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Listings for Five on Tuesday, September 25 2018

06:00Mofy Animated series. Mofy looks for her friends so that she can play, but they are all busy doing other things. (S1 Ep 13) 
06:05Peppa Pig Ice Skating Animation about a fun-loving pig. Peppa and George go ice skating, but they have never been before and Peppa keeps falling over. (S2 Ep 35) 
06:10Peppa Pig Nature Trail Animated series about a lovable little pig. Peppa and her family follow a nature trail in the countryside, discovering footprints left by little birds and ants. (S2 Ep 40) 
06:15Peppa Pig Bedtime Story Animated series about a lovable little pig. Daddy Pig reads Peppa and George a bedtime story. Later George wakes up again, so Peppa has to make up another story. (S4 Ep 17) 
06:20New: Luo Bao Bei Animation. Luo Bao Bei wants to give Uncle Ray and Auntie Lin a special picnic to celebrate their wedding anniversary - and she doesn't want any help... (S1 Ep 48) 
06:35Secret Life Of Puppies Reality series. Marshall the dalmatian has his hearing checked. He is found to be deaf in one ear, but will it affect him as he settles with his family into his new home? (S1 Ep 17) 
06:40Wissper Animation. Kaspar is babysitting his niece Kylie, but he can't get her to stop crying because she misses her mum. So Wissper asks for Monty Meerkat's help. (S2 Ep 7) 
06:45Noddy Toyland Detective CGI-animation. A crisis looms when a ship goes out of control. (S1 Ep 45) 
07:00Thomas & Friends Animation. Gordon has a tantrum about all the changes being made to the railway but his new friend Nia from Kenya helps him to see the changes in a different light. (S22 Ep 2) 
07:10Fireman Sam Elvis Sings the Blues Animation. Elvis breaks his leg dancing around the Fire Station. But when Mike Flood ends up dangling from his roof, Elvis must wheel himself to the rescue. (S7 Ep 3) 
07:20Shane the Chef Animation. Eddy disappears after Mario lets him off his lead. Shane is looking for a recipe to get Mario to eat spinach - but can he also find Sam's beloved dog? (Ep 17) 
07:35Peppa Pig Animation. When Peppa takes Goldie the Goldfish for a visit to the vets, she is surprised when she finds that there's a new road to be built over the building! (S5 Ep 44) 
07:45Peppa Pig Animation. Mummy Pig is determined that George's new hat doesn't get muddy when Peppa and George visit Grandpa and Granny Pig. (S5 Ep 24) 
07:55Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom The New Wand Animation. When Holly's wand catches a cold, she is given a brand new WiseWand 3000 as a replacement. The only problem is, it doesn't do any magic at all! (S2 Ep 17) 
08:05PAW Patrol Animation. It seems just a regular day in Adventure Bay as the Paw Patrol is called to duty. But the pups are in for a surprise - Paw Patrol Appreciation Day! (S4 Ep 4) 
08:25New: Floogals Animation. When Boy Hooman takes the Floogals' spaceship into school for a Show and Tell about toys, the Floogals think that they have been discovered! (S2 Ep 17) 
08:40Shimmer and Shine Animated series. When Zac wishes for a pet Ziffilon for Kaz, the lovable blue bird turns out to be a lot more trouble - and fun - that either of them expect. (S2 Ep 17) 
08:55Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Plumbing Animation. The bath tap at the Little Castle is dripping, so the elf plumber is called. But with King and Queen Marigold coming round, there is not much time to fix it. (S2 Ep 22) 
09:05Peppa Pig The Camper Van Animated pig tales. Peppa and her family go on holiday in a special van. (S3 Ep 5) 
09:15Jeremy Vine Jeremy Vine discusses and dissects the latest news, views and opinions, with Tiffany, John Stapleton, and Susie Boniface. 
11:15Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away! Reality series. The licensee of a pub tries to cut a deal with her new landlord over a debt, and a car salesman is not happy about coughing up to a dissatisfied customer. (S5 Ep 36) 
12:105 News At Lunchtime National and international news. 
12:15NCIS Obsession Crime drama series. DiNozzo becomes obsessed with finding a woman whose brother has been murdered, while the team searches for the killer. (S7 Ep 21) 
13:05Access A daily round-up of showbiz news and gossip from around the world, focusing on celebrities, movies, music and entertainment. 
13:15Home and Away Ziggy and Brody realise that compromise is a vital part of any relationship. Irene offers Willow somewhere to live. Hunter announces that he is going to live with Zac in Vietnam. 
13:45Neighbours Susan has reservations about Jemima's offer. Steph gives Gary a pay rise, but he still needs the cash to pay for Xanthe's university course and dips into Jeremy's stash. 
14:15Cradle of Lies Film Thriller starring Nicole de Boer and Lochlyn Munro. A woman wakes from a coma with no memory then sets out to find the daughter she believes she has. (2016) 
16:00Friends Phoebe learns the surprising truth about her father, and Ross ruins Monica's party by tampering with her heating. (S2 Ep 9) 
16:30Friends Joey is offered a part on a soap - but only if he hits the casting couch. Rachel's new boyfriend Russ looks uncannily like Ross. (S2 Ep 10) 
17:005 News At 5 National and international news. 
17:30Neighbours Susan has reservations about Jemima's offer. Steph gives Gary a pay rise, but he still needs the cash to pay for Xanthe's university course and dips into Jeremy's stash. 
18:00Home and Away Ziggy and Brody realise that compromise is a vital part of any relationship. Irene offers Willow somewhere to live. Hunter announces that he is going to live with Zac in Vietnam. 
18:305 News Tonight National and international news. 
19:00Moto GP Highlights Highlights from Aragon in Spain of the 
20:00New: The Yorkshire Vet Observational documentary series. Julian Norton meets Toby the tortoise, who has lost his appetite. Peter Wright must choose whether to save a young ewe or her lamb. (S7 Ep 5) 
21:15New: Ben Fogle: New Lives In... ...The Wild. Documentary series. Master craftsman Robert bought 200 acres in the Ozark National Forest 20 years ago. But old age may get in the way of his 'living treasure'. (S7 Ep 1) 
22:15New: Big Brother This year's housemates face a whole new series of tasks, twists and surprises to bond, divide and entertain viewers, and each other. (Ep 10) 
23:15New: Big Brother's Bit On The... ...Side. Rylan Clark-Neal is joined by a variety of celebrity panelists and an audience of BB fans to debate hot topics, reveal exclusives and go behind the scenes of the main show. (Ep 8) 
00:15New: Ex On The Beach Olivia reaches breaking point and finds herself swilling James in front of everyone; Gina and Kieran finally seal the deal and a new arrival brings a little love to the villa. (S4 Ep 5) 
01:10Supercasino Live interactive gaming featuring roulette and autowheel. For more information and to register visit 
03:10NCIS: New Orleans Spin-off crime series. The team investigates the murder of a retired navy SEAL who spent his career tracking down people who pose as military personnel. (S1 Ep 10) 
04:00Britain's Greatest Bridges Documentary series presented by Rob Bell. The last great Victorian engineering triumph, the Forth Rail Bridge was born from tragedy and paid for in blood. [SL] (S1 Ep 1) 
04:45Wildlife SOS Documentary series about the work of dedicated animal lovers who save injured and orphaned wild animals brought into their sanctuary. (S2 Ep 24) 
05:10House Doctor Ann Maurice presents more home improvements for properties that are proving difficult to sell. A two-bedroom cottage in Leicestershire receives an affordable makeover. [SL] (S5 Ep 7) 
05:35Great Artists Tim Marlow looks at the work of the Western world's most famous artists. The Dutch painter Vermeer who today is considered as great a talent as Rembrandt. (S1 Ep 12) 
06:00Mofy Animated series. Mofy receives a letter from the Mice children, who tell her that their mother is not feeling very well. They ask Mofy to visit to cheer her up. (S1 Ep 14)