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Listings for Film Four on Tuesday, October 24 2017

03:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
07:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:00Destry Film (1954) Western starring Audie Murphy. A young pacifist comes to the rescue of a community whose crooked mayor has appointed the town drunk as sheriff so he can rule without legal hindrance. 
12:55North to Alaska Film (1960) Western starring John Wayne, Stewart Granger and Capucine. Two gold miners strike it rich in Alaska, only to become romantic rivals when they both fall for the same saloon girl. 
15:20Patton Film (1970) Multi-Oscar-winning, fact-based, Second World War drama starring George C Scott, who gives a vivid portrait of the famously straight-talking US commander General George Patton. 
18:45Shallow Hal Film (2001) Romcom starring Jack Black and Gwyneth Paltrow. An ignorant man is only interested in women for their looks until a TV guru hypnotises him to see people's inner beauty. Will it last? 
21:00Alien FilmFear Ridley Scott's groundbreaking sci-fi horror starring Sigourney Weaver. The crew of a spaceship must defend themselves against a deadly alien. Gory violence/strong language. 
23:20FilmFear Interview Special Interviews with the talent behind the British movies that have their network premieres in this year's Film4 FilmFear season: Prevenge, Aaaaaaaah!, A Dark Song, The Ghoul and Tank 432. 
23:55Sightseers FilmFear Dark comedy-drama. A tour of Britain's countryside turns into a disturbing odyssey for two lovers (Alice Lowe and Steve Oram). Sex/drugs/strong language/gory violence. 
01:40Stonehearst Asylum FilmFear Jim Sturgess, Ben Kingsley and Kate Beckinsale star in a Gothic thriller based on an Edgar Allan Poe tale. A graduate starts work at a cruel and disturbing mental asylum. 
03:55Teleshopping Teleshopping.