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Listings for Five on Tuesday, April 23 2019

06:00Peppa Pig Funfair Pig tales. Peppa and her family head off for an exciting time at the funfair. Mummy Pig tries to win a giant teddy for Peppa. (S3 Ep 24) 
06:05Peppa Pig Numbers Pig tales. Peppa and her friends learn how to count by playing games at Madame Gazelle's playschool. (S3 Ep 25) 
06:10Milkshake Monkey Live action series about an inquisitive puppet. Milkshake! Monkey takes to the sky to view the City from inside a glass bubble - high above the City ground! (S4 Ep 2) 
06:15Wissper Animation. When the monkeys interrupt Kev Crocodile's nap in his favourite spot, Wissper tries to find separate trees for the animals. Can Jambo Tortoise help? (S2 Ep 12) 
06:25New: Noddy Toyland Detective CGI-animated series based on Enid Blyton's popular character. The final pages of Queen Sparklewings' fairytale book have been ripped out! (S2 Ep 12) 
06:40Fireman Sam CGI-animated series. Bronwen is staging a synchronised swimming spectacular to mark the reopening of the lido, when Norman accidentally starts a fire. (S10 Ep 19) 
06:55Thomas & Friends:.. ...Big World! Big Adventures! Animation. When Nia derails because she has never learned to read numbers, Annie and Clarabel decide to teach her. (S22 Ep 19) 
07:05Shane the Chef Animation. When Shane and Izzy babysit Bea for Penny Singh, Bea just won't stop crying - until Shane starts flipping pancakes and fills them with banana... (S1 Ep 28) 
07:15Peppa Pig The Queen Animation. Miss Rabbit is to be given the Queen's Award for Industry. Peppa and her friends are so excited, because they are going with her to the palace to meet the Queen! (S4 Ep 27) 
07:30Peppa Pig Animated antics of a lovable piglet. On a day out with her family, Peppa is encouraged to find words to describe the different kinds of puddles they find. (S6 Ep 3) 
07:35Top Wing Animation. When the island's precious lemons are taken by pirates, the cadets swashbuckle the treasure back to the Lemon Shack. (S1 Ep 6) 
07:55PAW Patrol Animated series about a pack of resourceful puppies. Tracker dreams that Mayor Humdinger has turned into a baby! (S4 Ep 40) 
08:05Digby Dragon CGI animated series. When Digby thinks he sees a knight in shining armour is in Applecross Wood, his attempts to prove that he's a good dragon don't go to plan... (S2 Ep 12) 
08:20Little Princess I Want To Be Strong Regal larks. General wants to be strong so that he can impress Maid, and Little Princess is determined to help. (S3 Ep 17) 
08:35Shimmer and Shine CGI-animated series about twin genies. When Zac wishes himself into the forest to find a mythical creature, Kaz and the girls set out on an adventure to find him. (S3 Ep 13) 
08:55Floogals Animation. Girl Hooman has a wobbly tooth! That's odd in itself, but then she puts it under her pillow when it falls out! The Floogals set out to discover why... (S2 Ep 37) 
09:10Sunny Bunnies Animation. The Sunny Bunnies have fun trying to juggle. they are determined to succeed, even though the balls and rings keep falling down. (S1 Ep 22) 
09:15Jeremy Vine Jeremy Vine chairs the popular discussion show, with a panel dissecting the day's hot topics. 
11:15Traffic Cops Action-packed documentary series. A convicted drug dealer leads North Yorkshire's Roads Policing Group on a 140-mile-an-hour chase down one of the UK's busiest motorways. (S1 Ep 1) 
12:105 News Lunchtime National and international news. 
12:15Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away! Reality series. A family of debtors get physical, police backup is requested for a stand-off in a hotel, and garage staff accuse one of the agents of stealing. (S5 Ep 2) 
13:10Access A daily round-up of showbiz news and gossip from around the world, focusing on celebrities, movies, music and entertainment. 
13:15Home and Away Jasmine supports Tori after a close call with the baby. Colby lies to McCarthy. Martha leaves the bay but Alf chases after her. Ziggy catches Brody and Simone in flagrante. 
13:45Neighbours Shaun agrees to keep Elly's secret but exacts a heavy price. Will Finn be sent to jail? Kyle begs Sheila not to reveal the contents of Georgia's letter to Gary. 
14:15Snatched At Birth Film Thriller starring Kaitlyn Black and Alexandra Paul. After his wife is killed in a car accident, a distraught husband faces a race against time to rescue his missing child. (2017) 
16:00Friends Rachel schemes to make a handsome client ask her out on a date. Chandler's jealousy causes problems with his girlfriend. (S4 Ep 13) 
16:30Friends Charlton Heston finds Joey in a compromising position during a movie shoot. And Ross finds himself attracted to Emily. (S4 Ep 14) 
17:005 News At 5 National and international news. 
17:30Neighbours Shaun agrees to keep Elly's secret but exacts a heavy price. Will Finn be sent to jail? Kyle begs Sheila not to reveal the contents of Georgia's letter to Gary. 
18:00Home and Away Jasmine supports Tori after a close call with the baby. Colby lies to McCarthy. Martha leaves the bay but Alf chases after her. Ziggy catches Brody and Simone in flagrante. 
18:305 News Tonight National and international news. 
19:00Secrets Of The National Trust... ...With Alan Titchmarsh. Historical series. Alan discovers the story of Erddig, a mansion in North Wales, where the servants and the family who owned had a very close relationship. (S3 Ep 1) 
20:00New: The Yorkshire Vet Documentary series following vets in Thirsk and Boroughbridge. Peter rushes to help a ewe struggling with childbirth and a billy goat who needs the snip. (S8 Ep 7) 
21:00New: Ben Fogle New Lives... ...In The Wild. Documentary series. Ben Fogle meets people who have given up the rat race for an alternative lifestyle. Karen has set up an artists' retreat in the heart of the Sahara. (S9 Ep 2) 
22:00New: The Murderer Next Door Documentary series about the darkside of neighbourly relations. The case of pensioner Maire Rankin who was murdered in Newry on Christmas Day in 2008. (S6 Ep 11) 
23:05The Last Hours Of Marilyn Monroe Part-dramatised documentary. Forensic pathologist Dr Richard Shepherd picks through the facts surrounding Marilyn Monroe's death. 
00:05Wannabe Porn Stars: The Sex... ...Business. Documentary series exploring how people buy, sell and market sex in Britain. Porn stars, who are new to the business, show how they live their lives in this secret world. (S1 Ep 1) 
01:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
01:30Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
02:00High Street TV Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
02:30High Street TV Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
03:00Access Entertainment round up. 
03:10Shop Smart: Save Money Consumer show with top money saving tips presented by Fiona Phillips and Gaby Roslin. The Family of the Week serve up an Easter lunch that doesn't break the bank. (S3 Ep 1) 
04:00My Mum's Hotter Than Me! Glamorous gran Amanda loves to compare herself to her granddaughter and isn't afraid to grow old disgracefully. [SL] (S1 Ep 1) 
04:45House Doctor Home improvement series. Californian interior designer Ann Maurice and Alistair Appleton tackle a property in Sutton-in-Ashfield. [SL] (S3 Ep 19) 
05:10Great Scientists Allan Chapman profiles famous scientists. Allan considers Charles Darwin, whose controversial theory of evolution was widely ridiculed when it was published. (S1 Ep 4) 
05:35Wildlife SOS Documentary series about the work of dedicated animal lovers who save injured and orphaned wild animals brought into their sanctuary. [SL] (S3 Ep 10) 
06:00Peppa Pig Digging Up The Road Pig tales. Peppa and her family are trying to get to the playground, but Mr Bull's roadworks are in the way. (S3 Ep 26)