will come from. S5 Ep7 
12:20Thunderbirds Are Go Brains vs Brawn The Mechanic decides to destroy The Hood. As International Rescue try to save The Hood, Brains aims to stop The Mechanic once and for all. S2 Ep25 
12:45ITV News The latest ITV News. 
12:55Endeavour Ride Crime drama. A vanishing bus conductress, a raucous funfair with hidden secrets, and the bright young things of Oxford's social set draw DC Endeavour Morse back to duty. S3 Ep1 
14:55The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas Film Fantasy family comedy starring Alec Baldwin and Mark Addy, 2000. Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble take their girlfriends Betty and Wilma on a holiday to Rock Vegas. 
16:35The Chase Quiz show hosted by Bradley Walsh. Four contestants must pit their wits against the Chaser, a ruthless quiz genius determined to stop them winning the cash prize. S8 Ep3 
17:35Paul O'Grady: For the Love... ...of Dogs. Paul O'Grady's got his work cut out at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home when he helps to train an overexcited beagle who might just be the world's worst sniffer dog. S6 Ep8 
18:05ITV News London The latest news and weather from London and the South East. 
18:15ITV News The latest ITV News. 
18:30The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Film Fantasy adventure starring Martin Freeman and directed by Peter Jackson, 2012. Little hobbit Bilbo lives a quiet life until the wizard Gandalf hires him for a great adventure. 
21:45ITV News The latest ITV News. 
22:00The Hangover Film Comedy starring Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis, 2010. Three friends wake up after a Las Vegas bachelor party with no memory of the night before and the groom missing. 
23:55Tonight at the London... ...Palladium. Bradley Walsh presents '80s band ABC, pop star Nathan Sykes, the cast of the musical Guys and Dolls and a duet between Gregory Porter and Milos. S1 Ep6 
00:45Jackpot247 Join the presenters live and play roulette on your telly. Join in now at 
03:00The Hungry Sailors Dick and James Strawbridge are back on the Cornish mainland to create a Wild West dinner at the Minack Theatre, compete to make the best samosa, and sample spam fritters. S2 Ep21 
03:50ITV Nightscreen Text-based information service. 
06:00Sooty The Early Night Richard plans an early night before Mr Slater's fitness class, but when Sooty's pet mouse escapes and Sweep loses his favourite bone, Richard's hopes fade... [SL] S2 Ep6