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Listings for Five Us on Sunday, June 23 2019

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
08:00Cruise TV with LoveitBookit Your one-stop-shop for all things cruise; bringing you the hottest destinations, ground-breaking ships and the latest deals to ensure you have a fantastic cruise holiday! 
09:00Access Entertainment round up. 
09:10Catch a Contractor Property show hosted by Adam Carolla. The Floyds say the contractor failed to baby-proof their home, but this ambush takes a twist when Adam and Skip discover the real truth. (S1 Ep 2) 
09:30CSI: New York Communication Breakdown Crime drama. A Native American chief is shot on a train, but the team soon realises that the cause of death is more complicated than first appears. (S5 Ep 19) 
10:20CSI: New York Prey A man is found dead but the random pieces of evidence at the crime scene don't seem to make sense. The case takes a twist when the CSIs learn the victim was a stalker. (S5 Ep 20) 
11:15Columbo: Rest in Peace, Mrs... Film ...Columbo. 50 Years Of Columbo. Feature-length detective drama starring Peter Falk. When a crooked estate agent dies in prison, his widow vows to kill both Lt Columbo and his beloved wife. (1990) 
13:20Columbo: The Bye-Bye Sky-High... Film ...I.Q. Detective drama starring Peter Falk and Theodore Bikel. The scruffy detective plays mental games with an accountant who believes he has carried out the perfect murder. (1977) 
14:55Columbo: Any Old Port in a Storm Film Detective drama with the unorthodox lieutenant. A wine connoisseur realises that his thriving vineyard is under threat of being sold by his brother. (1973) 
17:00Columbo: Ashes to Ashes Film Detective drama starring Peter Falk and Patrick McGoohan. The crumpled detective must prove that a flamboyant Hollywood gossip reporter was murdered by her former lover. (1998) 
19:00Columbo: Butterfly in Shades... Film ...Of Grey. Amiable detective drama starring Peter Falk and William Shatner. Columbo investigates a father who tries to prevent his novelist daughter from having her first book published. (1993) 
21:00NCIS US crime series. The NCIS team, alongside the FBI and MI6, continue an international manhunt for an escaped British spy who is targeting current and former agents. (S13 Ep 24) 
22:00Ransom Hostage negotiator Eric Beaumont and his team save lives using insight into criminal behavior; Maxine is eager to prove herself but harbors a dangerous secret from her past. (S1 Ep 1) 
22:55Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Drama series. A young girl, fatally injured during an attempted robbery, tests positive for a sexually transmitted disease. (S4 Ep 11) 
23:55Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Drama series about an elite police force. An infant overdoses on cocaine mixed in baby food, and the squad goes undercover to flush out a drug ring run by corrupt police. (S4 Ep 12) 
00:55Law & Order: Criminal Intent When a fragile couple lose their child in a hotel robbery, Goren and Eames race against the clock to track down the missing child. (S8 Ep 7) 
01:50Law & Order: Criminal Intent When a flier from a local Catholic high school drama production connects three murders, Goren and Eames must understand the psychology of a religious fanatic before he claims another victim. (S8 Ep 8) 
02:50Chicago P.D. With Voight sidelined, Antonio and Ruzek clash as Intelligence races to solve a high-stakes case involving a series of overdose deaths caused by bad heroin. (S6 Ep 1) 
03:50Access Entertainment round up. 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.