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Listings for Five on Friday, April 26 2019

06:00Peppa Pig Sun, Sea and Snow Pig tales. Peppa and her family are looking forward to a trip to the seaside, but when they arrive at the beach there is too much snow! (S3 Ep 30) 
06:05Peppa Pig Grandpa Pig's Computer Mummy Pig gives Granny and Grandpa Pig her old computer to work, and play, on. (S3 Ep 31) 
06:10Milkshake Monkey Live action series about an inquisitive puppet. Milkshake! Monkey buys Kemi some flowers for her birthday, then sets off on a train to hand-deliver them. (S4 Ep 5) 
06:15Wissper Animation. After her nest is blown away, Hayley Mouse cowers in a vole hole. Wissper tries to tempt her out with some tasty blackberries, but Hayley is stuck! (S2 Ep 15) 
06:25New: Noddy Toyland Detective CGI-animated series based on Enid Blyton's character. Action hero Deltoid has lost his strength and started making things and singing! (S2 Ep 15) 
06:40Fireman Sam The adventures of Fireman Sam and his friends. The residents of Pontypandy gather in the park for the annual town festival. (S10 Ep 20) 
06:55Thomas & Friends Animation. Rebecca, a big new tender engine, comes to the Island of Sodor and works so hard not to be late that she keeps leaving stations too early! (S22 Ep 3) 
07:05Shane the Chef Animation. When Milly the goat eats the flowers that Sid plans to give Penny as a surprise, Shane creates a bouquet from Maggie's fresh vegetables. (Ep 31) 
07:15Peppa Pig Children's Fete Popular animated series. The school roof has a leak again, so the children organise a fete to raise money for a new roof. (S4 Ep 30) 
07:30Peppa Pig Animated antics of a lovable piglet. Miss Rabbit persuades Mummy Pig to go to her relaxation class, but relaxing proves more difficult than expected. (S6 Ep 6) 
07:35Top Wing Animation. Swift jets to the rescue when Rod's loud, exuberant singing gets him trapped in an avalanche! (S1 Ep 9) 
07:55Paw Patrol Animated series about a team of search-and-rescue puppies. Mayor Humdinger steals the statue of Chickaletta. (S5 Ep 2) 
08:05Digby Dragon CGI animation. When Digby crashlands and breaks his mechanical wings, Fizzy and Grumpy compete to see who can best get Digby airborne again. (S2 Ep 15) 
08:20Little Princess I Want My Duck Animated series narrated by Julian Clary. Little Princess is enjoying a lazy day by the pond when Scruff finds three little duck eggs. (S3 Ep 20) 
08:35Shimmer and Shine CGI-animated series about twin genies-in-training. A cute little Zenguin takes a wishing coin and leads the girls on a chase around their new boat. (S3 Ep 16) 
08:55Floogals Animation. When Boomer hears a mysterious hoot-hoot noise in the middle of the night, the Floogals set out on an adventure to discover what this new animal could be... (S2 Ep 40) 
09:10Sunny Bunnies Animated series about five fun-loving balls of light. At a circus arena, the Sunny Bunnies learn how to use a magic wand and that laughing is the cure for any spell. (S1 Ep 2) 
09:15Jeremy Vine Jeremy Vine chairs the popular discussion show, with a panel dissecting the day's hot topics. 
11:15Traffic Cops Highlights from the action-packed series. The traffic cops pursue a drug runner down a motorway, and a drug deal results in a white-knuckle race through Bradford's back streets. (S1 Ep 7) 
12:105 News Lunchtime National and international news. 
12:15Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away! Reality series. A debtor in London ties his car to a tree to stop agents taking it in payment, a church ministry owes rent and a barber owes a business consultancy. (S5 Ep 6) 
13:10Access A daily round-up of showbiz news and gossip from around the world, focusing on celebrities, movies, music and entertainment. 
13:15Home and Away Marilyn and John learn that Jett has been critically injured and has been flown to Germany for treatment. Dean's addiction to sleeping pills spirals out of control. 
13:45Neighbours The razors are out for Finn, but Bea and Susan have doubts about his guilt and ask Mark to look into the matter. Paul offers Chloe serious money to stay away from Kyle. 
14:15Family Secrets Film Romance starring Michaela McManus and Diogo Morgado. Romance about a Californian woman who inherits a ranch in Nebraska. There she finds out about her family. (2016) 
16:00Friends Ross proposes to Emily. Monica and Rachel try to get their apartment back. (S4 Ep 19) 
16:30Friends Rachel's reaction to Ross's engagement is drastic. Chandler becomes exasperated by Joey's snoring. (S4 Ep 20) 
17:005 News At 5 National and international news. 
17:30Neighbours The razors are out for Finn, but Bea and Susan have doubts about his guilt and ask Mark to look into the matter. Paul offers Chloe serious money to stay away from Kyle. 
18:00Home and Away Marilyn and John learn that Jett has been critically injured and has been flown to Germany for treatment. Dean's addiction to sleeping pills spirals out of control. 
18:305 News Tonight National and international news. 
19:00The Gadget Show Tech consumer series hosted by Craig Charles. The G Team visit Vivid Ink to see if tech can help the tattoo industry. Jon reports on the latest full-frame mirrorless cameras. (S29 Ep 4) 
20:00New: British Made With... ...John Prescott. Documentary series. Lord Prescott visits the factories that make the nation's favourite food and drinks. John gets the lowdown on rice pudding and fish pie. (S1 Ep 2) 
21:00New: Cruising With Jane McDonald First part of the Wonder of Wakefield's two-part trip to India. In Kolkata, Jane visits the largest flower market in Asia, before setting sail on the Ganges River. (S5 Ep 3) 
22:00Julie Walters: By Her Friends Documentary. Friends and fans pay homage to Dame Julie, the Oscar-nominated character actress who has been entertaining for the best part of 40 years. 
23:05New: Celebrity Game Night Parlour games with a twist hosted by Liza Tarbuck. Rick Edwards, Paisley Billings, Emma Kennedy, Anton Du Beke, Sally Lindsay and Jamie Laing join in the fun. (S1 Ep 4) 
00:05When TV Talent Shows Go To War Documentary series. Nicki Chapman explores the cut-throat world of talent shows. TV execs describe the tactics they employ to beat the competition. (S1 Ep 3) 
01:00High Street TV Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
01:30High Street TV Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
02:00High Street TV Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
02:30High Street TV Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
03:00Access Entertainment round up. 
03:10GPs Behind Closed Doors Documentary series about an NHS surgery. Back pain could be prostate cancer, a urinary infection could be a kidney stone, and vitiligo could be something altogether different. (S6 Ep 30) 
04:00Traffic Cops Action-packed documentary series. The traffic cops of West Yorkshire take action against a teenage driver after he leads them on a high-speed chase across Leeds' Roundhay Park. (S1 Ep 2) 
04:45House Doctor Home-improvement series with interior designer Ann Maurice and Alistair Appleton. [SL] (S4 Ep 2) 
05:10Divine Designs In the series about religious works of art, Paul Binski visits Lincoln Cathedral - which was redesigned in the 13th century - and Wells Cathedral. [SL] (S2 Ep 2) 
05:35Nick's Quest Naturalist Nick Baker tracks down the world's most fascinating animals. Nick travels to the remote Venezuelan region of Llanos to find the world's largest snake. [SL] (S1 Ep 1) 
06:00Peppa Pig Bubbles Animated series about a lovable little pig. Peppa and George are playing with bubbles. Daddy Pig shows them how to make really big bubbles with an old tennis racket. (S2 Ep 1)