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Listings for Five on Saturday, September 22 2018

06:00Peppa Pig Cleaning the Car Pig tales. Daddy Pig is taking everyone for a drive in the country, but the car is very muddy and Mummy insists they wash it first. (S1 Ep 33) 
06:05Peppa Pig Camping Animated series about a lovable little pig. Peppa and family go camping, but soon realise that their tent is too small for everyone to fit in. (S1 Ep 35) 
06:10Peppa Pig The Tree House Animated series about a loveable little pig. Grandpa Pig has a surprise for Peppa and George - a beautiful tree house in his garden. (S1 Ep 37) 
06:15Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Fun and Games Impish animation. Holly gets frustrated when Ben uses his elf skills to win all their games, then Ben becomes annoyed when Holly gets her own back! (S1 Ep 9) 
06:30Luo Bao Bei Animation. When Luo Bao Bei is told that she can't have her ears pierced until she's more grown up, she gets rid of her toys to prove that she's not little any more. (S1 Ep 7) 
06:40Digby Dragon CGI-animated series about a young dragon. Grumpy the goblin is not pleased when three snails try to make themselves at home in his place on a wet summer morning. (S1 Ep 7) 
06:50Fireman Sam Danger by the Double Fun with the friendly fireman of Pontypandy. When a fire starts in the forest, James and Sarah are too busy competing with each other to realise the danger. (S6 Ep 25) 
07:00Thomas and Friends Animation. When Samson is given the job of collecting up the trackside scrap, the Fat Controller has to rescue his car from being crunched by Reg's claw. (S19 Ep 5) 
07:15Bob The Builder CGI animation. The team are building a new spiral ramp for the drive to the bird-watchers' park, but Scoop creates chaos by trying it out before it is completed. (S3 Ep 7) 
07:25New: Rusty Rivets Animation. Rusty builds a robot version of himself so that he can do two things at once. (S1 Ep 49) 
07:40Peppa Pig The Museum Animation about a lovable young pig. Peppa and her family visit the museum. Peppa likes the Kings and Queens room, whereas George's favourite is the dinosaur room. (S1 Ep 39) 
07:45Peppa Pig Chloe's Puppet Show Animated series about a lovable little pig. Peppa and her family visit Uncle Pig, Aunty Pig and Cousin Chloe. Chloe has a new puppet theatre. (S1 Ep 41) 
07:55Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom The Lost Egg Impish animation. Ben, Holly and Gaston find a large egg in the meadow. When a tiny chick hatches, the friends must find the mummy bird. (S1 Ep 11) 
08:05PAW Patrol Animation. When Mayor Goodway sets off on a camping trip, Mayor Humdinger appoints himself temporary mayor and is soon creating mischief in Adventure Bay. (S4 Ep 23) 
08:25Nella the Princess Knight Animation. There's trouble at Moat Beach when Castlehaven beach day falls on the same day as the Snorkelmander (Sea Dragons) beach day. (S1 Ep 25) 
08:40Shimmer and Shine Animated series about twin genies-in-training. Nazboo gets sick with Dragon Pox, so Leah, Shimmer and Shine set out on an adventure to find the magical cure. (S2 Ep 8) 
09:00New: Pirata and Capitano Animation. Dodo the Devious kidnaps Meowcat and demands Cococroc's treasure, which is buried at the bottom of a bottomless well, as ransom. (S1 Ep 23) 
09:15Noddy Toyland Detective CGI-animation. A new ruler mysteriously appears in Toy Green and begins building a huge castle. (S1 Ep 42) 
09:30Floogals Animation. The Floogals think that they have made a new friend in YeeHaw, who turns out to be a remote-controlled robot. (S1 Ep 30) 
09:50PAW Patrol Animation. Cali is unhappy when Katy takes her for a sleepover at Everest's, but when she tries to make her own way home, Cali gets lost in the woods. (S4 Ep 24) 
10:00Rise of The Teenage Mutant... ...Ninja Turtles. Action-packed 2D animated series. The Turtles discover for the first time that they are not the weirdest things in New York City. (S1 Ep 1) 
10:35The Wonderful World of Puppies Documentary series. Dogs use subtle signals and clues to talk to each other. It's much more than just barks and growls. In puppies communication is even more complicated. (S2 Ep 4) 
11:30Police Interceptors Documentary series. A father receives a reprimand for dangerous driving on the school run and a wanted man using a false identity is apprehended. (S7 Ep 9) 
12:25Police Interceptors Crime documentary series. In this episode, interceptor Barry outsmarts a disqualified driver and Carl makes a jaw-dropping discovery when he pulls a car over in the early hours. (S8 Ep 1) 
13:25Police Interceptors Crime documentary series. Barry hunts a lad wanted for assault, the police are on the tail of a suspected drug dealer and a drink driver tries everything to avoid giving a breath sample. (S8 Ep 2) 
14:25Police Interceptors Crime documentary series. In this episode, Jim Woolerton's hot on the tail of a speeding motorcyclist and Jon Moon reveals his guilty pleasure when he retrieves a stolen caravan. (S8 Ep 5) 
15:25Bad Tenants, Rogue Landlords Documentary series. Fabielli and her family have been forced into one room due to leaks in the roof, but the landlord refuses to make any repairs. (S4 Ep 10) 
16:25Bad Tenants, Rogue Landlords Documentary series. A couple agree to rent a property to its former owner who now refuses to leave, and a single mum tricks her way into a property. (S4 Ep 11) 
17:25Rich House, Poor House Documentary series. The Haslams have three children, twelve restaurants and 3,000 to spare a week. They swap lives with the Brimicombes, who have four kids but only 140 a week to spend. (S2 Ep 2) 
18:20Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away! Reality series. A debtor who owes thousands in parking fines is found to have a car with false plates on his driveway, and Matt and Garry try to recoup 16,000 owed to a landlord. (S5 Ep 35) 
19:05Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away! Reality series. The licensee of a pub tries to cut a deal with her new landlord over a debt, and a car salesman is not happy about coughing up to a dissatisfied customer. (S5 Ep 36) 
20:00Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away! Reality series. Matt and Garry meet a grandmother in shock at the size of her debt, and uncover an audacious lie at a Birmingham childcare nursery. (S5 Ep 34) 
20:555 News Weekend National and international news. 
21:00New: How the Victorians Built... ...Britain. Documentary series. Examining cotton's key role in mass production, via the first inter-city railway, a game-changing loom and the Manchester Ship Canal. (S1 Ep 4) 
22:00The Forth Bridge: Britain's... ...Greatest Bridges. The Forth Rail Bridge has grown to symbolise Scotland, but, as Rob Bell discovers, this engineering achievement was born from tragedy and paid for in blood. (S1 Ep 1) 
23:05Jack The Ripper: Missing Evidence Documentary. Journalist Christer Holmgren explains his theory about the identity of one of history's most notorious serial killers, Jack the Ripper. (S1 Ep 3) 
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03:10Britain By Bike With... ...Larry & George Lamb. Travelogue series. Larry and George tackle the Hebridean Way, meeting a weaver of Harris Tweed, before enjoying a bagpipe lesson from the Lewis Pipe Band. (S2 Ep 6) 
04:00Casualty 24/7 Documentary series. Severe weather conditions place the casualty department under pressure. Dr Julian and his sidekick Sister Benita treat a pensioner with a broken ankle. (S1 Ep 1) 
04:45Wildlife SOS Documentary series about the work of dedicated animal lovers who save injured and orphaned wild animals brought into their sanctuary. (S2 Ep 20) 
05:10House Doctor Ann Maurice and Alistair Appleton present more home improvements for properties proving difficult to sell. A five-bedroomed house in Cheshire is this episode's challenge. [SL] (S5 Ep 4) 
05:35Great Artists Tim Marlow looks at the work of some of the western world's most famous artists. This edition focuses on Peter Paul Rubens, famous for his voluptuous female nudes. [SL] (S1 Ep 9) 
06:00Peppa Pig Lunch Pig tales. When the family goes to Granny and Grandpa Pig's house for dinner, George is reluctant to eat his salad. (S1 Ep 34)