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Listings for Film Four on Tuesday, March 27 2018

03:45Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
07:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:00Arabian Nights Film (1942) Adventure starring Jon Hall, Leif Erickson and Maria Montez. In medieval Baghdad, the caliph and his brother bitterly fight for power and the love of the beautiful Scheherazade. 
12:45The Mark of Zorro Film (1940) Swashbuckling action-adventure starring Tyrone Power. An aristocrat dons his mask and cape to fight for the rights of the poor in 19th-century California. With Basil Rathbone. 
14:35The Great Sioux Massacre Film (1965) Western. The story of the events that led up to Custer's last stand at Little Big Horn. Philip Carey stars as the doomed colonel, while Iron Eyes Cody plays his nemesis, Crazy Horse. 
16:40The Enemy Below Film (1957) Second World War thriller. Robert Mitchum stars as the captain of a US destroyer in the North Atlantic hunting down a German U-boat and its world-weary captain (Curt Jurgens). 
18:45Evolution Film (2001) Scary sci-fi comedy. A fireball marks the arrival of a rapidly evolving, predatory alien species. David Duchovny, Julianne Moore and Orlando Jones try to stop the threat to mankind. 
21:00The Bourne Legacy Film (2012) Sequel to The Bourne Ultimatum thriller. Jeremy Renner stars as a genetically enhanced CIA spy fleeing for his life from his employers. With Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton. Violence. 
23:40Tyrannosaur Film (2011) Drama. Peter Mullan stars as a bitter, quarrelsome alcoholic to whom a Christian (Olivia Colman) offers kindness. But both have dark secrets. Very strong language/rape/violence. 
01:35King Boxer Film (1972) Lo Lieh stars in this influential kung fu movie from the Shaw Brothers studio. Two martial arts schools battle to win a competition. In Mandarin/subs. Gory violence. 
03:40Teleshopping Teleshopping.