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Listings for Five on Tuesday, July 17 2018

06:00Peppa Pig Edmond Elephant's Birthday Pig tales. Peppa and her friends go to help at Edmond Elephant's birthday party, but the little children are harder to look after than they expected. (S3 Ep 51) 
06:05Olly the Little White Van Animation. All the vehicles break down after drinking Bazza's homemade soup, so Olly helps Cody the Recovery Vehicle get them to Mick's garage. (S1 Ep 53) 
06:10Luo Bao Bei Animation. When Uncle Ray finds a stray dog in the park, Luo Bao Bei makes it her mission to find its companion and reunite them. (S1 Ep 22) 
06:20Simon Animation. Lou and Simon are feeding her pet hamster, when a blackbird swoops and steals his food. While they are chasing it away, Albert escapes from his cage. (S1 Ep 48) 
06:30Noddy Toyland Detective Animation. The toys want to play with Fuse's new electronic ball, but he's vanished and there's a big brick wall in front of his workshop! (S1 Ep 20) 
06:40Fireman Sam The adventures of Fireman Sam and his friends. Whatever the emergency, Sam and his trusted team are always on hand to save the day. (S10 Ep 6) 
06:50Thomas and Friends The Switch CGI animation. When Luke is sent to Ulfstead Castle to deliver stone, he meets Millie, the Earl's private narrow gauge engine. They decide to switch jobs for the day. (S17 Ep 9) 
07:00The Secret Life of Kittens Documentary series. Benny is so clever, he can even find snacks in the fridge! He's not the only mischievous kitty. Ned and Dot are up to no good in the bathroom. (S1 Ep 8) 
07:10Shimmer and Shine Animated series about twin genies-in-training. Zeta steals the girls' magical gem in order to enchant some cleaning supplies, which go on to cause chaos. (S2 Ep 21) 
07:20Shane the Chef Animated series about healthy eating. Shane agrees to take part in a sponsored run to raise money for a donkey sanctuary but doesn't realise how much training is needed. (S1 Ep 7) 
07:35Peppa Pig The Quarrel Animated series. Peppa and Suzy Sheep are best friends. But one day they have a quarrel and decide they are not best friends anymore. Will they ever say sorry? (S2 Ep 43) 
07:45Peppa Pig Animated series about a lovable little pig. Little George finds it difficult to keep hold of his big dinosaur balloon. Who can stop it from flying off to the moon? (S4 Ep 46) 
07:55Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Gaston The Ladybird Today's adventure starts at Gaston's Cave where Ben and Holly are out to play! (S1 Ep 2) 
08:05Paw Patrol Animation. It's the day of the annual Mayor's Race and Mayor Humdinger is planning his most devious scheme to cheat yet. (S2 Ep 24) 
08:20Floogals Animation. Flo and Fleeker find out that Boomer has been watching Boy Hooman's guitar lessons and has made himself a guitar too! But how does it work? (S2 Ep 7) 
08:40Digby Dragon CGI animated series. Every year, Digby feels down in the dumps on Dragon Day. After all, how can he enjoy the celebrations when he can't fly or breathe fire? (S1 Ep 46) 
08:55Nella the Princess Knight Animation. Trinket suggests that Clod paints some pictures of her to exhibit at the Castlehaven art fair, but he gets upset when she says that she doesn't like them. (Ep 18) 
09:05Mofy Animated series created from cotton wool. When Mogu comes across a large black crow, Kerry builds a scarecrow to stop the bird eating all the cherries on the trees. (S1 Ep 1) 
09:15The Wright Stuff Topical debate show with special guests. 
11:15On Benefits: Costa Del Dole Documentary series about people living on benefits. Gary moved to Jaywick to be with his partner Geoff, but it has left him unemployed for the first time since he was 16. (Ep 23) 
12:105 News At Lunchtime National and international news. 
12:15GPs: Behind Closed Doors Observational reality series filmed at the Balham Park Surgery, a busy NHS practice in south-west London. Shilts sheds some light on a woman with self-image issues. (S3 Ep 16) 
13:10Access A daily round-up of showbiz news and gossip from around the world, focusing on celebrities, movies, music and entertainment. 
13:15Home and Away Dean helps Willow but puts himself in the debt of a loan shark. Colby calls in a favour from a pal in the police, obtaining a useful telephone number, but Ebony has overheard him. 
13:45Neighbours Paul advises Sonya not to let Toadie know about Andrea, but the damage may already be done. Gary and Clive are surprised to learn that Sheila is helping Xanthe with her studies. 
14:15Cagney & Lacey Classic police drama series. Chris and Mary Beth disagree about using a young informant to help them catch a drug dealer who is selling to schoolchildren. (S2 Ep 22) 
15:20Teacher's Obsession Film Thriller starring Molly Hagan and Boti Bliss. A new teacher's interest into a wayward pupil develops into something disturbing. (2015) 
17:005 News At 5 National and international news. 
17:30Neighbours Paul advises Sonya not to let Toadie know about Andrea, but the damage may already be done. Gary and Clive are surprised to learn that Sheila is helping Xanthe with her studies. 
18:00Home and Away Dean helps Willow but puts himself in the debt of a loan shark. Colby calls in a favour from a pal in the police, obtaining a useful telephone number, but Ebony has overheard him. 
18:305 News Tonight The national and international news, including reports, live updates and interviews. 
19:00The Secret Life of Owls Wildlife series about owls in Essex. Missing Claw and Stripetail now have three chicks, who must learn how to fly and hunt. Five tawny owl chicks arrive from a wildlife centre. (S1 Ep 2) 
20:00New: The Dog Rescuers With... ...Alan Davies. Documentary series. Ten puppies found dumped in a bin are given a second chance at life thanks to the help of the staff and volunteers at Blackberry Farm RSPCA. (S6 Ep 6) 
21:00New: Hotel Inspector Reality series with Alex Polizzi. The owner of Eastbourne's Sheldon is doing nothing to make the hotel stand out for the all-important summer season. (S14 Ep 7) 
22:00Inside Wormwood Scrubs Documentary series. This West London prison has housed serial killers, rock stars and Hollywood actors. But its officers terrorised even Britain's hardest criminal Charles Bronson. 
23:05ASBO: My Anti-Social Life Documentary focusing on people who are in receipt of Anti-Social Behaviour Orders, including a young man who claims to have breached his ASBO so many times that he has lost count. 
00:00Strangeways Prison Documentary looking behind the bars of one of the most famous prisons in Britain to reveal gruesome stories of gang culture, riots and penal punishment. (S1 Ep 5) 
01:00Cricket On 5 Highlights of the Third One Day International between England and India at Headingley. 
01:50Supercasino Live interactive gaming featuring roulette and autowheel. For more information and to register visit 
03:10On Benefits: Bargain Barbie... ...And Desperate Dole Claimants. Documentary series. Sammy has to spend her benefits wisely to cater for her family. Simone is hoping to forge a career as a model. (S1 Ep 13) 
04:00Britain's Greatest Bridges Documentary series presented by Rob Bell. The last great Victorian engineering triumph, the Forth Rail Bridge was born from tragedy and paid for in blood. [SL] (S1 Ep 1) 
04:45House Doctor Ann Maurice presents more home improvements for hard-to-sell properties. This edition looks back at some of the most impressive transformations of the series. [SL] (S5 Ep 15) 
05:10Great Scientists Allan Chapman profiles famous and influential scientists. This edition features Isaac Newton and his revolutionary discoveries about light, colour and gravity. (Ep 3) 
05:35Wildlife SOS Documentary series about the work of dedicated animal lovers who save injured and orphaned wild animals brought into their sanctuary. [SL] (S1 Ep 12) 
06:00Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles Animated series. Peppa can't play outside because it's raining, but when the rain stops she and George play one of their favourite games - jumping in muddy puddles. (S1 Ep 1)