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Listings for Five Us on Friday, November 23 2018

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping 
06:30Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
07:00Teleshopping Teleshopping 
07:30Teleshopping Teleshopping 
08:00Teleshopping Teleshopping 
08:30Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
09:00Catch a Contractor Reality series. Adam Carolla confronts a contractor who was hired to create a half bath-laundry room and chicken coop but fled after receiving his money. (S1 Ep 7) 
09:20CSI: New York Second Chances Crime drama. The murder of a former drug addict uncovers a sinister insurance scam worth millions of dollars. (S6 Ep 11) 
10:00CSI: New York Criminal Justice Crime drama. Stella finds a discrepancy at a murder scene that implicates a district attorney in a different crime. (S6 Ep 12) 
10:55Law & Order Judge Dread Crime series. Briscoe and Green investigate the attempted murder of a judge. (S11 Ep 23) 
11:55Law & Order Deep Vote Crime drama. A murder victim who was killed in a case of mistaken identity is linked to the recent election of a state senator. (S11 Ep 24) 
12:55Longmire Drama series. Longmire and Walker lock horns over Gabrielle. Zach is fired. Vic tells Walt that she has had sex with O'Neill. (S4 Ep 10) 
14:10NCIS US crime series. After a Marine captain is found tortured and killed, the team's investigation leads them to an Afghani translator and his ruthless brother. (S12 Ep 21) 
15:05Castle US crime drama. Castle is hired as a private detective to investigate whether a husband has been unfaithful, but then witnesses his client's murder. (S7 Ep 13) 
16:05Law & Order Myth Of Fingerprints Powerful American crime drama series. Van Buren is disturbed when the brother of a man she helped convict claims that someone else was the real killer. (S12 Ep 7) 
17:05Law & Order This Fire This Time Crime drama series. When an apartment block is torched, Briscoe and Green take on the task of identifying the charred remains of a young woman caught in the blaze. (S12 Ep 8) 
18:00Castle US crime drama series. Castle and Beckett help Ryan track down an assassin after a woman is shot by a political activist. (S7 Ep 18) 
19:00NCIS Safe Harbor US drama series starring Mark Harmon. While investigating the murder of a coast guard officer aboard a cargo vessel, the team finds a Lebanese family seeking refuge in the US. (S9 Ep 5) 
20:00NCIS Thirst US naval drama. The team investigates the death of a Navy lieutenant who died of over-hydration, which soon turns into a murder investigation. Gibbs meets Ducky's new lady. (S9 Ep 6) 
21:00New: The Detail Police drama series. A teenage girl is found dead in a car. Local pot dealer Matt was fixated on her, but a previous, similar killing casts doubt on his involvement. (S1 Ep 4) 
22:00Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Crime drama series. Rollins must confront the ghosts of her past when the man who raped her in Atlanta is now accused of attacking another woman. (S16 Ep 10) 
22:55Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Crime drama series. An actor is suspected of raping a 15-year-old girl, but he and his agent may be trying to spin it into a publicity stunt for his new movie. (S16 Ep 11) 
23:55Law & Order: Criminal Intent When a fragile couple lose their child in a hotel robbery, Goren and Eames race against the clock to track down the missing child. (S8 Ep 7) 
00:50CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Irradiator Crime drama. When a family is mercilessly gunned down, evidence points to a domestic dispute. However, Ray comes to believe that an old adversary has returned. (S10 Ep 17) 
01:50CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Field Mice Crime drama. Wendy and Hodges enlist a group of high school CSI cadets to help solve a real crime. (S10 Ep 18) 
02:50CSI: Crime Scene Investigation World's End Crime drama. When a teenager is murdered, the CSIs find that his racist, homophobic views made him a number of enemies with a motive to kill. (S10 Ep 19) 
03:50Access 10' A daily round-up of showbiz news and gossip from around the world, focusing on celebrities, movies, music and entertainment. 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
04:30Teleshopping Teleshopping 
05:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
05:30Teleshopping Teleshopping 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.