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Listings for Five on Wednesday, March 20 2019

06:00Peppa Pig Animation. Mummy and Daddy Pig take Peppa and George to a castle to feast on medieval banquets, play King and Queen and meet a dragon. It's George's favourite day ever! (S5 Ep 1) 
06:05Peppa Pig Animation. Peppa volunteers Mummy Pig to do a parachute jump to raise money for the school roof repairs. (S5 Ep 2) 
06:10The Day Henry Met 2D animation. It's Fire Engine's first day on the job and he's a little nervous when a call comes in about a cat stuck up a tree. (S1 Ep 20) 
06:15Secret Life Of Puppies A dog's-eye view of life. Brenda the golden Labrador has had twelve tiny puppies. We meet Pippa and her brothers as they open their eyes and begin their journey. (S2 Ep 3) 
06:25Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Impish animation. Barnaby Elf's uncle Redbeard comes to visit the Little Kingdom, but he has lost his pirate treasure. (S1 Ep 31) 
06:35Wissper Animation. Jambo Tortoise can't smell the flowers he has grown for his friend Jemima - until Ellington Elephant sneezes. (S2 Ep 18) 
06:40Noddy Toyland Detective CGI Animation. Everyone in Toyland is ready to board Train for the 'Big Day Out', but Train runs off down the tracks without any passengers! Why did Train drive away? (S2 Ep 4) 
06:55Thomas & Friends:.. ...Big World! Big Adventure! Animation. Thomas, Shankar and Rajiv team up to find some Indian tigers. (S22 Ep 12) 
07:05Shane the Chef Animation. JG's popcorn maker spoils the kids' favourite film in Munchington's first pop-up cinema. 
07:20Peppa Pig Naughty Tortoise Animated series about a loveable little pig. Dr Hamster's pet tortoise Tiddles gets stuck up a tree - who is going to come to the rescue? (S4 Ep 5) 
07:30Peppa Pig Mr Fox's Shop Animated series about a loveable little pig. Peppa and George visit Mr Fox's Shop to buy Granny and Grandpa an anniversary present, but what will they choose? (S4 Ep 6) 
07:35Top Wing Animation. When Ward Beaver accidentally breaks the dam, Team Top Wing vroom to the rescue. (S1 Ep 18) 
07:55New: PAW Patrol Animated series about a team of search-and-rescue puppies. Mayor Humdinger steals the statue of Chickaletta. (S5 Ep 2) 
08:05Digby Dragon CGI animation. When Fizzy leaves her special fern in Digby's care, he soon has cause to regret neglecting to follow her careful instructions on how to look after it... (S2 Ep 13) 
08:20Floogals Animation. Dad and Girl Hooman are acting off-routine - they are tired, achy and sneezy, and they are making music with their noses! (S2 Ep 28) 
08:35Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Impish animation. Holly takes some frogspawn home from class to look after, but she gets a shock when it turns into tadpoles by the next morning. (S1 Ep 32) 
08:55Shimmer and Shine CGI-animated series about twin genies-in-training and their friends. The girls befriend a cute creature, only to find out that their magic doesn't work when it's nearby. (S3 Ep 22) 
09:05Secret Life Of Puppies A dog's-eye view of life. Tickle and her brothers and sisters see their reflections in the mirror for the first time. Ruby is let off her lead for the first time in the park. (S1 Ep 7) 
09:15Jeremy Vine Jeremy Vine discusses and dissects the latest news, views and opinions, with co-host Storm Huntley helping on the live phone-ins. 
11:15Nightmare Neighbour Next Door... ...Fight Back. Documentary series. When Mandy moved to the countryside, she found herself faced with rotting animal carcasses and a semi-naked neighbour armed with a shotgun... (S5 Ep 3) 
12:105 News Lunchtime National and international news. 
12:15Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away! Reality series. The High Court enforcement agents face a feisty dispute in a takeaway, rent evaders living in lethal conditions, and a businessman on the brink of financial ruin. (S3 Ep 11) 
13:10Access Entertainment round up. 
13:15Home and Away Dean and Willow's father bond as they wait to see if she will pull through a second operation. Maggie has pre half-marathon jitters. Alf and Martha reminisce about old times. 
13:45Neighbours Mark comes to a decision, as Elly makes a shock discovery. Chloe feels left out as Mark reconciles with Aaron. Leo and Piper decide not to take things any further. 
14:15Her Evil Twin Film Thriller starring Sonya Walger and Ben Bass. Struggling with marital problems, a man begins a passionate affair with his wife's long-lost twin sister. (2014) 
16:00Friends A video of an old prom night shows a side of Ross that Rachel finds hard to resist. (S2 Ep 14) 
16:30Friends Monica caters for a party hosted by a handsome, sophisticated doctor who is old enough to be her father. (S2 Ep 15) 
17:005 News At 5 National and international news. 
17:30Neighbours Mark comes to a decision, as Elly makes a shock discovery. Chloe feels left out as Mark reconciles with Aaron. Leo and Piper decide not to take things any further. 
18:00Home and Away Dean and Willow's father bond as they wait to see if she will pull through a second operation. Maggie has pre half-marathon jitters. Alf and Martha reminisce about old times. 
18:305 News Tonight National and international news. 
19:00Spring In Alaska:... ...A Year In The Wild: Documentary series. With the arrival of spring, days grow longer and temperatures rise. Animals have two months to find food and start a family. (S1 Ep 2) 
20:00New: GPs Behind Closed Doors Documentary series filmed inside a Bradford GP practice. Jordonna is severely underweight, so her GP advises her to eat 'full fat everything'. Steven has a nasty-looking mole. (S6 Ep 26) 
21:00New: Critical Condition Documentary series following the trauma and emergency teams at work in a UK hospital. Patients include a road accident victim and a man with a torn aorta. (S1 Ep 2) 
22:00New: House Of Extraordinary People Observational series. Nine individuals with different appearances share a house and confront the prejudices of the 'normal' world. The housemates brave the world of speed-dating. (S1 Ep 3) 
23:05Millionaire Shoplifter & Proud Meet the people who are fighting to make ends meet. Kim and Steven both have criminal pasts that they say bar them from employment. Daniel wants a job, but why should he bother? (S2 Ep 6) 
00:05All Inclusive Holiday: Is it... ...Worth It? Consumer documentary with Alexis Conran. All inclusive holidays are becoming increasingly popular with Brits. But are they genuinely good value for money? 
01:00High Street TV Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
01:30High Street TV Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
02:00High Street TV Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
02:30High Street TV Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
03:00The Vow Film Romantic drama starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum. A newly married woman loses her memory after a car accident, forcing her husband to woo her all over again. (2012) 
04:45House Doctor Series in which Ann Maurice provides home improvement advice for properties that are proving difficult to sell. Julie wants to sell her four-bedroom semi in Sandhurst. (S6 Ep 12) 
05:10Divine Designs Series about the history of Britain's religious art. Paul Binski explores examples of postwar religious architecture, visiting Coventry and Chichester cathedrals. (S2 Ep 12) 
05:35Wildlife SOS Documentary series about the work of dedicated animal lovers who save injured and orphaned wild animals brought into their sanctuary. [SL] (S1 Ep 12) 
06:00Peppa Pig Animated series. Gerald Giraffe is new to the playgroup and he's trying to make friends, but he finds being so tall makes playing hide and seek quite a challenge! (S5 Ep 3)